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    OK State 13-0 vs Mizzou 15-0 sat Feb 16

    I like ESPN3's coverage as I watched a handful of dual meets a couple of years ago. (Maybe it was ESPN+, I really don't remember.) What I do know is that I'd have to spend an additional fee (~$5/month maybe). I ain't trying to do that! Although $5 isn't much, it just seems that there will be another outlet next year that has me sign up and pay another $5 for more. Arrrrrrgh. Nickel and dime me to death with my vices.
  2. RealAmericanHero

    Will Kerry McCoy ever be on the hot seat?

    Although in one sense I do agree with this statement, many of the qualified applicants also recognize that if the flop here (which would be a HUGE probability) they are stained for years to come.
  3. RealAmericanHero

    What were the Indiana coaches thinking?

    What if the coaches have been trying to improve their wrestler over the last three weeks in a position that they felt was a deficiency? And for three weeks this kid has been buying in and was willing to try out the feel of any new techniques? And in doing so, recognized that the next 4 weeks of practice sessions just gained new light on the need for smarter tactics on bottom; tactics that could shore up areas in an improving wrestler, and possibly, propel him from a lower placement at B1Gs to a qualifying spot??? If the wrestler truly wants to improve, and the coaches sense that, they will do what is necessary to try and test their practices. Perhaps this is one of those times.
  4. RealAmericanHero

    Dan Gable - The Champion

  5. RealAmericanHero

    Bo Nickal

    If Nickal continues the route he's on, he is in the lead for Hodge trophy winner. I suppose a (strong) case can be made for teammate Nolf, as both are unreal talents.
  6. RealAmericanHero

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    I disagree as Moore's style (constant offensive attacks) will play right into Nickal's strengths, more than likely, this match ends with a Nickal pin.
  7. RealAmericanHero

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

  8. RealAmericanHero

    Gardner-Webb v. Citadel: Order of wrestling...

    RE: Starting at 157...I am not opposed to that. Maybe 174 or 184, but my reasoning does revolve around most 285 matches contain less action than a typical 141-184 match. Let's send the crowd home on a good note!
  9. RealAmericanHero

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    Would track and field not be considered a sport with 2 competition formats??
  10. I'm not sure how many of you saw the weight class order for the dual between GW and Citadel but they chose to pick the weight class order. Instead of drawing a weight and working sequentially, they chose which weight would be first, second, third and so on. Cool concept in my mind. Probably took a little communication to start, but I don't hate on the idea. Thoughts?
  11. RealAmericanHero

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    Pinnum: Perfectly stated. I think it will continue this way until those who think in line with the have-nots get enough influence to convince the NCAA to put an end to it through some well-crafted argument dealing with competitive balance or even money.
  12. RealAmericanHero

    National Tickets

    Do we know why this is the case!?
  13. RealAmericanHero

    PAC 12 Network - ASU vs OrSU

    I thought I was the only one who considered these points!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did we just become best friends!?!?!?!?!?!!
  14. Aside from the Schultz Memorial and Yariguin, this week’s line-up of dual meets available on FloWrestling looks to be quite full. January 25th PSU vs. Purdue Minnesota vs. Wisconsin Oklahoma vs. Iowa State Northern Iowa vs. Northern Colorado MSU vs. Rutgers January 27th MSU vs. Maryland Iowa vs. Northwestern Illinois vs. Nebraska Northern Iowa vs. Oklahoma PSU vs. Indiana Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State Northern Colorado vs. NDSU WVU vs. Wyoming There are some "duds" in here but for the most part, this stands to be an exciting and eventful weekend of wrestling. Enjoy!
  15. RealAmericanHero

    3 years or 4 til ISU tops Iowa?

    I can only imagine what that was like. Perhaps pulling Metcalf and Zadik onto the Cyclone staff can relive some of the magic. I think it would be more proper to first desire competitiveness, then intensity.