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  1. In an effort to step back and consider my statement, and accept being wrong if indeed I was, I went to the OH-RTC website. I won't fault it for having Snyder on the page, who only yesterday made his announcement, but to have McKenna and Stieber on the site is - to me - a sign that someone is asleep at the wheel concerning its athletes. Also of note, Myles Martin is an athlete featured on the page and so is Nathan Tomasello. The other two individuals are current OHST roster members. In light of these points, I'm going to stand by my statement.
  2. That's fair. But if I may re-ask a question: can you name three OH-RTC athletes? (Again, there was a time when it was out front, leading in areas more than just top talent. I can honestly say I do not know of another OH-RTC athlete other than Kyle Snyder. And now he's gone. The fault could be on me, so I ask.) EDIT: Is Myles Martin an OH-RTC athlete? If so, has he competed in an international-style event since graduation??
  3. One the one hand, this is great for Kyle Snyder. He gets to change up his training routine and location, providing a spark he may need. He is quoted as saying something to the effect of he "doesn't want to look back with regrets". I think many should salute this line of thinking and action. On the other hand - oh, that other hand - what a blow to the Ohio-RTC, an organization that has trickled to obscurity with the departure of Lou Rosselli. At one point, this RTC has men vying for more than half of the weight classes with names like Bunch, Humphrey, Escobedo, Stieber (who may have been shortly after those three), Bergman, Rowlands, and Dlagnev, among others. Its social media presence was a pioneer for the unit, I assume publications/communications were being touted about, and I am positive the energy in Columbus was high. But now, just a few short years later, can anyone name three OH-RTC athletes? A third piece to the puzzle is, as mentioned, recruiting; first on the college scene and then to the RTC team. The college recruiting component is crucial to the university's success. And having a thriving RTC only helps that. Hence the problem with this move - a crumbling/near-defunct RTC leaves OHST behind the curve against universities that can use their RTC as an added bonus. The truth of the matter for OH-RTC is that - from the outside looking in - it stopped recruiting/attracting top talent. Someone earlier mentioned OH-RTC going after Cox now. That ship sailed four years ago. It won't get him now.
  4. Thank goodness THAT is over. A bit anticlimactic after all the self-promotion. And the good news is it keeps Oklahoma State a bit relevant for at least the few years.
  5. The concept of FloWrestling cannot be a bad thing. It airs events live from across the nation and globe. We, who are in one state, can watch a college dual meet in another state. That is a positive only. However, it is fair to ask if the "personalities" and lines of communication from said personalities are best for FloWrestling and the sport overall.
  6. I agree with this assessment of the Rutgers wrestling program. If one scours this forum prior to 2014, I'd be stunned if they got a mention. Granted, after joining the B1G they were thrust onto the national stage. However, they answered the call. The same cannot be said for Maryland. (Heck - MSU, Purdue, and Indiana have been surpassed by this newcomer.) Who receives the credit - AD, head coach, overall staff, the whole crew???
  7. Add in Miron's club and there's no reason Ohio shouldn't see an uptick in results, be it freestyle, Greco, or folkstyle.
  8. Nickerson just landed a top 5 recruiting class. I'd be inclined to think he stays in Colorado.
  9. Head coach and assistant (room) coach roles are vastly different. Not everyone is cut out to be a head coach. Not everyone makes a great assistant coach. Although Logan does not strike me as a head coach, I'd be shocked if he fell flat attempting it. This guy is a winner - at all levels. But, as indicated above, he does not appear to be heading in the direction of coaching an NCAA team. My guess is that his wrestling academy will be the best in the area, state, and possibly region. Which means the M2 Training Facility (run by David Taylor) and Logan's training facility will have a dual meet within the next three years.
  10. Do you think Jaggers would go? (He may; I don't know. But you, as an Ohio State fan, might know better.) What are the positives? Negatives?
  11. I won't answer for him and I'm not 100% for the legalization for the following reason(s)... We were told the gas tax would help maintain roads...roads are in shambles and rarely fixed due to...you guessed it, no money. We were told that putting in a casino would help raise money for schools...schools ask for more money about twice every ten years. Meanwhile, the tax for the police force goes up because crime has increased. We were sold a bill of goods for allowing the lottery (in all it's various forms) at gas stations, restaurants, etc. because it would raise millions for the states who play...guess what, my state taxes are yet to go down. So, if history is any indicator of the future, my guess is this next legalization will only lead to other problems, which will, in turn, lead to more tax money needed to offset those problems. ...and that will probably lead to the legalization of another vice under the guise of solving all the other woes, but in reality, will only cause more problems and demand more money. It truly is a vicious cycle. ps: When I was a kid, SI was awesome. I always wondered if ESPN the magazine started a trend of lower sales for SI; one that the internet completed. Newspapers seem to be suffering from the same issue.
  12. It's under review. Could change. Stay tuned.
  13. Point of note: The pizzas taste better if they're cooked. But do you, boo-boo. :-)
  14. True. I understand your post. I was referring to tightwaist's post. #AllGood. Nice topic.
  15. Interesting that just over ten years ago, FloSports - along with a few others, I'm sure - stated streaming would be the next step. ...and here we are! Best of luck, BTF.
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