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  1. Weight classes dont exist in other sports and are an artifictial construct in wrestling to provide opportunities to a broader range of athletes. To me the "best" guy is the one who would beat everyone else if they were all thrown together and that guy is never below 197.
  2. Right but the guys who are elite are goinrg to get spots in d1 already. Wrestling is becoming a "have and have not" sport at the HS level. There are elite wrestlers who are world class and ready to compete for d1 titles coming out of HS. And there are guys wrestling on the days they don't have Dungeons and Dragons club. We have lost the wrestling middle class. Perhaps having more D3 opportunities keeps some of them in the sport instead of having them play baseball all year.
  3. For Lacrosse I attribute it to the fact that there are huge pockets of the country where kids don't play yet every rich kid d3 school on the east coast has a lacrosse team. The numbers are driven by D3. I often wonder if that is where we should focus our wrestling efforts (meaning where to add programs)
  4. This has probably been discussed before but percentage wise HS wrestlers have a far worse chance of competing in college than any athletes in any other sport. This definitely has a trickle down effect on participation and parent engagement. In my town we have multiple kids go on to play college football and baseball every year and maybe will send one kid to wrestle in college every few years. Of course we all know that 90+ percent of kids aren't going to compete in any sport in college but this does impact the elite athlete or the kid with parents who think he is an elite athlete. Source of stats: http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/research/estimated-probability-competing-college-athletics
  5. Everything you are saying is fair. I have been involved with MMA as well and have friends who have fought in the UFC. And to your point, they are not set for life financially. But the upper echelon guys are, and if Kyle has that kind of potential and the right mindset it seems like a ressonable thing. Most wrestling olympians are not set for life financially either.
  6. So he should give up potential 7 figure pay days in the UFC so you guys can talk about his legacy? He already has an Olympic Gold medal. Kid should go make some money.
  7. Would probably see our first female all americans too because not many athletic dudes could make that
  8. Didnt click link but pretty sure greco still sucks.
  9. Having Gable ahead of Dake is just embarrassingly moronic. Dake is closer to first than 5th. Since both of them redshirted you would think they would have more appreciation for what Dake did without a redshirt. When you consider no redshirt...the 4 weight classes...the academic rigor of the school ...the quality of opponents beat in the finals..Dake really should be #1. But lower than third is asinine. Back on Gable...how do you have him ahead of Kemp when Kemp (while still in college) beat a post college Gable head to head. Both lists are pretty bad. No Banach on either list is another embarassing omission.
  10. A major wrestling website absolutely should report this. Good job by Flo
  11. I don't have a problem with it. Let the best guys wrestle.
  12. Only way to get more FS weights is to lose Greco. Which I'm fine with
  13. It's equally illogical to call them "completely different sports." So you think a random NCAA wrestling champ would be equally likely to medal in freestyle wrestling as they would in tennis? Whether it "helps them more" isn't the issue. The issue is does it dramatically hurt, and the results show that it doesn't. Our two medalist both just wrestled a folkstyle season. Our last 5 gold medals have been won by someone who won their first gold either while still in college or immediately after their senior year. The other issue is that even if it did help, which it doesn't, you don't change a system that impacts hundreds of thousands of people for the potential benefit of 6 people every 4 years. (And again..the data shows that benefit doesn't exist anyway.)
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