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  1. isn't Zack Ryder the name of a WWE guy?
  2. NCAA champ Matt Brown also did at Penn St
  3. oh c'mon now David Taylor was older than 19 when Bubba pinned him
  4. if true, will this cut down on the number of future 5x state champs from NY? (I'm assuming that most previous 5 timers won first title at lowest weight class in 8th grade)
  5. you are correct it was '79. He took 2nd in '77 but in juniors.
  6. Freestyle: Bobby Weaver was 2nd in the world in 1977, think he was still in HS. Of course this was at 105.5
  7. Haselrig dominated folkstyle for 3 years. He was 3rd in D2 his freshman season.
  8. Does Daniel Lewis have any coaching aspirations?
  9. Sammie Henson's oldest on a college roster?
  10. I think way too many of us have been to matches where the cheering and noise were minimal.
  11. fwiw, Brewer has always come across well in interviews I've seen.
  12. if you were referencing my post I said NCAA 3rd (dad Schuyler) is closer to fitting the bill than wrestling at Ok St with a 33-21 career record (dad Fix). didn't say Pete S was a legend.
  13. He was 33-21. Not quite a legend. you’re a Lehigh guy. In terms of dad’s success, Schuylers come closer to fitting the bill. Pete was NCAA 3rd.
  14. One of the kids was from Michigan. Another from Campbell iirc.
  15. when I say he was a huge 177 I mean like how in the hell does that guy weigh 177? if people think Weldon looked like he weighed 197 then I say Clark looked like he weighed 210. huge for weight in my thinking is not always jacked. Gene Mills was huge for 118. Kendall Cross was a huge 125.5 in freestyle and so on.
  16. Parker college results https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/49161/parker-matt/profile bro was damn tough, real good get for PSU if he develops to that level.
  17. but he's talking about Whitmer who was maybe, just maybe 5 even. Weldon looks huge as well but wasn't real tall. In reality his opponent was probably 'bigger for the weight' Clark was a huge 177. iirc Weldon started out as a 158.
  18. does Zain have a junior world medal? I know he won Cadets
  19. iirc Whitmer hit a nice inside trip on Teague Moore in the semis.
  20. nah Jimmy C doesn't like every single one of his own posts.
  21. cool that they showed it again but most if not all of the 97 finals are on youtube. quality might not be great but could also explain the relative lack of excitement from the crowd here.
  22. didn't California state champ Cade Olivas walk away from wrestling due to concussions and was going to concentrate on golf? if this is even right (recall could be way off), wonder how he ended up doing in golf?
  23. Vertus Jones lost by 1 to Cael.
  24. was Carter kind of the unofficial fill in for that? but yeah, good question on who might fill long term.
  25. It’s wrestling. They’ve all had bad days. But yeah agree 0 losses vs 2-4 or whatever doesn’t tell the whole story. Overall, love these discussions for things I learn, a perspective I hadn’t considered, but end all be all, can’t definitely say greatest this, who wins that hypothetical match, etc.
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