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  1. I'm 80% confident that the NCAA tournament will occur. I think each team is doing everything they possibly can to minimize exposure to the virus and in the event of a case being found, is taking all the right steps to minimize its effect on other individuals. Because of that, I can see 34 participants per weight class come late March.
  2. After this weekend, I can see those moves. Fair enough.
  3. If you had to place the B1G teams in pods, what would it look like right now? Pod 1: Iowa, PSU, MICH, possibly NEB & OHST. Pod 2: ILL, WISC, MINN, & RUTG Pod 3: MARY, PUR, NW, MSU, and IND Is that close?
  4. I think that is exactly what Idaho was stating.
  5. After listening to it a couple times, I feel he is looking forward towards recruiting. If there is no big stage on which to compete, less eyes are on the Hawkeyes. He also mentioned just about every recruit they have and many of the current team members. On the one hand, it's kind of his job. On the other, tomorrow's a new day.
  6. I picked up on that one. But there was another quote that was him trying to squash a rumor that was put out "on the PROPAGANDA MACHINE" about ducking opponents. He seemed to be stating that the B1G sort of dictates the schedule but people (aka THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE) claim Iowa is ducking certain teams. Dear Tom, no matter how loudly you scream PROPAGANDA MACHINE, I'm still uncertain as to what that means - regardless of you stating I, in fact, do know what you mean. :-) :-)
  7. I saw a few qoutes from the presser. Brands said something to the effect of "And you know what I'm talking about". Actually, I do not know what is being talked about? What is the "propaganda machine" he's referring to?
  8. Maybe it's the angle, but if you gave me one thousand guesses as to who was kneeling in the front-left, I would never have guessed Henson.
  9. Two of these programs are no longer with us. And that is sad.
  10. I see this discussion being boiled down to "the goal" of athletics. If you see the goal of athletics to be an extension of the classroom and a way to promote some level of esprite de corps for a community or school, then sports should remain as is. But if sports at any level is to be a breeding ground for the next level up, then moving the model would make sense. And I'm not sure both at the same time are sustainable. Also, if you think our sports model and way of working looks anything like it did 30 to 50 years ago, then I'm not sure you're being honest with the current state of affairs.
  11. Wow. That's quite a drought. WTG, Travis!
  12. Travis Lee (Cornell) - my first exposure to Cornell wrestling. Had they had a champion before him? If so, when?
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