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  1. Yes....the latest victims apparently.
  2. If you had asked me last April, I would have said Taylor over Dake 7-5. After this spring/summer with Dake pinning Taylor and the fact he worked out a ton with Burroughs (maybe taylor did too), I would say Dake 6-4
  3. The ACC is on par with the Big ten on so many levels (wrestling not included obviously)
  4. Kolat as a true freshmen was more impressive than Steiber. Steiber had some losses his true freshmen year in a pretty average weight (125) Kolat made the finals in a brutal weight and lost to one of the greatest NCAA wrestlers of all time in Jaworski (who he was probably better than). I'd take Jaworski over Oliver as well. Kolat beat Steiner in the semis who was a 5th year senior, the returning national champ at 142 and probably considered one of the top 2-3 seniors that year. As a sophomore, Kolat dominated everyone in the country (including jaworski) all the way until the national semis finals when he lost a head scratcher to Babak Mohammadi. Kolat wasn't immune to some baffling performances from time to time. Sometimes you have to look beyond achievements. I'd say John Smith was one of the top 5 college wrestlers of all time but his achievements don't correlate to that (2 NCAA champ).
  5. I like watching upsets so I will root against him. Nothing personal but watching a huge upset is one of the best things in wrestling ever. I am a Darrian Caldwell fan and watching him beat Metcalf was one of the best NCAA finals matches ever. If metcalf had won a lopsided decision, it would not have been near as memorable.
  6. In highschool, this match isn't that close. Kolat was one of the best ever, bar none in HS. I think that Steiber has closed the gap but still not at Kolat's level. Kolat is one guy whose wrestling ability exceeded his accomplishments. he was scary good though had bad moments once in a long while.
  7. When was the last time Jordan lost a match? I can't even remember him losing recently at all. Great job by Jordan.
  8. app state had a real nice class this past year. I am very impressed. It is good to see smaller schools do well in wrestling. Bentley is doing a nice job.
  9. Though he didn't have as many titles......I'd put John Smith up against anyone his senior year in terms of who was the best when they finished their career.
  10. I remember back in higschool that Henson was a big time Greco stud. He had won Junior Nationals in Greco quite easily his junior year and was the odds on favorite to win it his senior year as well. He ended up losing in the finals to Bobby Jannisse (I think....) in what was considered a pretty big upset at the time. In freestyle he didn't place in the 114.5 pound class that was absolutey loaded with studs of that time (ie: Jaworski, Janisse among others). He was a really good high school wrestler but I figured probably not destined to be a college stud based on that one cedar falls weekend (Jr Nationals used to be in the UNI dome) . Next thing you know he places at nationals as a freshmen for missouri and wins two ncaa titles and an olympic silver down the road. Guess I was way wrong on that one...
  11. If I remember correctly, Henson got in some sort of trouble at Missouri and that's the reason he left and went to Clemson. I could be wrong.
  12. Is bono going to try and get back in the game? heard his name mentioned lately on these boards.
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