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  1. Mendez looks really good. He was beating gross 12-3 at one time in that match a few backs. Mendez vs. Bouzakis is going to be really good if Mendez gets by Yasguirre
  2. Does Mendez have a bye to the best 2 out 3 for returning world team member? Not sure how juniors work? He did not place so assuming he does not. If those two meet I hope it is in the finals best 2 out 3. I think it is a coin flip. Mendez has not been able to wrestle Fargo since his 8th grade year into Freshman year since he qualified for cadets his Freshman year, no tournament due to covid his sophomore year and won Juniors last year. Been awhile since Mendez has lost to anybody in freestyle that was still in high school. He does have some of some losses to college wrestlers and of course Swiderski in folk. That match will be awesome. Also waste of year for Mendez at 141 he is not big enough it will be like watching Micic wrestle at 141. I think him or Bouzakis can AA at 133 next year.
  3. Mendez is a 133 and so is Bouzakis. Thinking Mendez is going to be effective at 141 is wishful thinking. They should be wrestling each other for a chance to make JR world team. Who ever goes 133 between the 2 will be tough.
  4. smitty11


    Maybe this has been talked about in other topics. But is there any chance he can go to 133? He is not big enough for 141. It is a shame as he is really good but 141 is not the right weight class for him.
  5. I agree tough jr worlds for him. 61 was a brutal bracket as some of those guys have beaten some really good world level wrestlers, the Russian and Iranian were really good. No excuses but I am not sure he was 100% for that tournament. He did just have knee surgery a couple months before. The loss to Swiderski was puzzling, he did not seem ready for that match like Swiderski was.
  6. I think Bouzakis can win it all, kid is tough.
  7. After watching him beat that Russian. I saw some of his other matches. He and Uguev have a great match in 2020 and he has won just about everything else. Kid reminds me of Yazdani
  8. The 61Kg Iranian is really good. He is going to be a medal contender on the senior level soon.
  9. Kadimagomedov looked great! What a perfect match by him. Congrats to him.
  10. No excuses for sure but Dake looks sucked down. He looked like a different person than he did against JB a few months ago.
  11. Do all wrestlers need to make weight both days? What is the weigh in before the bronze and gold matches. If Uguev has to make wt again and wrestle right away Kumar wins that match. Uguev looks exhausted every match and Kumar is full energy.
  12. Not sure if this was mentioned in the Pellicone thread, but did Suriano bite Sanayev at the end of the match? Sure looked like he did. Sanayev took it well, but you could see he said something to Suriano and pointed to his arm. Looked like a bite mark on his arm.
  13. Anybody know what his injury was? Sucks he is out. Always fun to watch wrestle.
  14. Is Micic not wrestling this year? If he is I think he will be in the finals
  15. Is Micic out all season?
  16. Tough loss for Micic. Yatsenko came hard at the end and Micic just seemed to shut down a bit. Yatsenko tough to score on.
  17. What country will Dieringer be wrestling for? Michigan has about 5 guys wrestling for other country's correct?
  18. Agree on Willie. But with Zeke think you guys might be missing the point. Tsirtsis was done with wrestling after everything he went through. He got him back mentally IMO.
  19. Not sure about Zeke... He took Tsirtsis in when he was done. Got him another year and then Tsirtsis was an all American his last year with him. Tsirtsis said in his interview Zeke did so much for him after all the tragedies in his life. Willie wanting to credit for breaking news and being passive aggressive is stupid.
  20. I like Metcalf 3-2. I love how everyone says Metcalf was a hothead. When Zain wrestled Pico he tried to punch him. Pico dominated Zain
  21. I think Mendez is going to be good. He is a couple years younger than Serrano, Jack and Van Ness. He got out wrestled in a few key spots and was over aggressive a few times but he gets after it. Has some nolf in him
  22. If Micic wrestles college in 2020-2021 how many years was he on a college roster? 2014-15 at Northwestern redshirt, 2015-16 Michigan did not wrestle because of transfer an olympic redshirt maybe?, 206-2017 got 4th at NCAA as a freshman, 2017-2018 got 2nd as a Soph, 2018-2019 got 3rd, 2019-2020 Olympic redshirt. 2020-2021 if he wrestles next year that would be 7 years??? Is that right?
  23. His story was heartbreaking. What a comeback at ASU to AA his last year. Good interview on Flo if you haven't watched.
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