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  1. There are only so many big ten jobs out there and the fact this is an east coast one (proximity to NJ, NY, OH. PA) makes it even more intriguing. They are likely going to get a very good coach based on what I’m hearing. It’ll be fun to watch the program develop with anyone of the finalists who are in the mix
  2. Nice catch Frank Castle. I wonder if he’s the front runner
  3. I think Kolat already declined to move forward with the interview process . Beyond that, there seems to be a ton of rumors and conflicting information out there. Ive heard Espo interviewed from a few people & also that he didn’t apply from some other good sources I heard Scott Moore declined and more recently that he’s still in limbo, waiting to hear back. I’ve heard about many who had phone interviews but not a lot about coaches who made it to campus There are several coaches who I know may be interested but don’t want it to get out that they are so are being intentionally deceptive (which I totally understand) I think I know who’s most likely but could be wrong so won’t put it out there and see it somehow work against UMD Nothing would surprise me at this point
  4. By all accounts McCoy has represented the program well & is a good person. He dug himself into a huge hole recruiting wise & never could rebound. Who are the best / likely candidates for this job? Who are the elite assistant coach recruiters who can fill the CEO type role?
  5. Maryland is fully funded. The program has a lot of potential
  6. Maryland’s record outside hemida this weekend (including the 9th place wrestle backs) ....0-25. It’s truly astonishing. 7 guys went 0-3, 2 went 0-2. Hemida is going for 3rd and is the lone bright spot, once again.
  7. UMD lost 34-4 to Michigan. Michigan threw in a back up at 174 and Ugalde won. If not, it would’ve been 3 straight shutouts. I’m surprised Hemida lost to Paris. I didn’t expect that
  8. I believe McCoy is in the last year of his contract so we’ll see what the athletic director does. The Terp performance last night was painful to watch. Most those guys weren’t even battling. There’s no energy at all. Sad times
  9. If UMD could ever keep the top kids home then they’d really have a chance to flourish. The state of Maryland is probably just a little above average overall but they have produced some real elite kids over the past decade. You’re right, Mchenry is more than likely goto PSU as well. UMD landed Bannister who has had an up and down career and Llopez who never set a foot on campus. The last one before that was asper who was a stud but he graduated from HS over 10 years ago. Beyond that, no In-state studs have stayed in state. It’s frustrating as a fan.
  10. University of Maryland wrestling is fully funded. I have no idea who is getting Big money on that team but they’re definitely fully funded
  11. Terps are hurting on the recruiting trail more than anything else. There's obviously more to the story than that but if you can't recruit at the same level as your peers, it's going to be darn hard to compete against them. They've lost momentum from the good run they has 7-10 yrs ago There are so many new & ambitious coaches these days, that the competitive landscape is greater than ever. The state of Maryland is starting to produce some elite kids and McCoy needs to figure out how to keep some home. He needs a kid like Brooks to sign on and hope others follow. Personality wise he's more laid back so it's hard to compete against some of the coaches who have big personalities and are to some degree full of ****
  12. Maryland's program/teams of 5-7 years ago would have been competitive with the teams that generally place between 6-10 in the big ten. Inexplicably the program has taken a nose dive and are battling with Michigan state for the cellar.
  13. Agreed....Goodale deserves a ton of credit. Bringing pritzlaff in was one of his many accomplishments. He's built that program in so many ways
  14. Didn't Bo just get married? To me, being married, trying to succeed in school and also competing at the highest levels of d1 wrestling is a lot to juggle for a 20 year old kid. Maybe his priorities have shifted to some extent.
  15. Jason did you get any more information on this situation? Isn't the NWCA supposed to do some formal response in these situations?
  16. http://autrojans.com/article.asp?articleID=7226
  17. Thanks for your help Jason. The Anderson wrestling community appreciates your assistance.
  18. Jason- your analysis is correct. I'd imagine a press release will go out in the next week or so. Obviously the current administration wants to do this as quietly as possible. The AD wants to use wrestling's money and give it to teams that can win a conference championship. The AD failes to acknowledge that Anderson has had 2 division 2 national champions (jj Jackson & Kareef Robertson) in the past ten years plus a D2 ncaa runner up last year (Sean turner). I'd think national champion is more prestigious than conference champ but what do I know.
  19. D2 Anderson University (South Carolina) to drop wrestling. The AD told the team last night. I hope the wrestling community can express their disappointment with this decision by emailing the AD and President. The AD told the team he wanted to focus on conference championships and wrestling is not in a conference. It's a typical lame excuse. The AD at Anderson, Billy D'Andrea was the assistant AD at Clemson when they dropped the program there so there is history with this guy. Billy D'Andrea (AD) bdandrea@andersonuniversity.edu 864-231-2023 Evans Whitaker (Pres.) ewhitaker@andersonuniversity.edu 864 -231-2100
  20. This is pretty standard when coaches get hired to take over a new program. He'll need to fill a roster of about 30 guys in a likelihood which is not something you start doing in April.
  21. It looks like Dock Kelly is their coach. Dock has been the head coach at Anderson University for the past 15 years and prior to that was the head assistant at UNCG where he was a ncaa qualifier in 1996 as a wrestler http://www.lourdesathletics.com/news/2015/12/7/WRE_1207154426.aspx
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