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  1. "They're going to need a new coach." - American University
  2. DaFuq? I thought I saw this once in an ancient Indian Sanskrit text.
  3. I think one other aspect to the decline of the Ohio RTC (aside from the departure of Rosselli) is the lack of recruitment for the RTC. This could be attributed to hubris but I digress. When the RTC started, it attracted Bunch, Dlagnev, and a couple other "heavy hitters". Those, along with Humphrey, Bergman, and Rowlands, made a solid squad. That group was most likely pivotal in attracting Stieber, Martin, and Snyder and possibly McKenna & Cox. But when Rosselli left, and all of that first wave hung up their shoes, it left a void. And that void will not attract high-end talent. I mentioned hubris because I sometimes get the sense that Tom Ryan is flabbergasted that someone would ask the RTC to recruit talent. I've heard answers like "Why would we need to go after anyone else - we have the best here at Ohio State!"
  4. Are you saying that the link I provided will not update with changes?? That's awful if that is the case. I find Track Wrestling interface frustrating. but if it updates with each change, I guess it'll have to do.
  5. Even though I realize that most of us have memorized all 10 weight classes, here is the link: https://www.ncaa.com/_flysystem/public-s3/files/2021_ncaa_d1_brackets2.pdf
  6. Not a heat map. I am disappoint.
  7. A few early upsets. Time will tell if it was an on/off match. Wonder if the irregular season will lend itself to these types of results across the D-I landscape.
  8. Develpong talent has less to do with where a team finishes in March and more to do with a kid improving during his time at a university. In recent memory, for Ohio State, Micah Jordan (and Bo Jordan* for that matter) could not get out from the bottom on a consistent basis. This was true for him in his freshmen year as well as his senior year. That is what is meant by not developing talent. I do believe Micah Jordan was a 2x (maybe 3x) AA. That has nothing to do with the fact that he failed to develop from the bottom position. I'm sure there are others, but that is my most recent memory. *It is my understanding that Bo Jordan has a foot issue that limited him severely as far as movements from the bottom position, to include driving off his foot in neutral.
  9. Maybe instead of poaching from other schools (and at the same time crying about similar things happening across the nation) try developing the talent within the room. It is my understanding that Traub is a favorite among fans. Although that won't keep you in the line-up, he did have a good year last year. I'm baffled that Ohio State would bring in someone else.
  10. I never would have spotted Cunningham.
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