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  1. Kenny Monday ?? Lewboo 5 for Oly gold, 4 for 2 NCAAs, 1 for NCAA runner-up, .5 for other AA = 10.5
  2. Tom Brands 2 World or Oly Golds = 10, 3 NCAA titles = 6, 1 other AA = .5 =16.5 Terry Brands 2 World Golds = 10, Oly Bronze = 3, 2 NCAAs = 4, 1 NCAA final = 1 =18 Barry Davis 2 Oly or World Silvers = 6, 3 NCAAs = 6, 1 other AA = .5 = 12.5 Lincoln Mac = 3 World or Oly Silver/Bronze = 9, 3 NCAAs = 6, 1 NCAA final = 1 = 16 if my recall and math is right...
  3. Mark Schultz 3 World or Oly =15 3 NCAAs = 6 21 Someone do Dave Schultz-1 Oly Gold, 1 World Gold, lots of other silvers/brones, plus 1 NCAA title, 1 final, 1 other AA = ?
  4. found my copy of A Season on the Mat, the quote from Douglas actually says two no hitters, not two perfect games. just for accuracy sake...
  5. I think I read the quote comparing Gable's Olympic feat with pitching two perfect games in the World Series in the book A Season on the Mat and I believe it was attributed to Bobby Douglas.
  6. think you meant Terry Brands, not Tom....Tom was an AA as a freshman, 4th. Terry, even with some very good results during regular season, was not the post-season starter, Steve Martin was the Iowa 118.
  7. speaking of Clar Anderson, he also placed for 2 schools, being an AA at Auburn and then at Ok St.
  8. Quisel lost in 1st rd and dropped into pig-tail consolation match, won 8 in a row to get 3rd. Between that and being the only guy to beat TJ Williams in D1 (the next year), he had some moments at the show.
  9. Jody Staylor was 6th for UNC in '92 and then 2nd for ODU in '94 at 126. Bubba J 2nd at Penn St, champ at Arizona St. edit-just caught that nom already mentioned Bubba.
  10. Joe M also placed 3rd for Iowa at 134 (not 133). 2nd to Smith as a junior, 3rd behind O'Day and Sewell I think it was as a senior. 4 time AA
  11. what he said ^ wrestlingstats is an awesome resource!
  12. wonder what Gene Mills overall % was his senior year? from wrestlingstats.com I see at EIWAs and NCAAs he was 9/9 with 8 pins and a decision by 28-4.
  13. AP- every off season for as long as I can recall there has been a 'what coaches need to go' type thread here...and Adams has usually been mentioned. maybe not with the recent intensity leveled at Goodale, but still...
  14. ^but isn't that how career wins records usually work? I'm glad he had good success his last few years and hope to see Pitt continue to do well. Va Tech and Pitt to revisit their relatively brief EWL rivalry in the ACC.
  15. wasn't aware Steve St. John blew out a knee. Pretty good run at Arizona St, 4th as a soph, 3rd as a junior, runner-up as a senior (with that memorable W over Ironside in semis-yeah maybe he played the line and stalled a bit but the duck to win in OT was sick)
  16. man your in the room experience w/ Kolat (and the rest of that PSU lightweight wrecking crew) trumps anything I can offer on subject and I agree with Kolat just being a total animal. There are a few things just for accuracy though- Kolat didn't lose on a 5 point move in final 30 seconds vs TJ Not sure if he ever beat Cuvo while still in HS, recall hearing that he beat Edinboro champ O'day. Cuvo also was not Oly champ (Chertow beat him out for spot and DNP in '88). Sunderland was runner-up at 150 not 165.
  17. plus bubba jenkins from va did another Staylor AA since Jody in the early 90s? Add for one at least Foley in '04 as a Va AA. And a (relatively) rare one who made AA at a Va college to boot. Va is doing pretty well at HS level (I'd say top 15-20ish) but we are not producing college AAs at a comparable rate.
  18. wonder if 133 freshman qualifier Harlowe will transfer back closer to home (Northern VA). that speculation aside, and I will let folks closer to it comment on Adams, etc....it pains me to see another program dropped. 'lower tier' or however some might want to label BU, wrestling needs these programs to stick around every bit as much as the traditional powers.
  19. Great, positive thread! Well done Dake, thanks and congrats!
  20. I once wrestled current ODU head coach/former Iowa AA Steve Martin and multi time D2 AA Joe Stukes in the same freestyle tournament. I lost big to both. With Martin it was relatively painless, a Russian tie to a single to a text book tilt, repeat...just smooth technique but like I said relatively painless. With Stukes however it went more like this-palm of his hand hard to forehead, snap down putting me flat on my face, spin behind, grab my heal and try to force it, well somewhere it doesn't belong, back twisting/wrenching hell. Just a physical beat down. When it was over I saw I had scored a point, I have no recollection or idea how, maybe a penalty point? Stukes beat Martin in finals of that particular tournament.
  21. ""He only stuck around D1 to wrestle a short season at pre-Cael Penn State (winning a wrestle off against Adam Smith - eventual D1 AA @ 125) before transferring to Division 3."" Adam Smith never placed at D! NCAAs.
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