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  1. Between the myriad of NCAA sanctions, This huge academic scandal, and the denials it Is not a good time in Chapel Hill. The irony of it all is said UNC has always been extremely arrogant And thought they had the cleanest programs around. They always talked about doing the right thing andtheir outstanding graduation rates When in fact it was just a big sham. They need new leadership in Chapel Hill As it is really an impressive school otherwise And a great place to spend four years. Wrestling just can't seem to pull it together
  2. Old same old for UNC, Kids peak their freshman year there. Henderson is the lone exception in years. When are they going to clean house with that whole staff? That entire athletic department is a train wreck.
  3. he isn't super flashy so people tend to overlook him but he is very good and keeps getting better and better. Bottom line, he really knows how to wrestle and is strong in all three positions. I wouldn't predict he beats Steiber but I bet he could on a good day. I'd say he beats Retherford right now too.
  4. I agree it is a total disgrace to Default out just because you lose. If someone is legitimately injured that is one thing, however It seems like every other weightthere's a guy who loses and then automatically defaults out of the rest of the tournament. How do wrestlers learn mental toughness that you need at the national tournament by doing this. It's a joke.
  5. I was extremely impressed by Brown as well. He moves very well for a 174 pounder and reacts well when he misses his shot. He's not vulnerable to re-shots and front head locks which is a huge attribute. Too bad that weight class is stacked but I'd imagine Brown will be right there.
  6. Back when I was in college, Iowa's guys were obviously physical and did a ton of pushing, however, they all had nice varied leg attacks/offenses. McIlravy for an example could change levels so effectively and take you down ten different ways. Ironside would keep shooting and shooting and shooting unitl your broke. Brands though obviously very physical, had a bunch of different shots they would hit effectively. It seems like the new breed things all its about is pushing and being physical and missing the whole other dimension of it.
  7. Is it me or does Iowa not shoot anymore ? I'm not trolling and I don't watch a ton of college wrestling so forgive me but the number of legitimate shots they take these days is a major area of concern if I Tom Brands. When they do shoot, it's straight on with no angles. It's mostly just pushing these days and an occasional straight forward dive in at the legs. Psu was much more technically sound last night.
  8. Steiber still number one definitely. Port no 2. Love that retherford makes it more interesting. Wish carter didnt get injured as he is a monster
  9. I think Flo has revolutionized the sport for sure. having all those matches in one site is such a service to the wrestling community. That said, their customer service is REALLY bad. If they could get their act together with that, they'd really be onto something. I am apprehensive about signing up again b/c it took me many weeks to cancel my account with them. It was impossible to reach anyone to help.
  10. how is Roger Chandler as an assistant coach? He was a stud wrestler back in the day.
  11. Actually the move to the big 10 hasn't helped recruiting enough. McCoy is a good coach but needs to bring in more top talent. Boley starts off matches slow but usually storms back to win. Mattiace made him pay for it. Nice win for upenn. They have some nice talent on that team
  12. Yes. He's doing a very nice job at sacred heart. His recruiting class as very impressive for sure. He has a nice NY pipeline
  13. Where are the tournament open results
  14. Is Roger Chandler a good assistant coach? He was a very good wrestler back in the day
  15. You people crack me up. You won't be happy unless Penn State has a top ten national recruit at every single week. Hammond was a national top 50 recruit .... I don't feel bad for you guys. Yeesh
  16. You people crack me up. You won't be happy unless Penn State has a top ten national recruit at every single week. Hammond was a national top 50 recruit .... I don't feel bad for you guys. Yeesh
  17. Great news for Sacred heart. The program had a very nice recruiting class this year and looks to be on the rise. Good news for the sport of wresting in general. So many DI programs up in New England have been cut like Central Connecticut, Boston University, Boston College, and Yale
  18. Terrible news. Shows you how fragile life can be. Way too young. Prayers go out to his family, friends and the entire Roger Wiliams and Berlin wrestling programs. Berlin is a wrestling powerhouse in Connecticut and he was coached by one of the best, Jim Day. I believe he was an academic all-american at the D3 level.
  19. I think they have some guys from their club team. I thought I read that pataky was going to be the new club coach but I'm not sure. Kolata would obviously be a huge addition but that's not happening. He has his eyes set on being the next unc coach. Wonder how long mock will stay there.
  20. Nice pickup for Maryland. He was an exceptional wrestler back at Okie state and you have to believe his experiences as coach at Okie State and OU would mean he is in a position to really help a program. He is going to be a great workout partner for Sheptock, Boley ,Spencer Myers and all upperweights. Any idea of what kind of recruiter he is? Maryland heads to the Big ten next year and this will help the transition.
  21. Undoubtedly alot of very good kids are willing to take less money to wrestle at PSU than they would get other places and be comfortable sitting on the bench for a year or two. Some very good wrestlers will never see the lineup. Good situation for PSU. They are building a dynasty.
  22. I do.....the first one is that I am like 30 pounds over a week before a match and I need to get down. The second one is more frequent. I had a pretty successfull senior year of college. In my dream I actually have one more year of eligibility and instead of working hard to do even better at nationals, I get really out of shape that summer, drink too much, don't work out and I am not nearly as effective the next year.
  23. Way premature..... he's on atleast one visit this week with another one possibly to follow. Not saying he doesn't end up in Ithaca when all is said and done but I think other schools still have a fighter's chance.
  24. This is what's interesting to me, I've never understood how kids can verbal prior to July 1 before their senior year. If money can't be discussed then how do you know you want to go there. Thomas haines is a full ride guy no doubt. If Carl came in and offered him 25% was he supposed to be happy with that? I sure as heck wouldn't be if I were him. This is a lesson learned for all student athletes. D1 Athletics is a business and you always have to remember that. At the end of the day this may be a blessing in disguise for Haines. I'm sure he's going to get a full ride at a very good school and never look back.
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