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  1. 1999 165 Blackford upsets #1 seed Heskett in quarters 2-2 TB, Heskett gets revenge in 3rd place match 7-2.
  2. lots of hype coming in about 152...anybody else remember that?
  3. not a bad prediction, but a bad question in trying to downgrade DT- [highlight=#ecf3f7]btw- How many GREAT wrestlers were "decked" in the NCAA Finals ???[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Big Bruce (twice in fact)[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Dave Schultz[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Pat Santoro[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Kevin Randleman[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Brad Penrith[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]I know great is a relative term, but there's some serious hardware in this little group off the top of my head. (5 wrestlers, 14 finals, 7 titles, PINNED 6 x in finals....buncha turtles, heck almost all their finals losses were by fall) [/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]wait though....I'm gonna get a retort cause Big B lost one of those to a NY guy Lou B and Santoro to NY guy Yozzo. But not the point....[/highlight]
  4. Title IX as far as I can tell has been a legit reason for some schools to 'have to' cut wrestling and at other times a very convenient excuse to be a 'football' school. The University I went to I fear falls into 2nd category (though neither reason is good) and I anticipate one more in my home state despite assurances otherwise of 'private support' or whatever. Not right now, but w/in a decade...
  5. ok I'll play too. Currently float in neighborhood of 160. DOB 1967 = Vic Marcucci (Iowa St) champ at 160 (2nd year before, 3rd year before that) HS grad year 1986 = Jude Skove (Ohio St) champ at 158 (1x AA, 1 x champ, off a #6 seed) goin' old school here...
  6. Pretty impressive resume, not quite as good as Ed 'on paper' (or should it be Lou?) http://www.wrestlingstats.com/okstate/view_wrestlers.php?wrestler=69
  7. very vague recall of something out of Arizona St??? about Cejudo???
  8. another with two is Jeff McGiness, finals wins over future champs Abe and Cunningham
  9. Flying Tiger or anyone else....I'd be curious to see the next 5 highest teams by returning points.
  10. Jarrod Garnett Va Tech looks to have a good chance to finally AA as a senior.
  11. Jordan beat Smith in the finals in '85, and then beat Randall in finals in '86.
  12. I really hate to be negative and I don't know a ton about him but 'my hunch' is he will be closer to Tom Curl than say Big Bruce at NCAA level. note-way back when as an amateur NFL prospect evaluater I thought Earl Campbell would be a flop in the NFL.
  13. ^ Correct. Willy Short wrestled 150 and lost in OT to Mac in '94 Big Tens. #2 seed at NCAAs but went 2-2. (thanks wrestlingstats.com)
  14. Johnny Thompson is one of the 2 time champs I would rank above 3 timer Rosholt. Whether that ends up top 10 or not I'm not sure (I haven't analyzed to that degree).
  15. One of those situations where a 3x Champion and 4x All-American is continually not given his due. The 3x'er list is very short. He did it during the decade. I think #5 is accurate. I don't know about not giving him his due, it's just my opinion. I think Cael is obviously #1, Abas a pretty clear #2 and then it gets interesting. But for me Rosholt is too high at #5, there are 2 time champs I would have ranked before him.
  16. w/o thinking too hard 1st thought is Rosholt is too high.
  17. KTG119


    has anyone else even been a D1 AA at 4 different weights? I can think of a few that did it at 3 (Larkin for one) but not 4.
  18. in state rivals, conference dual, both ranked top 25 at time, all came down to heavyweight. not bad... #15 Virginia Tech (2-1) 18, #22 Virginia (2-1) 13 125: #9 Matt Snyder (VA) def. Ty Mitch, 9-8 (TB1) 133: #7 Devin Carter (VT) dec. Matt Nelson, 11-5 141: #18 Nick Nelson (VA) dec. Zach Neibert, 10-5 149: Shawn Harris (VA) dec. Chris Mears, 5-3 157: #5 Jesse Dong (VT) dec. Jedd Moore, 8-2 165: #14 Pete Yates (VT) dec. Nick Sulzer, 8-2 174: Chris Moon (VT) dec. Billy Coggins, 5-1 184: #14 Jon Fausey (VA) maj. dec. John Dickson, 11-3 197: #16 Nick Vetterlein (VT) dec. Ryan Malo, 5-3 285: Chris Penny (VT) dec. Ethan Hayes, 7-5 (SV)
  19. Oldskool, totally agree with you that most of the top guys at NCAAs have wrestled for a very long time. I was more giving my 2 cents on what I think is often going on when people say 'burn out'. And for the guys who do stick it out and do well at NCAA level, there's a ton more guys who also started young and quit, got hurt, 'burned out' (whatever definition you want to use), etc. It's always interesting to me to see how things play out as guys transition from HS to college, and it always takes me back to there are no 'locks' (ok, at least very few). Slightly off tangent here perhaps, but here in VA, I think if you had looked at the Great Bridge guys and said Jon Siordes would end up with as many AA finishes as Martin, C Staylor, Bond, D Frish, and J Frish COMBINED people would have said you were crazy. Combination of factors there and I can't say if burn out was part or not, but you just rarely can call it for sure. all that said, good luck to Tsirtsis
  20. I think 'burn out' as often as not occurs when kids that have been wrestling forever, and winning all the time, start losing matches to kids they have beaten before or that have less prior accomplisments. Fast starters losing to late arrivers and it's like WTF am I doing this for? not saying this t-shirt falls into this, don't know enough to make a guess.
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