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  1. Seemed like an attempt to have some light shed on himself rather than updating on the M* situation.
  2. B1G tried to flex. It was served a slice of humble pie.
  3. The following is a mere joke. And probably a bad/ill-timed joke, but I’m sending it anyway - One might say “6% of those deaths were due to Creatine”. I’ll show myself out.
  4. My apologies - I was 100% agreeing with you that it was NOT the creatine.
  5. Scapegoat, IMO. Something along the lines of, "The kids died. They all had X, Y, and Z in their system when they died. Keep saying X and it will be blamed." As if cutting MASSIVE amounts of weight is even remotely healthy. Then add in the large flux in short amounts of time. Now add limited water intake/dehydration. And THEN put them in a sauna with multiple layers, all the while doing full-body exercises. [sarcasm]Yeah, it was the creatine.[/sarcasm] Article: HERE.
  6. As an American, this sort of thing is contrary to my line of thinking. I will refrain further comments for now in respect for Afkari.
  7. OMG. Epic fail on my part. My mistake - 2:29.50 of the second YouTube link provided from page one. The judge asks for an objection from the group and one person doesn't answer. Glorious content.
  8. If the 2:29.50 mark does not show what type of a $h!t show this is, I'm not sure what will.
  9. Is there any truth or even actual evidence of this?
  10. All I’m offering is that being a head coach is an entirely different animal that being an assistant coach. It takes a special breed to be the head coach. A true CEO position.
  11. Interesting move. Ultimately, it’s Kolat’s life - he can do as he pleases. Someone in this thread mentioned something to the effect that Kolat doesn’t seem to be a guy who makes hap-hazard decisions. My guess is he’s thought this through quite a bit. And yes, I’m positive his ol’ buddy Bruce has a role in this. Many have mentioned Campbell’s rise and potential demise. Fair points. Although only one AA in Kolat’s time, remember that Kraisser was part of an initial class for the Camels and that class only fielded 5 wrestlers. Kolat dug the Camels out of a hole that I’m not sure many could. Again, we are actually discussing the validity of Campbell Wrestling! Thank you, Cary Kolat! Concerning possible coaches: does Glen Lanham (HC @ Duke) put his name in the hat? Campbell has shown a commitment to the wrestling program, any scholarship allotment is better than what Duke has, and it wouldn’t be a long-distance move for Lanham. Just a thought. One last point I will mention is the fact that Army seemed to have a pretty good year. If Coach Ward keeps the momentum, and Kolat can get things moving forward in the next few years, would it be possible that we see two service academies in the top 20?? Not sure if I’ve seen that in my lifetime. ps: I do like the service academy banter on this board. It truly does my heart glad.
  12. Are there people who actually believed that this virus does not exist? And have these individuals posted on this forum? If so, please quote them. Thank you in advance.
  13. 184 (2 NCAA allocations) 1. Andrew Morgan, Campbell 2. Matthew Waddell, Chattanooga 3. Julian Gorring, Appalachian State 4. Austin Stith, Presbyterian 5. Samuel Mora, Presbyterian (GARDNER-WEBB) 6. Gavin Henry, Davidson 7. Max Gallahan, VMI 8. Cooper Youngblood, The Citadel
  14. I do not think one needs to remember the chess controversy from decades ago. Just remember the Russian doping scandal from the most recent Olympic Games. Russian doctors infiltrated the doping agencies, had a room set up in order to pass clean samples through a wall, and acted if it was A-OK! It's Russia - it's what they do. This is the textbook definition of "I'm noticing a pattern of behavior".
  15. No. The amount of time, talent, energy, and focus it takes to earn (just) All-American status is astounding. Win it all and you've earned something special - never a disappointment.
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