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  1. I used to be able to find older tournaments' full results through the FILA calendar, but with the new website I can't find anything. Anyone know where I can find full results (all individual match results) of the last few years of continental championships and the two 2012 open Olympic qualifying events (China/Finland)?
  2. 1. Give seeds based on national (not individual) performance by weight class at the last 4 world/olympic/continental championship events (i.e. individual earns ranking for his country's next event at 65kg, even if he's not there) 2. Use simple elo system for all matches wrestled in those last 4 cycles (again, world/olympic/continental championships) 3. Seed 4 or 8 nations' representative wrestlers (only nations who had a guy at all 4 world events considered) 4. Assign byes randomly, not grouped 5. Wrestle 6 or 8 weights over 2 days instead of 3 or 4 on one day each, to allow for proper rest Bing, bang, boom we separate some top guys and have a little logic. It all makes sense from the U.S. systems we come from--it's just not a part of the international mindset to go into such detail and "muddy the waters" of "random fairness."
  3. I've done lots of analysis and even compiled a couple years' worth of computer ratings a few years back to see where we really fall in the context of the match-by-match competition (not random draws) we face. First of all, if you've paid much attention in the last few years, you know that Russia AND Iran are very clear frontrunners, with Iran having outwrestled Russia more often than not recently. Many would say they came into this freestyle world championships as a slight team favorite, in fact. It was a disastrous performance by their standards. After that, there's a good sized gap back to Azerbaijan in 3rd, then a smaller drop back to a very closely bunched 4-8 (US, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkey). This is over the long haul--not just one event. Finally, to those saying we are near our competitors' level at younger ages, I would say "sometimes." Then I would go on to say, even if that's true, what happens between cadet/junior level and senior level that allows them to separate from us? Hmm...college maybe? I love folkstyle as much as the next guy. I'm American. it's what i grew up with. But all the data and all the research into skills specificity development of all types (music, sports, even computer programming) point to one thing: Put in more hours on the exact skills you need and you will get ahead of the guy who practices those skills less. Don't, and you won't. It's that simple. We will continue to be behind until we have more guys like Pico foregoing folkstyle or until we abandon folkstyle altogether. I'm not necessarily saying we should do this, but that's the reality of how our situation will remain if we don't. I would lay a lot of money that if all high school and college wrestling became freestyle today, we would be near Russia and Iran by the 2020 Olympics and fully at their level beyond that.
  4. Yes, I agree that OVERALL it is a deeper issue than simply filling in the gaps. If all of our wrestlers were hardwired as freestylers from their youth, we would be at Russia's level in my opinion. My previous post was more commenting on where specific guys like Ramos and Ruth are right now and where we might realistically see some improvement still.
  5. I totally agree. And not just jettisoning habits but also conquering freestyle-specific scrambles/predicaments. For me, Ruth's learning curve was encapsulated well in the situations where he got behind the Iranian, only to have the Iranian go to all fours (2 points in folkstyle, of course, but not in freestyle). The Iranian plants himself there like a solid oak table and Ruth has no leg ride or gutwrench or crotch-lift to do anything about it. They eventually are stale-mated and he doesn't get the takedown. In the semi's, the Cuban gets the Iranian in the same situation, instantly puts a leg in, wrenches on a crotchlift, and breaks him down like a cheap plastic patio chair. He also doesn't seem to have a go-to freestyle turn yet. He's going to lose some matches where he gets a couple takedowns with no exposures, while giving up only 1 takedown but also 2 exposures and a savvy pushout. He wins 4-2 in folkstyle, but loses 7-4 in freestyle. It's taken some of our other successful, extremely athletic, freestylers some time to transition too, so I think he'll be fine in time. For now, though, the style awareness gaps are still there.
  6. Sorry if it's already been covered...why is Howe out for the US Open?
  7. Actually I emailed the organizers and there are supposed to be 20, but they're not releasing a participants list until Wednesday. I'm in France at the moment and I'd love to go...anyone know who our people will be?
  8. Are any Americans going to be at the France Golden Grand Prix this weekend?
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