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  1. surpassing expectations is relative...Cael, Dake, Pat Smith...I think they exceeded (or in Dake's case are exceeding) expectations, yes heralded recruits but really? 4 titles or making a run at in Dake's case? They didn't have the 4 time champ or even 4 time AA chatter of Kolat, the Schlatters, Deanna, etc (trying to cover different time frames here and I am NOT knocking any of these guys) then you have guys few fans recall like Leslie Apedoe being a non placer in HS in VA (a good, but not great state, say10-20 range most years) to placing for VMI (the 2nd and thus far last AA for the Keydets) relative...
  2. actually made the Big 8 finals 2x...Monday was a year younger and wrestled 142 as a freshman so not a factor 2 of those years. slightly related and just trivial info that I find interesting...Monday beats Carr 2 x in Big 8 finals only to lose in NCAAs. Then as a senior, finally rid of Carr, he loses in Big 8's...and then crushes field in NCAAs. I think almost (almost I said) every year there is a DI champ who did not win his qualifier (mainly from the two traditional power conferences of course)
  3. and Mendes showed some MMA potential too :lol:
  4. for sure...heck you could make a pretty good line-up of Hawkeyes who didn't win one old weights 118 Zap, 126 Mena, 134 Melchiore, 142 Zalesky, 150 Trizzino, 158 Ryan, 167 Deanna, help me out with the bigger guys or suggest others at the lower weights... Hand Brinzer those will work, maybe Brooks Simpson at '90?
  5. for sure...heck you could make a pretty good line-up of Hawkeyes who didn't win one old weights 118 Zap, 126 Mena, 134 Melchiore, 142 Zalesky, 150 Trizzino, 158 Ryan, 167 Deanna, help me out with the bigger guys or suggest others at the lower weights...
  6. Thanks KTG119 I appreciate the thought. I'd like to add my boy Doug Wyland and John Fisher to that list! Joe Pantaleo welcome Joe...while he came out on short end, Wyland's match vs Cuvo is one of my favorite finals, that inside trip he hit...and Fisher of course one of the best to never make a final
  7. from the 80s alone, a few that come to mind are Mike Mann (3 wins over Ed Banach and then loses 4-3 in finals), Joe Pantaleo (2 time runner-up, lost as senior in OT to Dan St John), John Orr (2 time runner-up, losing to Gibbons 4-3 as senior), Joe McFarland (lost to eventual world medalists Barry Davis and Kevin Darkus in finals, went on to be a world medalist himself), Junior Saunders (lost on crietria #11 to Santoro, and then a future Olympic medalist), Kevin Jackson (Alger in way and then of course the stellar freestyle career after), and Lenny Zalesky (#1 seed over Metzger 2 years in a row and lost each time in finals to Andre).
  8. Why do you think Winston is so out of place at #9? Who would you rank ahead of him? For all the flak that Winston gets, he's still a two time R12 @ 165. IMO, the 9-12 range is right where he should be. think he made RD of 12 once, not twice. but agree on 9-12 range right now
  9. He went Boise State (with his brother Danny) for his final year and didn't place at NCAA's. I think he may have bumped up two weight classes. looked over on wrestlingstats and you are right, bumped to 150 and DNP. Made quarters with a win over #5 seed and eventual 6th placer Theiler from Ariz St; his two losses were to 4th placer Newby Ok St 12-3 in quarters and to 3rd placer Gaier Cal Poly-SLO 7-3 in RD of 12. loved his matches at 134 with Brands...
  10. nice win for Neibert, and speaking of Ugi....one to keep an eye on for sure.
  11. full results, from the UVA site No. 4 Iowa 26, No. 17 Virginia 12 125: No.1 Matt McDonough (Iowa) dec. No. 5 Matt Snyder (UVa), 9-4; Iowa 3-0 133: No. 3 Tony Ramos (Iowa) major dec. George DiCamillo (UVa), 22-8; Iowa 7-0 141: No. 14 Mark Ballweg (Iowa) major dec. Joe Spisak (UVa), 14-3; Iowa 11-0 149: No. 10 Derek Valenti (UVa) dec. Brody Grothus (Iowa), 9-5; Iowa 11-3 157: No. 1 Derek St. John (Iowa) dec. Jedd Moore (UVa), 6-0; Iowa 14-3 165: No. 4 Mike Evans (Iowa) dec. No. 8 Nick Sulzer (UVa), 7-4; Iowa 17-3 174: No. 9 John Fausey (UVa) pinned No. 8 Grant Gambrell (Iowa), 8:29; Iowa 17-9 184: No. 8 Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa) dec. Stephen Doty (UVa), 3-1; Iowa 20-9 197: Mike Salopek (UVa) dec. Tomas Lira (Iowa), 8-6; Iowa 20-12 285: No. 6 Bobby Telford (Iowa) won by forfeit; Iowa 26-12
  12. fair enogh, I said 'what the heck, Ruth by fall'....had a hunch he would catch him in a scarmble situation and clamp the cradle on. Crow tastes fine.
  13. yeah just throwing out the long shot bet...
  14. what the heck.... I'll say Ruth by fall.
  15. KTG119

    3X Champs

    think the link leaves out some of the older era guys....Hodge, Peerys, Koll, etc.
  16. now that I think about it, 1999 NCAAs had at least two more that come to mind. Larkin beat Juergens in quarters at 133, Juergens later beat Larkin for 3rd. At Hvy, Apedoe from VMI beat Ward from Oklahoma in quarters, Ward reversed the result in 5th place match.
  17. 1999 165 Blackford upsets #1 seed Heskett in quarters 2-2 TB, Heskett gets revenge in 3rd place match 7-2.
  18. lots of hype coming in about 152...anybody else remember that?
  19. not a bad prediction, but a bad question in trying to downgrade DT- [highlight=#ecf3f7]btw- How many GREAT wrestlers were "decked" in the NCAA Finals ???[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Big Bruce (twice in fact)[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Dave Schultz[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Pat Santoro[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Kevin Randleman[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]Brad Penrith[/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]I know great is a relative term, but there's some serious hardware in this little group off the top of my head. (5 wrestlers, 14 finals, 7 titles, PINNED 6 x in finals....buncha turtles, heck almost all their finals losses were by fall) [/highlight] [highlight=#ecf3f7]wait though....I'm gonna get a retort cause Big B lost one of those to a NY guy Lou B and Santoro to NY guy Yozzo. But not the point....[/highlight]
  20. Title IX as far as I can tell has been a legit reason for some schools to 'have to' cut wrestling and at other times a very convenient excuse to be a 'football' school. The University I went to I fear falls into 2nd category (though neither reason is good) and I anticipate one more in my home state despite assurances otherwise of 'private support' or whatever. Not right now, but w/in a decade...
  21. ok I'll play too. Currently float in neighborhood of 160. DOB 1967 = Vic Marcucci (Iowa St) champ at 160 (2nd year before, 3rd year before that) HS grad year 1986 = Jude Skove (Ohio St) champ at 158 (1x AA, 1 x champ, off a #6 seed) goin' old school here...
  22. Pretty impressive resume, not quite as good as Ed 'on paper' (or should it be Lou?) http://www.wrestlingstats.com/okstate/view_wrestlers.php?wrestler=69
  23. very vague recall of something out of Arizona St??? about Cejudo???
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