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  1. All I’m offering is that being a head coach is an entirely different animal that being an assistant coach. It takes a special breed to be the head coach. A true CEO position.
  2. Interesting move. Ultimately, it’s Kolat’s life - he can do as he pleases. Someone in this thread mentioned something to the effect that Kolat doesn’t seem to be a guy who makes hap-hazard decisions. My guess is he’s thought this through quite a bit. And yes, I’m positive his ol’ buddy Bruce has a role in this. Many have mentioned Campbell’s rise and potential demise. Fair points. Although only one AA in Kolat’s time, remember that Kraisser was part of an initial class for the Camels and that class only fielded 5 wrestlers. Kolat dug the Camels out of a hole that I’m not sure many could. Again, we are actually discussing the validity of Campbell Wrestling! Thank you, Cary Kolat! Concerning possible coaches: does Glen Lanham (HC @ Duke) put his name in the hat? Campbell has shown a commitment to the wrestling program, any scholarship allotment is better than what Duke has, and it wouldn’t be a long-distance move for Lanham. Just a thought. One last point I will mention is the fact that Army seemed to have a pretty good year. If Coach Ward keeps the momentum, and Kolat can get things moving forward in the next few years, would it be possible that we see two service academies in the top 20?? Not sure if I’ve seen that in my lifetime. ps: I do like the service academy banter on this board. It truly does my heart glad.
  3. Are there people who actually believed that this virus does not exist? And have these individuals posted on this forum? If so, please quote them. Thank you in advance.
  4. 184 (2 NCAA allocations) 1. Andrew Morgan, Campbell 2. Matthew Waddell, Chattanooga 3. Julian Gorring, Appalachian State 4. Austin Stith, Presbyterian 5. Samuel Mora, Presbyterian (GARDNER-WEBB) 6. Gavin Henry, Davidson 7. Max Gallahan, VMI 8. Cooper Youngblood, The Citadel
  5. I do not think one needs to remember the chess controversy from decades ago. Just remember the Russian doping scandal from the most recent Olympic Games. Russian doctors infiltrated the doping agencies, had a room set up in order to pass clean samples through a wall, and acted if it was A-OK! It's Russia - it's what they do. This is the textbook definition of "I'm noticing a pattern of behavior".
  6. No. The amount of time, talent, energy, and focus it takes to earn (just) All-American status is astounding. Win it all and you've earned something special - never a disappointment.
  7. Unsure if you’re being snarky but I will say that I always think about this point when people want to add 10 to 20 teams to D1 wrestling.
  8. Hello, rain. Meet Parade. I hate it when you state facts, Mr. Bryant.
  9. We're not all a-holes. But some do exist.
  10. Knew it but clicked anyway. Like a dog returning to its vomit...
  11. I'd be amazed if Jason Layton does not have a YouTube step-by-step demonstration of this technique.
  12. Personally, I am all for the expansion of NCAA wrestling programs. The one thing that needs to occur is evidence of viability for the sport within the conference. The ACC is showing that evidence this year. The one issue I see is Duke's demise. That program is flirting with extinction. Perhaps a better route to take before mandating that the entire conference take on the sport is to reinstate programs that had success in the past (Syracuse, Clemson) or, better yet, bring on programs that are in an area of higher level recruiting (Louisville - close to OH, IN, and IL, or again, Syracuse) as a way to set them up for success. As an add-on to this point, my guess is athletic directors do not want to be told by higher-ups that their already-thin budget is about to incur another program. That is a good way to start things off on the wrong foot. But if it does occur, circle back to my first point which is teams have to be their number one promoter and fundraiser. Sadly, even if a team has show sustainability through their efforts, it is not a guarantee.
  13. Do you really think this dual meet will be that entertaining? After 141, things drop off rather quickly.
  14. Thursday (today, 2/6/20) Navy at George Mason, 7:00 PM Edinboro at Lock Haven, 7:00 PM Fresno State at Wyoming, 9:00 PM (7:00 PM)
  15. Unfortunately for Maryland, there are better versions of shorts out there. They are an Under Armour school so they'll get what UA gives. I am more of a singlet guy but do not mind the move to a two-piece (if teams are wanting it). Compression tops with shorts would be my first choice after the singlet, and then compression top with compression bottoms last. I think as the trend sublimated gear grows, we'll see more teams add it in to the rotation (much like a 3rd jersey in other sports). From there, more designs, which will lead to more teams adding them. Especially at the high school ranks where gear is king. :-)
  16. The fact that Lee didn't even secure the takedown until 1 minute and 35 seconds into the first period makes it all the more remarkable! NF-4 = game changer
  17. What weight will Cox wrestle at the Olympic Trials?
  18. I'd be interested in reviewing the YouTube playback. I'd venture to say that few athletes can transition into the booth. I do enjoy Anthony Robles. If DT is even close to Robles, then he has a future.
  19. Good call. They have a stand-out youngster in R. Woods. If they can leverage him to build the culture in the room as well as recruit, they could move into the top-20 and even higher.
  20. 133 is going to be a fantastic first 2 minutes. I suspect Desanto's pace and pressure will cause Decatur to wilt, ultimately earning the Hawkeyes bonus points in the form of a TF or possibly even a pin.
  21. I was just reading the Maryland thread and got to wondering, which programs are, in your opinion, improving . I have a few in mind - Army, Campbell, Princeton, & Purdue. Any others? Army: lost to Wisconsin by 1 point; defeated FSU, Illinois, and WVU. (Granted, WVU can have its own thread about its demise but still.) Campbell: Went from virtually non-existent 5 years ago to defeating ISU last week. (Narrowly lost to ASU at that event.) Princeton: Maybe they've been this good for a while and I'm the one who missed. Mea culpa if so. Currently top 10; four AA candidates. Seem to have more at once - good recruiting? Purdue: It used to be between the Boilermakers and Indiana - possibly MSU - for permanent resident in the B1G basement. Today they are ranked 10 according to Flo. Ersland seems to have the same 5-year plan as Campbell. And it working. Thoughts?
  22. Entered this thread to post that my living is, in fact, the NUMBER ONE location to watch duals.
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