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  1. didn't he pull a similar upset that year over Hinson from Iowa State?
  2. Taylor is really a polarizing figure on these forums isn't he? He's a superhero to some and then others try to tear him down with not a whole lot of in between. In this way I supposed he's not too unlike Dake, Metcalf, etc. As far as Bubba goes....my recall was once they reached the finals there was a feeling of impending greatness and promise with Taylor, but also a feeling that Bubba is on his game now and they have history so this is no lock. The thing with Bubba was whether he would lose before finals, given his history of less than consistent results. As I recall the winner of #12 Paul Young of Indiana or #5 Dong of Va Tech was kind of a popular upset pick to get him in the quarters.
  3. yes Cornell has come out of nowhere, quietly building a decent little Ivy program. C'mon man...they are in the discussion for top 5/10 year in year out now, and have been for a while.
  4. seeding wise, how bad was it really? I really haven't looked that closely at brackets or worked through all the posts here. thanks
  5. KTG119

    Sorry Nico

    don't think so. D Goldman probably closest with three 2nds and finally a title as senior.
  6. ^ yes think he lost his 1st match back and then ran off 90(+?) wins in a row to close out the career.
  7. I agree freestyle should have no bearing on folkstyle results. But I think freestyle results can be relevant when determining which of two folkstyle wrestlers were better. This is particularly true when two folkstyle wrestlers have similar folkstyle accomplishments. For example, let's look at John Smith and Brent Metcalf. They both are two-time champions, and one-time runners up. So based on those results, they were equal wrestlers. What about winning percentage? Smith's winning percentage is 94.5% and Metcalf's is 97%. So would you say Metcalf was a better Smith? I think it's obvious Smith was better than Metcalf, and I am confident about that based on their respective freestyle results. not sure you have to even bring up the freestyle results to argue that Smith was better. Smith's winning % probably better for his last 3 years vs Metcalf's 3 year career. Smith 'won out'...2 titles in a row after a runner-up finish vs 1-2-1 for Metcalf. Smith 'won out' to the tune of what, 90 wins in a row? While Metcalf won what, his last 6 matches in a row?
  8. George Mason VA 21 CA 2 MD 2 NJ 2 PA 2 IL, MN, NY, OH, OK, TN, WI 1 each 36 total
  9. VMI VA 15 NJ 3 IN 3 AL, KY, NY, PA, TX 1 each 26 total
  10. ODU VA 12 NJ 4 OH 4 CA, IL, Mich, Mizzou, NC, PA, Wash, Wisc 1 each 28 total
  11. UVA (pretty diverse): PA 7 VA 5 OH 5 CO 3 NC 3 NY 2 Mass 2 Mizzou 2 Conn, FL, GA, NJ, TN, TX 1 each 35 total
  12. VA Tech: VA 14 NJ 6 OH 3 PA 3 CO, DE, FL, MD, TX 1 each 31 total
  13. I find some of his stuff pretty funny, and sometimes it just seems played out. Either way I don't get why some people get all up in arms...take it for what it is...
  14. not a rule book guy and it could have changed since then anyway, but if I recall correctly this almost came into play when Lincoln Mac was pulled from his RS. With Lincoln ready to come into line-up at 142, Steiner was going to drop to 134. Steiner asked that someone else also weigh-in at 142, so that if he (Steiner) felt really bad after wrestling a match at 134 they wouldn't necessarily send Mac out and could still consider maintaining the RS. As I recall Steiner said he felt pretty crappy after his match but would stay down so Mac went out. Think this was dual vs NW? anyway, wanna say I read this is in A Season on the Mat.
  15. http://www.hokiesports.com/wrestling/re ... 26aaa.html nice showing by the Hokies after the loss to UVA. both squads pretty well represented by in state HS grads. Dance with last second W over Jeske, those two have wrestled a lot in the past and were on their way to being HS 'mates at one point before heading off in different directions. Jeske struggling a bit out of the gate, someone on the live blog last night said he should be at 133 and taking a redshirt rather than being let loose at 125.
  16. long way to go but a pretty safe bet to say your next Hodge winner is not going to be from this weight class.
  17. GSP's post fight comments seemed to me at the time to sound like 'I am not sure I want to do this anymore, this ain't much fun getting my face all messed up' and/or the ramblings of a guy who was slightly concussed. He didn't seem especially coherant there... much respect to GSP, a great champ, but he got a gift on this one.
  18. Very good news. Funny, my kid wore my old 'Save Fresno State Wrestling' t-shirt to his club practice this week. As for D1 schools adding wrestling, Liberty U brought back wrestling in '04 I think it was after about 10 years from it being dropped. Unfortunately it was later re-classified to club level (2011?)
  19. there are a lot of youtube videos of Burroughs training where he incorporates weight room work.
  20. KTG119


    They're in the MAC this season, and being a national qualifier from the MAC will be no easy task. You may be surprised at how few they could get. I don't even see UNI getting much more than 5 or so, and they are forecasted to win the conference, at least by one poll. would like to see a best guess on MAC pre-season rankings, weight by weight. With the understanding of multiple X factors as far as final line-up determinations goes...
  21. KTG119


    agree solid dual line-up and hopefully a good number of NQs. Hope to see Chesterfield County product Coburn have a great season. Also interested to see how the careers of Jeske and Dance over at Va Tech play out, given their matches in HS, near teammates at one point, etc, very familiar with each other to say the least. hopefully both with multiple AA honors.
  22. KTG119


    StovePipe or anyone else- any guesses on ODU line-up this year? Will Jeske red-shirt?
  23. wasn't Stewart Carter for Iowa St a one time starter, one time champ in '87?
  24. Whitmer's was a great accomplishemnet and story, but what do you mean by last minute decision? Whitmer was at 118 the whole year and Mena at 126.
  25. Banach brothers were a pretty decent combo. I know you started with 4 x AAs as criteria but then you included the Brands.... to compare those two great brother combos at least Brands (worst to best AAs) 4, 2, 1,1,1,1,1 Banachs 3, 2, 1, 1,1,1,1
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