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  1. KTG119

    Kurt McHenry

    given the school he was attending and the fact that he finished up the HS requirements early, I'd be a little surprised if academics are an issue at next level.
  2. KTG119

    If Nolf wins again this year...

    That Cael guy was pretty good for 3 years. I'm not crunching the numbers right now and of course Nolf's got matches to go, but figure Cael will compare favorably in terms of dominant wins. edit-all I can find real quick on Cael are the NCAA tournament matches. His last three years he went 14/15 in bonus wins there. (Cormier 8-4 finals his junior year is the only one that was not bonus)
  3. KTG119


    Or Carter for that matter. He’s kind of a Jersey guy.
  4. KTG119

    Ryan Deakin

    Nolf has always reminded me a little of Lincoln Mcilravy and your ‘go to move’ comment made me think of an interview I saw once with Lincoln. Interviewer asked if he had a go to move and Lincoln got this little smile and answered, ‘yeah about 7’
  5. KTG119


    they landed a real good kid out of Virginia of all places. as for the post about being better suited for EIWA than Big Ten....maybe maybe not. They've definitely stepped up their game since joining the Big Ten
  6. KTG119

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    highly doubt it goes 1-1 in regulation time.
  7. KTG119

    Kurt McHenry

    I agree he def needs to bulk up for college. Be curious to see what he does this off season in freestyle along those lines. Compete at a higher weight as part of the bulking or does he compete at 110 or whatever it is to get some more world level hardware? or maybe no free at all and just working hard in the weight room and eating a lot
  8. KTG119

    Kurt McHenry

    to quote hammerlock, the 'odd' part of is the mid season deal. we've started to see kids skip their senior year of HS comp (Snyder etc) and the football cases are pretty well known. Wrestling half the year and then moving on is a little different. I don't really have a negative opinion on it or anything, just kind of struck me as....interesting I guess.
  9. KTG119

    Julian Chlebove???

    #1 seed at Escape the Rock https://bwi.forums.rivals.com/threads/ot-escape-the-rock-seeds.230354/
  10. KTG119

    Kurt McHenry

    https://bwi.forums.rivals.com/threads/ot-escape-the-rock-seeds.230354/ We had a couple of notable scratches already (every tournament does). No Kurt McHenry - he is finished with his studies and will not be competing in HS anymore.
  11. KTG119

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    I caught the last few matches of the Maryland Purdue dual on BTN on Friday. Now the dual victory for Purdue was already in hand by time I tuned in, but every shot I saw of the Maryland coaches was the same old stoic Kerry and apparently he demands the same level of intensity from his assistant coaches. I'm not saying everyone needs to be the Brands bros, but no one was even talking to their guy on the mat, or even to each other about what they see, what they can work on from there, etc.
  12. KTG119

    No Teasdale?

    He’s ducking....everybody.
  13. KTG119

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    That was impressive. Iowa looking good.
  14. KTG119

    VA Duals

    I don’t know about 4-5 AAs but Tech does look to be rounding into form. Beat up on UVA who had just knocked off Arizona St. speaking of UVA Mueller still dominating at 125. Really like to see him place high this year at NCAA tournament.
  15. KTG119

    Blair at the Midlands Tournament

    Kolat 4th 126 1990 https://nusports.com/documents/2012/7/16//1990MidlandsBracket.pdf?id=3867