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  1. smitty11

    Cadet Pan AM Question

    Thank you
  2. Anybody know where to find results for this tournament?
  3. smitty11

    Fix's loss to Suriano

    Micic probably has the best attacks at 133 and he got off one shot against Suriano in 2 matches.
  4. smitty11

    Doing the most with the least

    What happened to BJ Clagon? I think he beat Habat his Freshman year as well
  5. smitty11

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Micic is hurt
  6. How many people have won multiple NCAA titles but have not won a conference tournament. I can think of J Jaggers winning 2 NCAA titles but no big ten titles. Spencer Lee could go 4 NCAA titles and no Big Ten titles.
  7. smitty11

    What happened to Micic?

    Torn ACL for Micic, man that is some bad luck
  8. smitty11

    What happened to Micic?

    I think the 1 seed has a huge advantage.
  9. smitty11

    What happened to Micic?

    Micic is hurt. Doubt he will be 50 percent in 2 weeks. Crazy how him and gross are both hurt really made that weight class wide open
  10. smitty11

    Suriano vs Micic

    A lot of wrestlers get to micic legs. They don't always score but they do get in on him.
  11. smitty11

    Suriano vs Micic

    Who you got? Micic on the road or Suriano at home? Micic is tough guy to wrestle, we could see this match 3 times in the next month.
  12. smitty11

    174 seeding after DL pins Zahid

    What was the score before the pin? Thanks
  13. smitty11

    NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic

    Micic dominated the match. Nice to see the coaches let him step up.
  14. smitty11


    He looks hurt. Watched him last year and wrestle internationally. He gave that Russian, Uguev all he could handle in the European championship. Anybody know his injury?