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  1. 1 hour ago, Antitroll2828 said:

    Conel had a pretty good redshirt year and freshman year he won 2 matches at ncaas was 16-0 in duals. He’s always had some success domestically in freestyle and has beaten a lot of good guys, it’s not like this guy had 1 good tournament his whole life. A lot of people bring up the 12 loses the guy missed a year bc of injury was suicidal ,quit wrestling and came back and by the end of that year took 3rd at ncaas, his overall body of work shows he’s not really a “ one hit wonder “ he’s not a world beater or a favorite but to brush off an Ncaa 3rd is a little disingenuous 

    fair enough, and good info. I hope the guy is healthy enough to prove it one way or the other this season, and regardless, what he overcame and his run that NCAA tourney are as you said not to be brushed off.  

  2. 5 hours ago, HokieHWT said:

    197- I'm still not sold on Conel. One good tournament does not make an automatic AA. If I remember correctly Zach Epperly took 3rd his RSO year and then DNP his RJR year then called it quits.

    Hokie that's an apples to oranges comparison. Conel's unseeded run to 3rd came off a 10 or so losses regular season, think he may not have even won the MAC tourney, vs Epperly getting 3rd after being an AA the year prior. and Epperly was then 4 seed in his blood round loss final season of competing. hardly a 'one good tournament guy'. time will tell if Conel goes down as one hit wonder or not. 


  3. fwiw, found this article:



    one noteworthy quote:

    "We have a great strength program, our guys are strong,'' Sanderson said during some limited down time last fall. "We're working our tails off in the weight room. Lifting is very important to us."

    article also does mention training being very individualized

  4. 18 hours ago, uncle bernard said:

    "I would just like to see the coaches get the guys cleaned up and not looking like Florida State and Miami guys."

    You don't have to work hard to figure that one out. Do you seriously think he would send the same letter to Trevor Lawrence for his long hair?

    This guy sounds like a miserable human being.



  5. 12 hours ago, Gilgamesh said:

    Excellent stuff. You're even more bullish (Bullard -ish?) on NC St than I am. Would it be the first time 2 sets of brothers AA on the same team, same year, and if not this year, maybe next? State would be locked and loaded for 2021with Seniors H Hidlay, both Bullards, Reenan, Wilson, and settled at 125, 133, 184, and Hvy with Camacho, Trombley, T Hidlay and ? Somebody really good at 285?

    Iowa early 80s a couple times Zalesky bros and Banach bros all were AA same year

    Iowa early 90s a couple times Brands bros and Steiner bros all were AA same year

  6. 3 hours ago, lu1979 said:

    Great list Jersey Wrestling.  You did short one of your Jersey guys though.  The Great Chris Campbell should be 1,2, & 3.  You did not include the Olympic Bronze he won in 1992 at 36 years old.  That would put him at 38 pts tied for 17

    Chris / Christopher like Rick / Richard Sanders is one who is listed twice on the list dividing the accomplishments. Yep, move ‘em up. 

  7. 18 hours ago, tightwaist said:

    I was there, 4 rows up center mat (had a great family connection for tix).   It was evident that Cael was something special.  Best match of the tourney was Abas vs. Teague Moore in the semi's.   20 years later, and I can say that current NCAA wrestling is in a much better place.  Some of those 1999 finals matches were snooze fests.  

    that was a great match. the 141 semis were pretty darn good too. 

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