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  1. one of my least favorites. really wanted Scott Moore to get that title, what a year he was having. but hey, that's how it goes sometimes....
  2. Emmett Wilson can thank Cliff Moore for his win.
  3. not agreeing or disagreeing, just commenting on numbers....as a D3 guy has been a co-winner, and an NAIA guy won it outright, there's way more than 800 wrestlers in the running.
  4. edit: never mind....
  5. I didn't realize Stroker was already at Cornell by the time Hall was about to start college.
  6. Sacred Heart has had an AA.
  7. oh my mistake then. thought I'd read that he was handing over the reigns to another coach, one his sons maybe?
  8. Russ Cozart retired didn't he? Maybe not as simple as that but a factor.
  9. Greg Peery was also selected to represent the USA team in the Dapper Dan classic. He won his match against the opponent from Pa.
  10. Ok St scored 103 in 2017 and 37.5 in 2018. Bounced back nicely this year.
  11. Correct Mark Sr was not a finalist. He was #1 seed one year. In addition to dad being an AA, the Perry bros had some good wrestling uncles too (which I’m sure you know)
  12. Well they lost by 5 to Ok St in dual. Ok St got 6 in dual at 118. At NCAAs Ok St 118 #1 seed DNP and Iowa #8 seed placed 5th. Pretty big swing just at that weight. And NCAA champ Lou Banach got pinned in the dual as well.
  13. Ok St beat Iowa in the one dual they had that year. Ok St may have been a slight favorite going into NCAAs. Lincoln McIlravy did not wrestle in the dual so right there puts an * on margin of victory. That said, Ok St underperformed a tad and Iowa wrestled well over seeds to make it a huge gap at NCAAs. Fyi- Iowa actually lost duals in other championship years. Crazy right?
  14. how about 1986 NCAA champ Kirk Trost? He later placed 3rd in the world at 220 so thinking he might not have been a huge heavyweight either.
  15. What about McCoy? He was a 190 as a freshman; wonder what he weighed very next year when he got his first title at heavyweight.
  16. Best 1 timer? Maybe Alan Fried 2nd twice to Brands, lost a year to sanctuons against Ok St (no post season but he was 33-0), very dominant senior season. 128-6 for career. Think 5 of the losses were to Brands. He also pinned Brands one year at Midlands The year he couldn’t compete in NCAAs he wrestled mainly at 142, with a few notable wins at 150 as well. The 142 champ that year ended up being freshman Lincoln McIlravy with the crazy comeback vs Abas in finals. The next season Fried majored Abas in finals. Now comparative scores only tell you so much, styles make matches, etc, but I think RS junior Fried would’ve taken out true freshman Mac and had two titles if not for the sanctions.
  17. well I could probably work myself into decent shape in 6 years, but another 6 years when already on the bad side of 50....I don't see it going too well for me.
  18. Shoop v Brock 14-10 score sounds exciting but I didn't see it....anyone have recall?
  19. anyone else thinking Maryland, being Maryland, just keeps Sheptock and goes with it? and who knows, maybe he'd end up being a good head coach, but obviously doesn't have the name recognition of some of those being mentioned.
  20. Matt Millen’s Interview too
  21. No doubt. Ed Banach, Tim Krieger, Terry Brands, Kerry McCoy, Lincoln McIlravy, Brent Metcalf, David Taylor, etc. can he do like all these guys and get another title as a senior?
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