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  1. So basically what you're saying is you are also somebody elses best win :) If this is who I think it is, he might be JMU’s 1st All-American’s best win (which will mean next to nothing to most forum followers but again if it’s who I think it is, he knows exactly what I’m talking about)
  2. KTG119

    Who wins the team title next year?

    Penn St specific portion of that site shows dual results as far back as 1925, but nothing re '21
  3. KTG119

    College conference tiered system

    Stanford ended the 600 year streak in 2019
  4. once you throw Lewboo into the mix, you can do degrees of separation thing big time. I beat a guy who beat a guy etc who beat Lewis who beat John Smith who beat Sergei Beloglazov so yeah. and I did beat a guy who etc etc. I also beat an Olympic Gold medalist in wrestling. I beat him in wrestling, he won his gold in diving. I also lost to the actor who played Dave Schultz
  5. KTG119

    DeSanto - what is he missing?

    do you think wrestling that way contributed to the shoulder problems in first place? I don't know for sure in his case but that has to put a lot of torque on the shoulder. 125s and shoulder injuries....there was a bad run there for a while of top guys in that class getting derailed by shoulder injuries.
  6. KTG119

    Watching replay of 1997 finals...

    Knew he was in law enforcement but did not know that detail. Cool.
  7. KTG119

    Watching replay of 1997 finals...

    'strongest man in the world'
  8. KTG119

    Anthony Valencia: what NCAA weight this season?

    McFadden has handled him pretty easily in college, albeit at the lower weight.
  9. KTG119

    Alphabet Championships - D1 level

    Hint: Tech had their first champ this year
  10. KTG119

    History Question

    Heard Pete never lost he just ran out of time.
  11. KTG119

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Tom’s junior year. Pat’s soph.
  12. KTG119

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Lehigh fans, wasn’t there a kid who wrestled club level (in Florida somewhere?) then transferred in and was at least a national qualifier? Not exactly an answer to OP but a different path than most.
  13. KTG119

    Highest Quality Rivalry

    Frizzell used to post on here. In my book, def one of the best guys to never make a final. That era OU was something special with him, Metzger, Dave and Mark, Dr Death, etc.
  14. KTG119

    Highest Quality Rivalry

    Carr and Monday was a great rivalry. Monday beat him at Big 8 both years that Carr beat him in NCAA finals iirc. As you mentioned Zalesky and Metzger was another good one. Same era Banach/Schultz, Banach/Mann, Schultz/Hummel Goldman/Chaid just a few more that come to mind.
  15. KTG119

    Transfer Success Stories?

    A pretty notable reverse was Gable’s ISU ‘mate Chuck Jean who won D1 twice before transferring to NAIA Adams St where he won two more titles.
  16. KTG119

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Somewhat similar....Joe Gonzales wrestled at a juco, then the University of Oklahoma, then at Cal St Bakersfield which was D2 at the time. Two time D2 champ, which qualified him for D1, where he placed 2nd (losing a classic final to Gene Mills) and 1st (going 55-0 for season). Later also placed 3rd in world in free.
  17. KTG119

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Lesnar was another good transfer for Minnesota. Juco champ before joining the Gophers I think
  18. KTG119

    Wrestlers who beat the 1 seed 2 weights up

    I thought the double DQ was at Va Duals as well
  19. KTG119

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    yep, because next year is THE ‘next year' Iowa fans have been talking about every year for a while now where they will dethrone PSU. Next year all in on folk, free be damned.
  20. KTG119

    Wrestlers who beat the 1 seed 2 weights up

    wrestlingstats says you are right but I wonder if this is accurate Weight PSU Wrestler Opponent Result 118 Jon Kallen Zaputil LTF 126 Sanshiro Abe Streicher W 9-3 134 Cary Kolat Zadick, B. WBF 4:04 142 Russ Hughes Steiner, Terry LMD 1-10 150 Troy Sunderland Steiner, Troy L 3-6 158 Josh Robbins Catalano W 3-2 167 Dave Hart Trammel W 4-2 177 Matt White Nerem W 7-6 190 Kerry McCoy Sharratt L 10-14 275 Greg Troxell Oostendorp L 2-4 n State University Wrestling
  21. KTG119

    Who is the best 157 pound NCAA champ of all time?

    Agree TJ gets overlooked a lot. Even the Iowa crowd rarely puts him near top of their best ever discussions. If nothing else he has best career winning % for them.
  22. KTG119

    Sorry, not PSU or Iowa related

    Cayle Byers 2009 was round of 12 at GMU, losing to the eventual 2nd and 3rd placers, 2-0 and 8-7. then placed 3rd at Ok St in 2012
  23. KTG119

    All-time PSU team?

    old 118 = 125 Prescott 2 time champ I agree with Husker Du, Abe could be the 133, or maybe go Martin as he went 1st and 3rd at 126 his last two seasons.
  24. KTG119

    Spencer Lee movie

    since you acknowledge Lee taking 'weird losses' you should probably acknowledge that Hall has losses on record to folks not named Valencia.
  25. KTG119

    Never Been Pinned

    and Gilbert had Tom pinned but they wouldn't slap the mat in the Big Ten finals one year. Course Tom does have an official pin loss on the record courtesy of Fried.