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  1. On 12/3/2019 at 4:25 PM, funnyfletcher said:

    125: Mueller, Schroder, Mackall, Camacho, Schwarm, McKee

    133: Rivera, Tucker, Bridges, LaMont, Kinner, Sykora

    141: Demas, Pletcher, Wilson, McKee, Red, M. Moore, Parker

    149: Sasso, Degen, B. Moore, Thomsen, Zacherl, B. Lee, Alirez, Parriott, Purinton, 

    157: Hidlay, Deakin, Lewan, Carr, Coleman, Teemer

    165: McFadden, White, Shields, Fogarty, E. Smith, Conigliaro

    174: Steiert, Labriola, Skatzka, Valencia, Lydy, Womack, K. Romero

    184: Zahid, Lujan, Venz, DePrez, Hidlay, Darmstadt, Bolen, Colbray, Hoffman

    197: Moore, Sloan, Brunner, Davison, Schultz, Aiello, Lane, Orndorff

    285: Parris, Hall, Orndorff, Singletary


    Here's some of the ranked guys who should be there. 

    141 ain't too shabby. if they make finals, does Pletcher repeat recent victory over Demas? 

  2. 3 hours ago, Sublime607 said:

    This was before my time but does anyone have specifics of Pendriths fall at 6mins and somthing seconds in the NCAA Finals. I cant remember the year 87 or 88 I think. Have always wondered what happend? 

    It was the year they were going for ten in a row. Billy Kelly from Iowa St pinned him with a spladle. You can probably find on YouTube. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, spladle08 said:

    that first year, nobody was taking him down, and when he got on top he was a hammer. Year 2 he slowed down a bit. Was that the year Gillespie won it over Churrella ...
    I just looked it up (2007) that was the year I knew Burroughs was tough. 
    Schlatter (1 seed) beats him first round 3-2
    He comes back and gets 2 seed Storniolo his second match of Consis, and loses in OT.... I was like how good is this kid.... 
    But yeah i think the field had kind of figured him out that year (he got 3rd still with wins over O'Conner, Palmer, Burroughs, Moley, Turner) decent tourney 
    Then I think Injuries got after him, and he just couldn't get back over the hump. 

    We need to make a thread about wrestlers who ended their careers robbed of some glory due to injury. 
    I just thought about the end of Letters. 

    Letters and DS for sure. McDonough and Delgado come to mind as well. 

    Back to DS and TobusRex's commentary on boring style. I looked it up-

    Freshman year he was 42-1 4 pins, 14 majors, 10 techs so 28 of 42 were bonus wins, 2/3 of wins by bonus.

    Soph year he was 37-1 2 pins 2 majors 9 techs so 13 of 37 closer to one of every 3 wins by bonus. pretty significant drop off. and yeah agree some of it was guys figuring him out. Gillespie wrestled a very tactical (some might have called it stalling) match to beat him. 

  4. 47 minutes ago, TobusRex said:

    Yeah, I thought he was going to be a 4 timer, although I hated his boring wrestling style. Too bad he caught the injury bug.

    He definitely seemed to wrestle more conservatively his soph year, not sure he if he was already battling injuries by then or not, know it got bad towards the end.

    1st year he seemed to open up a bit more, he was pretty slick 


  5. 14 minutes ago, silverback said:

    Who was coaching at Michigan State at the time?  I don't believe they won the title in 72, despite having 3 champions, but my memory could be wrong.  

    Mich St was 2nd that year to Iowa St who also had 3 champs. Mich St won their only team title in '67 

  6. wow it's almost like this kid is a....Brands


    'I typically go 50-50 with either of them for the first 20 minutes of wrestling. But they don't get tired. They will almost get your leg, and almost get your leg, and almost get your leg, and eventually they'll get your leg. Then they'll get it again. And again. And again.

    It is highly annoying.'

  7. 2 hours ago, JohnnyThompsonnum1 said:

    I didn't not realize that McFadden had the opportunity to become V.T.'s first four time All American.  I was thinking they had accomplished that feat in the past.  

    They’ve definitely had some tough guys place as freshmen where it looked pretty good for a 4 timer career - Dance, Epperly, Chiscko come to mind but for various reasons didn’t happen - really hoping McFadden gets it done. 

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