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  1. Jesse Whitmer Iowa 118 1997 and there are a few more
  2. Old SI article said Clarion would’ve been 4th that year.
  3. soph and senior. 190 DNP his freshman year.
  4. I'd love to see NC St and Tech both in trophy contention this year. Probably not happening. Maybe both can manage top 10 but that too will be hard.
  5. so had to look him up. 3 x champ, never lost a college match!
  6. yep and Fausz should have been rehydrated nicely by time he wrestled Mueller at ACC, so this logic that he's going to be well fed and hydrated by time they wrestle and therefore a tough match for Lee....I'm not buying it.
  7. so will Martin join this group, or the one with guys who won as freshmen and then not again until senior year: Mark Branch and Darryl Burley come to mind. is Mollica also on this or did he get his 2nd title as a junior? Does Burley hold record for longest gap between titles? 1st, 2nd, 2nd, RS, 1st.
  8. reinstated program then. it's not a new school or new program. but sure, be nice to see them get one.
  9. Fresno St has had AAs before most notably 3 time champ Stephen Abas.
  10. Kolodzik 5 Dhesi 6 Wilcke 12
  11. well Barry did have his weight cutting troubles that year. almost gave it all away for a bag of donuts and some M&Ms at the Hy Vee.
  12. yep and with all that still manged to place 3rd this one time at NCAAs. one of his wins in this bracket was over McFarland an eventual world silver medalist at 136.
  13. Schultz and Banach wrestled twice that season at 177 before NCAAs.
  14. A favorite bracket of mine is the 126 class, 1989. Kendall Cross 3 x AA 1 time champ Oly Gold Michael Stokes 1x AA 1x finalist Jim Martin 4-2-1-3 Tom Brands 4-1-1-1 Workd and Oly Gold Jason Keller 5-2-1 Peter Gonzales 2x AA Gary McCall 2x AA John Epperly 2x AA the 177 class with Schultz, Banach, Heller, Hummel, Scheer etc is another that comes mind. 118 in 1982 pretty distinctive as well; top 8 included 4 guys who would go on to earn world/Oly Silver or Gold: Davis, Darkus, Weaver, McFarland.
  15. state HS forums are full of people bitching about pre slotted brackets.
  16. don't you know Marinelli is losing to Joe Smith or Mekhi Lewis before he'd have his chance vs Chance? more seriously, I think he can give Marinelli a tough match but I'm not betting against the Bull making finals.
  17. almost positive it's a joke. EDIT-ok like 100% sure it's a joke. Read this part https://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/why-it-should-be-much-easier-for-high-school-athletes-to-win-a-state-championshipe and not just the tweet....reads like the onion.
  18. Coach Beasley has things headed in right direction at GMU. Assistant under Pop at N.C. St and Binghamton prior.
  19. No. But think Billy was in same movie. Or some Baldwin brother at least Wonder if Billy will be a part of ESPN coverage this year? I’ve enjoyed his contributions and Binghamton has at least a couple in this year so sure he’ll be fired up.
  20. Didn’t NJ native and HS wrestler (for some period at least) Tom Cruise portray a Massapequa HS wrestler in a movie?
  21. George Mason, not GW. No longer a program there. Edit-SHP beat me to the punch
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