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  1. SHP- that was my thought as well. UPENN and UMD are comparable programs on paper though the IVY league aspect might push UPENN ahead though the BIg ten is better than the EIWA and U Maryland is a very good school as well.
  2. Appears to be a nice pick up for the terps. With the move to the big ten, recruiting is as important as ever. Is eiter a good recruiter
  3. On paper, looks like a nice pick up. Is he a solid recruiter?
  4. In my opinion, UMD and Rutgers both have very high upsides. Rutgers is in NJ, a wrestling hotbed, and close to PA and NY which are also two of the best states. Maryland is obviously close to NJ, PA and NY as well. Everyone knows that the big ten is by far the best conference so an east coast stud who previously had to go into the middle of nowhere (e.g-purdue, nebraska, minnesota) to wrestle in the best conference, now have two east coast alternatives. The midwestern part of the nation would be a culture shock to many east coast kids. Also, being that far away from home is another potential negative. Also, both UMD and Rutgers have somewhat urban campuses as opposed to most the big ten schools. As for this topic, kind of ridiculous. Rutgers and UMD could both benefit from going to the big ten but that results will not just magically appear. The coaches will need to keep pushing to grow their programs and attract the best recruits they can. As for past performance, Maryland has been generally outperforming Indiana, Purdue and Mich State at the NCAA tournament for years now. Don't let these facts interfere with your discussion: 2014- Maryland 20, Indiana 25 , Michigan State 32, Rutgers 34, Purdue 39 2013- Maryland 27, Purdue 31, Rutgers 35, Indiana 41, Michigan State 51 2012 Purdue 28, Maryland 31 MSU and Indiana 37 Rutgers 45 2011 Maryland 18 Indiana 25 Rutgers 27 Purdue 39 MSU 43 2010 Mich State 18, Maryland 20 Indiana 21 Purdue 28 Rutgers 32 2009 Maryland 10 Purude 23 INdiana 24, Mich State 25, Rutgers 48 2008 Indiana 12 Maryland 21 MSU 28 Purdue 30 Rutgers No nat Qualifiers 2007 Indiana 14 Mich State 29 Maryland 33 Purdue 42 Rutgers No nat qualifiers.
  5. Louis Hernandez selected University of Maryland as his college choise, nice pickup for the terps. I've only seen him wrestle a few times but he seems to be a hard nosed wrestler, a brawler type, physical but with very good technique and ability. I like his upside. How do you Long Islanders compare him to Rasheed? I was thinking Rasheed might goto UMD since he goes to Kerry's old highschool (Longwood).
  6. Rumor has it that Coleman Scott May be heading to UNC. How good of a coach is he?
  7. Matburn, I certainly wasn't trying to be condescending.....humorous, perhaps. I'm obviously exaggerating the point but UNC has recruited alot of very solid North East hs wrestlers who by and large didn't pan out. I have heard through the years, alot of these kids end up just partying it up on Franklin Street (a great area of Chapel HIll w/ tons of bars). Again, this is a stereotype but many UNC guys never improved and it seems like they are always starting over with a new incoming class with high hopes. It's certainly not solely Kolat's fault and UNC is a very fun school with about 65% ratio of women, many of which are very attractive. IT's easy to see why kids would get distracted. I liken it to the Arizona state situation. Kids are going there for the best of both worlds which can be difficult at the highest levels of D1 wrestling with so many intense, committed wrestlers. Mock walked into a very difficult situation himself. Bill Lam was a very successful coach and the bar was pretty high. UNC needs a no nonsense type of coach who is going to get the kids 100% focused on wrestling. Just my very amateur opinion.
  8. Again - kolat is not an idiot. He read the tea leaves and. Could sense the head job at unc was not going to happen 4 him. I heard some boosters were not in favor of him taking over He's basically had a 4 year audition for the job and basically didn't cut it. Kolat is a great wrestler and a very good recruiter but the program couldn't build a foundation for success. They were always starting over with new kids. This has been discussed adnauseum here. It might not be kolats fault as these kids see the partying and the gorgeous women and disappear on franklin street - never to be seen for months until they're found 20 pounds heavier and with an alcohol problem only to be shipped back to Pennsylvania and resurface at a d2 psac school. Unc can be a great program but the right coach needs to be hired who can get them to focus on wrestling. Gotta think mock is by all intent and purposes done now.
  9. That's the reason you don't ever follow a coach to a school They're looking to punch their ticket. I'm wondering if kraisser might be looking to follow kolat I think kolat probably saw the writing on the wall about getting the head gig at unc and made the move. Can't imagine mock will be around chapel hill for long. At this point, id be tired of the criticism if I were him
  10. That's the reason you don't ever follow a coach to a school They're looking to punch their ticket. I'm wondering if kraisser might be looking to follow kolat I think kolat probably saw the writing on the wall about getting the head gig at unc and made the move. Can't imagine mock will be around chapel hill for long. At this point, id be tired of the criticism if I were him
  11. Off the top of my head, the only person I would say would probably beat Fried when both were Senior 142 pounders was Kolat. That would be one heck of a match but I'd give the edge to Cary. I'd say Metcalf would be close, Mcilravy was a 150 pounder so he's really out of contention. Steiber is at 141 which is the old 134 so he's out of contention too.
  12. What is fried upto these days? Is he involved in the sport at all. In my opinion, there is no way mcilravy beats fried in 1993. Not discrediting mcilravy because I would rate him and fried about even in terms of who was better wrestler as a senior when both careers were over. Mcilravy had better credentials but that's not the same as who was better
  13. What is fried upto these days? Is he involved in wrestling at all. Fried was exceptionally good, however probably didnt reach his potential. I'd put him right up there with kolat and mcilravy.
  14. There are a TON of 141 pound NCAA champs that Dake doesn't beat when he is a true freshmen. TJ Jaworksy, Tom Brands, Cary Kolat, Mark Ironside..etc. Dake is incredible but if you are trying to compare him as a true frosh vs these all time greats, you're insane. When he was a Senior, Dake was on par or better than these guys above, however as a true frosh- no way.
  15. Where is louis hermandez going to college? He's from Long Island
  16. WEre there plans for them to go D1 or am I imagining that?
  17. I am wondering if Diehl could get down to 125 for the terps next year when he is wrestling in a d1 room. There is a log jam at 133 with Alexander and Tyler Goodwin and 41 has Bannister coming in. I believe the plan is for them to move Brown up to 149? 125-Rappo/Diehl?/recruit 133-G. Alexander (can TY Goodwin redshirt, he enrolled at UMD a year after coming out of HS) 141- Bannister/Sanchez (had a nice year)/Ty Goodwin/Diehl? 149- Shy Brown A few scenerios that could play out. Terps are going to the Big ten next year so really need to be ready to go.
  18. That's unbelievable. One potential qualifier for ASU coming out of the PAC 10. Wow has the program fallen hard. Are they recruiting anyone good?
  19. That's refreshing to see. The double bicep flex is obnoxious and pretty corny
  20. I didn't realize that kids had some sort of educational session about how to use social media responsibly. I guess I'm just looking at this as its a 20 year old kid acting like a knuckle head and being ignorant. How many of us were guilty of that at that age. Again, I think what he wrote is ignorant and he should learn to be an adult and tolerant of all people in this world but suspended indefinitely just seems so over the top. What's worse ? A kid writing a slur on twitter or a DWI? Again he should learn from this and a punishment is in order. The word indefinitely is what bothers me
  21. The kid's statement is ignorant and hateful but suspending him indefinitely over it is an overreaction beyond belief He's a college kid who made a derogatory remark.....that's not something you suspend someone indefinitely for. His statement has more to do with boring sports talking heads talking about this type of topic ad naseum
  22. Johnny Thompson......really? Not that those guys aren't impressive but to compare them to John Smith, Burroughs, Gable is kind of silly. Thompson didn't even win it his senior year. Taylor will certainly be in the top 10 of all time 2X NCAA champs. I'd put guys like Kerry McCoy and Donny Pritzlaff up there too.
  23. Nice pickups for sure. RU has some talent in their room
  24. On a related note, unc lost to vt 29 to 3 and kraisser lost to Joey dance in ot
  25. As a wrestler , John was as tough as they come so I'm sure he'll battle through this but yesh, scary stuff
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