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  1. Isn’t Verk assumed to be a starter next year at PSU?
  2. Can they all make the podium? No. Ok of course they could, but extremely unlikely. If three of them do how bad will it be to be the odd brother? Doubt it happens, see first answer, but it would suck to be 4th bro if other 3 place. Years ago I saw Mark Smith sitting with Pat, John, and Lee Roy and I thought, that dude must catch hell from his brothers. And he was what, 3 or 4 time AA? But at that table, yawn.
  3. Housebuye, I think he has as good of a shot of running that gauntlet as Glory does of beating Lee (going back to some of our discussion on another topic) Now....if bracket opens up a little and he doesn't necessarily have to go through that sequence.....well still pretty crazy long shot to win it all. I'd be real happy to see it happen though. Tech needs to finally get a national champ!
  4. all in http://www.goduke.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=22467&SPID=1834&DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=211794784&DB_OEM_ID=4200 'Josh Finesilver (141), Mitch Finesilver (149), Benjamin Anderson (157), Zach Finesilver (165) and Matt Finesilver (174) head to Pittsburgh for the NCAA Championships March 21-23'
  5. I think pretty much every rational wrestling fan agrees with you. the apathetic athletic department at Maryland however is a different thing and I could see an AA being enough.
  6. If you're a Maryland fan, and assuming you want a new coach, you almost have to hope Hermida does not place. An AA finish may salvage things for McCoy.
  7. KTG119


    Lehigh had a somewhat disappointing end to their 2018 season only placing 15th at NCAA tournament. Lack of bonus points were a big part of that finish. Lehigh lost a lot of duals to start this season, with injuries playing a major role. They've bounced back (though still far from fielding the ideal line-up envisioned at start of season) and finished the season strongly in duals and in the EIWA tournament. Can Lehigh beat last year's NCAA finish?
  8. I can't think of any 3 timers who never won conference. Eric Guerrero only won Big 8 once (Dwight Hinson was a major thorn in his side), closest I can think of.
  9. done deal that Kerry will be gone?
  10. is 12-6 smashed? it's not a nail biter but much better than the 18-2 1st match.
  11. Lehigh fans....I've never been able to find video....is that the Yozzo headlock?
  12. not sure 3 loss Lee gets seeded above unbeaten Mueller, but if it's a 4/5 scenario guess it's not a huge deal either way. arguing seeds. huge Mueller fan and like his game vs Lee but I'd bet Lee in that match-up. Could also see Vito at 7 over Russell. re Glory....that dude has shown he can take a beating and improve majorly next time he wrestles a guy (Lee, Vito)
  13. As lu alum already answered two timer. his soph year there was a senior 3 timer Bonomo finishing out his career. nice 5 year run at 118 for small Pa colleges.
  14. Shhhh.....he’s my make $ on placements betting thing with other east coast guys. They got some PSU guy placing 8th and no one west of Miss River in there at all.
  15. Can we get a Luke Pletcher Tariq Wilson image?
  16. Mizzou is damn tough but looking at those seeds is also a testament to the relative lack of quality in the rest of the conference.
  17. I like the regional qualifier idea (each region gets 8 or whatever), as it would make guys wrestle for their spots and not be able to do the :01 injury default because they know they have a spot secured. And yes I know you'd still have guys make semis and inj default down to 6th, and some guys would get screwed because they're banged up at qualifier time but might have been healthy by time NCAA rolled around. Nothing is perfect. I don't like that it would further minimize the regular season. Think we have ducking now?
  18. well the EWL isn't exactly going away and has changed membership over the years, but here's a look back on some EWL history for ya. some crazy good talent has wrestled in that tournament over the years. http://www.chautauquasportshalloffame.org/newslinks/jamesbeichner2.pdf
  19. an Edinboro team with Russell, Shomers, Myers, Miller, Greer, and Lugo....
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