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  1. smitty11

    Suriano vs Micic

    A lot of wrestlers get to micic legs. They don't always score but they do get in on him.
  2. smitty11

    Suriano vs Micic

    Who you got? Micic on the road or Suriano at home? Micic is tough guy to wrestle, we could see this match 3 times in the next month.
  3. smitty11

    174 seeding after DL pins Zahid

    What was the score before the pin? Thanks
  4. smitty11

    NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic

    Micic dominated the match. Nice to see the coaches let him step up.
  5. smitty11


    He looks hurt. Watched him last year and wrestle internationally. He gave that Russian, Uguev all he could handle in the European championship. Anybody know his injury?
  6. smitty11

    Nick Suriano

    I don't get Flo pro but saw Suriano said something about Micic? Can anybody give me the cliff notes of what he said. This wt is going to be great this year. Anybody heard what Micic injury is?
  7. smitty11


    Jason Tsirtsis sister passed in a tragic car accident where the person who was driving flew a curb at high speeds on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. Then a month later his best friend since first grade passed away unexpectedly with a heart attack. That happened in the late summer and early fall of his junior season at NW. Then at the end of junior season he got a D+ and missed by one percentage point, needed a C-, to be eligible to wrestle his senior year. That had nothing to do with NCAA eligibililty requirements. Nothing of this was self imposed IMO. After that wrestling did not seem to be on his priority list. He seemed to get out of shape and we all know it is hard to come back to wrestling after you get out of shape. He isn't nearly the same wrestler he once was, but that was great seeing him beat NW yesterday. That had to feel great for him. Good luck to him!!! Self imposed I can't believe what some people say when they have no idea
  8. smitty11

    ASU Wrestle off

    Anybody have scores of the 3 matches or how the matches went?
  9. smitty11

    Deakin 4 Sorenson 5

    Sucks when people put the scores in the title of the post. Wish people wouldn't do this.
  10. smitty11

    Maruca vs. Tsirtsis

    Did Maruca beat Tsirtsis out for the spot? I didn't see anything on this but saw Maruca wrestled against UNC.
  11. smitty11

    Down goes Lee

    tbar is an idiot. What a douche bag
  12. smitty11

    Tsirtsis @ 149

    Didn't get to watch any of his matches? How did Tsirtsis look?
  13. smitty11

    Tsirtsis @ 149

    Tsirtsis has not been the same since. Really pulling for him but he has looked slow on defense and his go to shot wrestlers have figured him out. His conditioning has been really bad since he has been at ASU. Maybe people did not like his style but he was a hammer his senior year in high school and his redshirt freshman year, freshman year and sophomore year. Then many factors outside of wrestling hit his life. Really pulling for him but not sure a cut to 149 will make a difference at this time in his career, hope I am wrong.
  14. smitty11

    Jason Tsirtsis

    He was put on academic probation by NW. He could have stayed there and not wrestled his senior year. Or he could transfer and hope the NCAA would give him another year since it was not the NCAA academic probation it was NW. He decided to transfer and wrestle. I am saying if he lost the passion he could have just finished at NW and got his degree. In the flo interview he said he got a D in one class by percentage points. He was also dealing with the sudden death of his sister and best friend. My guess is he will go 149 not sure if he can win the spot or where he is at with wrestling and wrestling shape. Maybe he just went to ASU to enjoy life and get away from the daily grind??