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  1. KTG119

    better career....

    stp I started this thread on the HS forum and you have been adamant that champ trumps all, so I'll ask if that holds for collegiate comparison between Iowa 'mates Whitmer and Mena. Mena NCAA 7, 3, 5, 2 Whitmer behind Mena for 3 years finally starts when Mena moves up, champ as senior.
  2. KTG119

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    he's from NY and attends Cornell
  3. KTG119

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    Tariq and Daton are very similar stylistically, yes.
  4. KTG119

    Rest in Peace, Ol' Cletus Tucker

    I don't know anything about that but ol' Cletus was one of the biggest supporters of Brent Metcalf on these forums. Broke his heart when Brent kept coming up short of world medals. RIP Cletus
  5. KTG119

    Coon takes Silver

    I remember reading that he was a Sombo world champ at some point. Arguably our greatest all around wrestler.
  6. KTG119

    Coon takes Silver

    not Olympics but to me a pretty impressive accomplishment was Greg Gibson taking 2nd in freestyle and 4th in greco at world championships the same year ('81).
  7. KTG119


    Greg Gibson (19) 2 World Silver/1 World Silver (Greco)/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Finals The world silver for Greco was actually Olympics.
  8. obviously Cody has been the weak link here as the light guy. Hire KTG119. I know people, who know people, who kind of know people. And I could be a good throwing dummy in practice and holler things like 'don't let him score' and 'you gotta battle' from my edge of mat seat. or even better I could coach the old PSU way 'it's ok bottom guy, just rest your head on the mat, eventually he'll fall off'
  9. KTG119

    NWCA All Star Classic

    ^ ouch, I agree that was probably the marquee match-up and for an event that is already being highly criticized (at least on this forum) that's not great. more importantly though I hope it's not an indicator of injury to either one of those guys.
  10. KTG119

    Mason Manville

    well some thought leaving his home state to wrestle HS in 3 different places was ridiculous, but hey.
  11. KTG119

    It's that time yet again.

    who really cares, bottom of the list etc but Haines has done what to rank higher than Chisko?
  12. KTG119

    Micah Jordan

    Let's assume Micah at 149 as I think most agree that's best chance to individual title. How do you see him doing against guys like Ashnault and Kolodzik when in down position?
  13. KTG119

    Rutgers Ashnault Interview

    If Rutgers gets 2 in finals and a champ plus 3 others AAs I think they'll place higher than 7th or 8th. That's similar to what NCSt did last year and they tied for 4th.
  14. KTG119

    Micah Jordan

    crazy thing is he can place way higher this year and shut everyone up. but yeah we like our Abe 4-3-2-1 and Larkin ditto or St Johns rd 12-4-3-2 etc types.
  15. I abhor political discussions on wrestling forums, leave your pro AND anti Trump rhetoric at the door please, but that Miron story should remind all of us here in the USA of just how good we really have it and that we should continue to strive for peaceful discourse on our differing views.