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  1. Martin's a class act, hard to see him go out of winner's bracket like that but congrats to Dean.
  2. 5 is half of 10 but 4.8 ain’t half of 9.9. Yes wrestling gets shortchanged but in current landscape I agree with others that we’d lose programs.
  3. I liked Bobby Weaver’s Olympic Gold victory lap with his kid. I think he may have done a backflip on the mat as well (before grabbing his kid). Mark Schultz maybe with a backflip same year.
  4. Davis and Zalesky would have likely both collected their 3rd in 84 but Barry was concentrating on freestyle and made the Olympics. He came back in 85 to get his 3rd.
  5. sorry, I've been slammed for a spelling error etc and given a 'thanks for contributing to the discussion' reply...good link, thanks
  6. Texas is going to tilt this type stuff hard in next decade. Meanwhile my state of Virginia will keep telling itself we are a top tier state and finish outside top 20
  7. I started a thread about whether this badly beaten in early season Lehigh squad might be able to actually do better at NCAAs than last year's more lauded team. This is one of the scenarios where I can see it happening. Sports are weird like that. re Thomas....a dangerous guy for sure. I don't see it happening but not too crazy either....if he and MP make finals.....well that's a top 10 team place right?
  8. didn't Dresser win this at Tech as well? If so, anyone else win at two different schools? ...
  9. I think they would have been a very tough dual team, but not a great tournament team. Not sure how many of those guys will AA, so a stretch for top 10.
  10. The Macchiavello story is awesome but man that was Tech's best chance to nab 1st title. I mean Devin Carter vs Steiber a few years earlier? Nope, not happening, But Haught had beaten Mach twice that season (granted, very close matches). Really thought Tech was going to get a champ.
  11. some recent discussion on this topic
  12. Rupple from Lehigh too I think.
  13. not to be a smart ass, but if you plan on wrestling at CSU Bakersfield, maybe you should talk to their coaching staff about any particulars involved
  14. Pete Bush Iowa Adam Cuestas Cal State Bakersfield Jesse Reyes Cal State Bakersfield Byron Tucker Oklahoma Noel Loban Clemson Matt Gentry Stanford
  15. big part of the team that ended the Iowa streak at 9
  16. and only a 1 time state champ in HS....in North Carolina.
  17. Carl DeStefanis 118 champ early 80s
  18. Jesse Whitmer Iowa 118 1997 and there are a few more
  19. Old SI article said Clarion would’ve been 4th that year.
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