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  1. When I wrote my thoughts, I was going on the assumption that the Games will be postponed for a full year to the same time slot--which is what Japanese organizers have said multiple times seems like the only truly feasible plan (even 2 years if they had their preference). Imagining an announcement in the next few weeks that the Games are July-August 2021, I think the entire UWW calendar gets reset and we see an autumn 2020 World Championships for all weights at the senior level put provisionally on the schedule. And if that happens, it's hard to imagine them not resetting the qualification process from scratch too, rather than granting berths earned 2 years before a competition.
  2. Might be the end of the road for Nickal. This seems like the type of thing that would push a guy who was teetering on the fence of when to pull the full-time MMA training trigger. With no perfect solution weight-wise and no promises for when the Olympics will happen (even if they're provisionally rescheduled soon); why not just launch full-time into what I care about for the long-term, knowing that no amount of training will be wasted while I wait?
  3. You might be right, but I don't think it's unfeasible at all to envision the rapidly-approaching July 24 Olympics behemoth getting postponed but a wrestling world championships being announced for the fall. And if so, would you then ignore those results for qualification for July 2021 in favor of results that will have happened 2 years prior to the Games?
  4. Anybody that's already qualified gets hurt. Hard to imagine a scenario where a 2021 or 2022 games lets 2019 results serve as its qualifier. Everything probably reboots.
  5. The suggestion that Zain's style has a low ceiling in INTERNATIONAL freestyle, even though he's capable of winning specific familiar matchups domestically, is not without merit or precedent.
  6. Yeah, the disruption to training and travel is too gigantic. 0% chance the games go forward.
  7. Amar Dhesi is through and through Canadian. He of course benefitted from the U.S. university system and level of competition, but he came up fully through the Canadian system and clubs. Just qualified Canada for the olympics in dominating fashion over a couple decent guys.
  8. In addition to this history I mentioned, I also saw Destribats' performances at Junior Worlds in 2016 and 2017 were very respectable. In 2016, he got put out 6-4 by a guy who then lost 6-2 to the bronze medalist. In 2017, he lost 11-4 to the Russian gold medal winner. Looking at those results and his 2019 senior results against our guys; it's clear defense is his weakness but he scores on everyone, no matter their level.
  9. Sort of. The last couple cycles, there have been two levels of world qualifiers and 19 total participants per weight at the Olympics. The first one used to qualify 3 per weight (J'Den qualified through that one) and the second qualified 2 (Molinaro got to the alternate spot that ended up qualifying him after drug tests through this one). This time, participants have been reduced to 16 at the Olympics, so we only get the final qualifier with 2 qualifying.
  10. I guess you could make an argument Destribats didn't come out of nowhere. He's only 22. Won junior pan-am's in 2016 and 2017 with at least one Cuban or American there both times. As mentioned, fought hard against Yianni last week in losing 7-4. Lost convincingly to McCrystal and Eierman in 2019, but did score 6 and 4 points against them. Doesn't seem to have lost to a non-Cuban or non-American in Pan Am stuff any time recently. Seems he'll be a legit hurdle to consider for the next few years.
  11. yeah, I knew what you meant. I accidentally quoted you instead of the post before you.
  12. JO's "style" fits against everyone. He just doesn't have the gas tank and savvy to ascend to the level everyone keeps thinking he's at. Yianni for sure fits international wrestling. You have to have some world-class distinguishing characteristics other than gas tank and effort to bring to the table in international competition. Sadly, Zain and Metcalf have proven that point again and again. Yianni has slick attacks and very special defensive skills that translate no matter how high the level of competition. We've seen that it doesn't always matter in the American head-to-head environment against an opponent in Zain that knows him so well--but he sure looks more dangerous on international mats.
  13. Those situations almost always end in a fall in international wrestling...touch falls for sure. I covered my face and knew it was over.
  14. No problem. Sorry to have been a bit snarky by highlighting my previous response. It was scheduled for Bulgaria at the end of April, but was postponed along with all the other Olympic qualifiers. No one knows when it might be rescheduled at this point.
  15. It's currently postponed and unknown
  16. World qualifier if it gets rescheduled, but it will be a DEEP event
  17. I tried to say earlier on this thread that he's no joke, giving Yianni a 7-4 match...but did NOT expect that.
  18. Got it done with pressure and gas tank. Great tactics the last 4 minutes
  19. Retherford's semi's opponent, Destribats of Argentina, was interesting to watch last week against Yianni. Yianni went up 7-0 before Destribats hit a solid go-behind and a strong double-leg for two takedowns to narrow the final score to 7-4. He's strong, patient, composed, explosive, and has a nice gas tank. He's plowed through everyone but Yianni for two weeks, so it won't be a walk-through, most likely, for Zain.
  20. I wonder if Franklin Gomez considered going back down to 65 for the Olympic year. He doesn't look super lean.
  21. Retherford makes the solid Colombian look like a nobody. ...26-second tech
  22. Starts early today because of more and longer matches. 10am
  23. 55 isnt an olympic weight. We've qualified 4 of 6. 77 and 130 aren't qualified.
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