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  1. KTG119

    Why I think Penn State is about to decline

    nah Jimmy C doesn't like every single one of his own posts.
  2. KTG119

    Watching the 97 NCAA finals on Espnu

    cool that they showed it again but most if not all of the 97 finals are on youtube. quality might not be great but could also explain the relative lack of excitement from the crowd here.
  3. KTG119

    Molinari and Molinaro and Varner

    didn't California state champ Cade Olivas walk away from wrestling due to concussions and was going to concentrate on golf? if this is even right (recall could be way off), wonder how he ended up doing in golf?
  4. KTG119

    Coach Dake?

    Vertus Jones lost by 1 to Cael.
  5. KTG119

    VA Tech Asst coach

    was Carter kind of the unofficial fill in for that? but yeah, good question on who might fill long term.
  6. KTG119

    Coach Dake?

    It’s wrestling. They’ve all had bad days. But yeah agree 0 losses vs 2-4 or whatever doesn’t tell the whole story. Overall, love these discussions for things I learn, a perspective I hadn’t considered, but end all be all, can’t definitely say greatest this, who wins that hypothetical match, etc.
  7. KTG119

    Cael as a head coach - can he match Gable?

    Think he was grad assistant one year
  8. KTG119

    Adult Wrestling Clubs (Master)

    I wrestled in the same open tournament as Hanrahan a while back (different weight classes). I was in my early 30s and he must have been early 40s at the time. Hanrahan schooled the younger comp and left with a gold medal. I wrestled a 22 year old and left with a torn meniscus and hairline fracture of my tibia.
  9. KTG119

    Most ambitious D1 wrestler ever...

    Chertow was pushing 140 about two days after his last match at 118 in the late 80s. Guessing a tad higher these days.
  10. KTG119

    Most ambitious D1 wrestler ever...

    Google ‘wrestling for gable’ Bit of ambition there and just a great blog overall.
  11. don't forget Charlie Heller as well.
  12. I think Carl Perry was considered pretty top notch coming out of HS. 3 timer, Fargo champ (I think), Beast winner, etc. C Stayor actually never made AA. Rd of 12 his last year back at ODU was best finish. Overall, yes pretty crazy that between Bond, Martin, D and J Frishkorn, and C Staylor, all elite types coming out of HS, that there is only 1 AA honor. Daniel Frishkorn as you noted possibly would have earned more but for the health situation.
  13. Reader won a title as well
  14. KTG119

    Most ambitious D1 wrestler ever...

    Matt Brown PSU was pretty ambitious if we are talking outstanding performance on and off the mat as well. https://www.collegian.psu.edu/archives/article_aef03b3d-e58e-574c-b91b-9c3d09324c6f.html
  15. KTG119

    Most ambitious D1 wrestler ever...

    one article link: https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/9716 and an excerpt from that article: Nick Amuchastegui's academic accomplishments may well outshine his success on the mat. He is a two-time winner of the NCAA Elite 88 Award, presented to the wrestler competing at the national championships with the highest grade point average. In addition, he is a first-team Academic All-American, and Capital One/CoSIDA Men's At-Large Academic All-American of the Year Impressive as those academic honors are, Amuchastegui has been singularly focused on making the most of his time at Stanford. He completed his undergraduate degree in the school's highly-ranked mechanical engineering program in just three years ... and is now finishing up his graduate work for a master's degree, concentrating on the subjects of thermodynamics and mechatronics.
  16. major oversight. you could even argue that he is better than the top three I listed (Perry, Tucker, Jenkins) despite never having won a title.
  17. KTG119

    PSU vs Iowa

    yep and then beat Mann 4-3 in finals.
  18. KTG119

    PSU vs Iowa

    Ed also lost 3 times his senior year.
  19. not a Michigan expert my any means but Donahoe or Reader maybe?
  20. KTG119

    PSU vs Iowa

    blind at this early hour, sorry.
  21. KTG119

    Most ambitious D1 wrestler ever...

    hate that he beat Staylor for the title, but yeah, top notch.
  22. KTG119

    PSU vs Iowa

    as you listed multiple possibilities at various weights, don't forget to consider all time Iowa winning % guy TJ Williams at 149/157 or 150/157. My Iowa choices would be Metcalf and Lincoln Mac, but TJ def gets an HM along with guys like Heffernan, McGinness, etc.
  23. KTG119

    Most ambitious D1 wrestler ever...

    Doug Wyland too another orthopedic doc after a very successful wrestling career.
  24. KTG119

    PSU vs Iowa

    too lazy to do the all time thing and ain't picking winners but some dream matches for me: 126/133: PSU either Dr Jim Martin or Abe (both 1x champs, 4 x AAs with all being top 4 places) versus Terry Brands 142/149: Zain vs Metcalf 150/157: Nolf versus Lincoln McIlravy
  25. is that Newby you're thinking of? vague recall that he wanted to concentrate on music?