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    Braxton Amos

    two future world champs in finals at Fargo. wonder how often that has happened? I live in Northern Va so was well aware of Snyder's exploits in Maryland and beyond. I knew less about Cox and was shocked that there was another HS kid that could beat Snyder. Quickly got up to speed on how good JC was/is.
  2. KTG119

    Free vs Folk - The great compromise!

  3. Gerry and Stephen Abas wrestled for Fresno St Some NCAA champs at Cal St Bakersfield besides Neal include the Cuestas brothers, Jesse Reyes, Joe Gonzalez, and John Azevedo. Those late 70s/early 80s CSB teams were really good.
  4. think uww has that one listed incorrectly. for some reason I can't get it to link right this sec, but google Dellagatta wrestling and you'll find a video of he and Sergei wrestling in the '81 world cup. it appears that he is representing the USA. Sergei wins this one but in the description of the video, it says he lost to Ricky the week before.
  5. yes I had started typing some of that about the Japanese opponent at 136; he was young but ended up with a nice resume. agreed Smith would have been favored but think Dellegatta and Burley would have been tough tests for him as well. Dellegatta had some impressive wins (beat Sergei B I think) though not in world championships.
  6. KTG119

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    as a group I think most mom's would be less than enthusiastic about MMA for their kids....Bo's mom said "I don’t have any doubts about how well he’ll do in a cage fight. It’ll be bad for that other guy.” https://onwardstate.com/2019/04/03/penn-state-wrestlings-bo-nickal-could-be-great-at-mma/ somehow I doubt Bo (or his mom's) confidence was deflated too much by Ben going down.
  7. given the boycott in '84, I always wondered if any of those 4 guys would have won the gold if they were the rep. of course same is prob true at other weights where we won gold in '84....i.e. I'd have bet on Kemp to win at 163 if he was our rep (though the German opponent was one of the better guys the US had to go through to win a class).
  8. KTG119

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    SoCon I’m guessing has a few
  9. Cool not so cool....how many of those schools do not have wrestling.
  10. KTG119

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Yep Blatnik def benefitted from the Soviet led boycott, even with Karelin being a few years away. Blatnik wrestled a great tournament though, and was a great story during those Games. Led the US group in closing ceremonies iirc.
  11. KTG119

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Was Karelin on the senior scene in ‘84?
  12. KTG119

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    '...he was never the consistent winner either.' can you explain that a bit more?
  13. Terry Brands and Kendall Cross
  14. KTG119

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Ed and Lou both won gold medals in ‘84. Ed was a 3 time NCAA champ and Lou won 2.
  15. dominated several times during the season? he lost 4 matches total. the losses besides pin in NCAA finals were 3-2, 2-1, and 4-1.
  16. yep, far as I know he and Larkin from Ariz St are the only ones to do that.
  17. KTG119

    Teasdale at Iowa?

    sorry if I've missed this, is Teasdale actually taking summer classes at Iowa at this point or just working out in the room?
  18. KTG119

    Bellarmine University

    when did University of Kentucky drop wrestling (early / mid 80s?)? I'm assuming that was last time there has been D1 wrestling in Kentucky. SoCon for 'permanent' membership rather than being an independent would make sense.
  19. also like to see Moore get a title to complete the 1-4 placings set. Has to be a fairly small group that has done that. I know Abe and Larkin did it getting one place better each season 4th as freshman on up to champs as seniors. Jim Martin went 4-2-1-3. sure some more recent than those that I am forgetting right this sec but again guessing a fairly small group overall that has those unique placings. or just being top 4 for 4 years, great stuff and a lot of the guys on your list can make that happen.
  20. really hoping McFadden gets it done. I think he'd be Tech's 1st 4xAA.
  21. KTG119

    Fix oly redhirt?

    Barry Davis was a 2 time NCAA champ after the '83 season. He then took a RS and competed at the '84 Olympics winning a silver. Came back to get his 3rd NCAA title in '85.
  22. KTG119

    If Cox medals at World's...

    Dave Schultz won a medal every year '82 thru '87 so that's 6. Not sure if that was starting out his senior career or not ('82). Big Bruce did not medal right out of the gate, but his streak and overall career medal haul is crazy good. Rick Sanders earned medals in '66-'69 = 4. Bill Scherr earned medals '85-'89 = 5. again not sure if right out of the gate but a couple more that won 4 or more medals in a row at some point in their careers. also want to mention Lee Kemp. He won medals 4 out of 5 years (3 Gold, 1 bronze). '80 boycott screwed him out of a likely 5 in a row haul.
  23. KTG119

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    I'm pretty much a wrestling nerd so I probably know who the guy is, but yeah the notoriety particularly in a niche sport like wrestling doesn't last that long for most beyond small circles. but this occurs in the major sports too. I mean stars from NFL, MLB, etc are more likely to be recognized years later, but not nearly as much as in their playing days.
  24. KTG119

    If Cox medals at World's...

    Dave Schultz maybe? I’m not sure if he made a senior team before ‘82, but that year he got a bronze up at 180.5 because Kemp was at 163. Then at 163 Schultz medaled in ‘83, ‘84, ‘85, maybe ‘86 and ‘87 too before Monday jumped in.
  25. Yeah I think JP158 might be Kurlander’s best W.