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  1. is that Newby you're thinking of? vague recall that he wanted to concentrate on music?
  2. 2000 onward. Dropping those guys I think Cody Sanderson is on your list.
  3. Virginia has had three champs in the 2000s (pretty sure anyway) so that makes at pretty simple then: Carl Perry Byron Tucker Bubba Jenkins HM: Stith, Dance, Epperly, Frishkorn ??
  4. KTG119

    Mason Manville OR

    as far as I understand Manville's goals, it makes perfect sense for him to take the Olympic year and make his run at the team spot. As for any gaming of the system to prolong eligibility and possibly maybe have a spot in the PSU line-up, meh.
  5. KTG119

    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

    he could Oly shirt though right>
  6. KTG119

    Ed Ruth...what could have been?

    major untapped potential in free for sure but I thought he placed much lower the year he made world team?
  7. KTG119

    Mason Manville OR

    I believe he took a greyshirt year, then a regular redshirt.
  8. if they had awarded the Hodge in '94, might have been like this season is having to choose between two guys from same team. I am a huge Fried fan but as far as hypothetical Hodge award for that season something tells me 4 timer Pat Smith might have received the award.
  9. KTG119

    Doing the most with the least

    before these 6 straight years with an AA, how many had there even been in program history?
  10. KTG119

    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

    The shirt is awesome. The gum chewing I agree is really obnoxious.
  11. I was thinking about him and other greco guys as well. Lester? Dennis Hall?
  12. PD3 was kind of a six and done
  13. KTG119

    Co Hodge Winners

    yeah not a hating on Cliff Moore thing at all, nice for him to go out on a high note, but S Moore was having a rare kind of season. Cliff kicked his butt though, so not like it was even a controversial deal. but as a result....NAIA guy wins the Hodge (though looking back wondering maybe why Greg Jones or Gentry didn't get in instead?).
  14. KTG119

    Co Hodge Winners

    one of my least favorites. really wanted Scott Moore to get that title, what a year he was having. but hey, that's how it goes sometimes....
  15. KTG119

    Co Hodge Winners

    Emmett Wilson can thank Cliff Moore for his win.
  16. KTG119

    Co Hodge Winners

    not agreeing or disagreeing, just commenting on numbers....as a D3 guy has been a co-winner, and an NAIA guy won it outright, there's way more than 800 wrestlers in the running.
  17. KTG119

    Co Hodge Winners

    edit: never mind....
  18. KTG119

    If Mark Hall went to...

    I didn't realize Stroker was already at Cornell by the time Hall was about to start college.
  19. KTG119

    Conference Strength

    Sacred Heart has had an AA.
  20. KTG119

    Up and coming States.

    oh my mistake then. thought I'd read that he was handing over the reigns to another coach, one his sons maybe?
  21. KTG119

    Up and coming States.

    Russ Cozart retired didn't he? Maybe not as simple as that but a factor.
  22. KTG119

    Is Yianni the Second Best Ever?

    Never mind this is stupid
  23. KTG119

    Dean Family - Finalist question

    Greg Peery was also selected to represent the USA team in the Dapper Dan classic. He won his match against the opponent from Pa.
  24. KTG119

    Biggest dropoff in NCAA History?

    Ok St scored 103 in 2017 and 37.5 in 2018. Bounced back nicely this year.
  25. KTG119

    Dean Family - Finalist question

    Correct Mark Sr was not a finalist. He was #1 seed one year. In addition to dad being an AA, the Perry bros had some good wrestling uncles too (which I’m sure you know)