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  1. Can we get a Luke Pletcher Tariq Wilson image?
  2. Mizzou is damn tough but looking at those seeds is also a testament to the relative lack of quality in the rest of the conference.
  3. I like the regional qualifier idea (each region gets 8 or whatever), as it would make guys wrestle for their spots and not be able to do the :01 injury default because they know they have a spot secured. And yes I know you'd still have guys make semis and inj default down to 6th, and some guys would get screwed because they're banged up at qualifier time but might have been healthy by time NCAA rolled around. Nothing is perfect. I don't like that it would further minimize the regular season. Think we have ducking now?
  4. well the EWL isn't exactly going away and has changed membership over the years, but here's a look back on some EWL history for ya. some crazy good talent has wrestled in that tournament over the years. http://www.chautauquasportshalloffame.org/newslinks/jamesbeichner2.pdf
  5. an Edinboro team with Russell, Shomers, Myers, Miller, Greer, and Lugo....
  6. You raised my Heil with Rosholt. Keeping it Cowboy, Johnny Thompson got trashed pretty good for being a two timer.
  7. I’ve heard that Weaver and Gene Mills stepped on scales after they met in EIWA finals and Mills was mid 130s and Weaver under 118.
  8. Looking at wrestling stats, Prescott was at 126 for a bunch of matches before and after that beat down by Brands. Dropped to 118 towards end of season. http://www.wrestlingstats.com/pennstate/view_wrestler_bouts.php?start=0&wrestler=44&season=1992
  9. Idaho I mentioned Campbell in response to Bruce Baumgartner being named in another response. Agreed what CC and BB did isn’t same as getting through grind of a college season, but it was also wrestling at the very highest level at mid 30s plus.
  10. Older than OP 2000 time frame but a few that come to mind: 99? Eventual 125 champ Abas bumped and lost to eventual 133 champ Guerrero 96? Eventual 118 AA Mena bumped and lost to eventual champ Abe mid 80s defending and that years champ as well at 150 Nate Carr bumped and got beat up by eventual 158 champ Zalesky
  11. Chris Campbell was even older when he medaled in ‘92.
  12. Jason Bryant I believe has debunked this multiple times on here (that all B1G must have wrestling)
  13. fadz, it was a joke and gave me a reason to type Matty from Catty. Obviously PSU has had some seriously good wrestlers in the lightest classes over the years.
  14. heck Nico aside, Penn St ain't been no good at the lowest weight since they had Jimmy Martin, Kenny Chertow, and Matty from Catty in the same room.
  15. good resource for data of sad awful subject matter. thanks for putting the time in and sharing.
  16. I don't think South Carloina was even in the SEC in the time frame we're talking about, Texas A&M for sure wasn't.
  17. South Jersey....Paulsboro had future NFL star Flipper Anderson early 80s...I know some tough Paulsboro wrestlers came out of that era but not sure Flipper overlapped with anyone who later made AA in college (Jason Suter maybe?)
  18. similar as well-Mark Perry 2-3-1-1. Johny Hendricks 5-1-1-2
  19. 1989 JR Reid was the 5th overall pick in the NBA draft. Same year Steve Martin was an AA wrestler for the University of Iowa. Both attended Kempsville HS in Va Beach. A few years older but also at Kempsville for a few of the same years was 1987 NFL 1st rd draft pick DJ Dozier. a year ahead of Martin on the wrestling team at Kempsville was 3 x state champ Jim Fussell. In '89, wrestling for Syracuse he was EIWA runner-up (to Cuvo), and the 5 seed at NCAA tournament, but lost in blood round 2-2, 3-3, criteria. (if he had won that match he and Martin would have faced off to see who dropped to 7/8 match and who moved on through the consolation bracket)
  20. Neal v McCoy 97: didn't they hit Neal with a questionable staff call with under :30 left in the match to give McCoy the 3-2 lead and final margin of victory? I think Neal was actually shooting when they called it too. I think same year there was also an iffy stall call on Kading to send his match with Fullhart into OT.
  21. agreed and I never meant to imply that wrestling causes bulimia....just that some wrestlers have obviously engaged in bulimic behavior and could arguably be labelled as bulimic, at least during periods of their lives. now I will make a guess here that some wrestlers, who started bulimic behavior as part of weight cutting/weight maintenance during wrestling seasons, did then carry over those activities after their wrestling careers ended. whether the psychological issues were always there and they were prone to this, or psychological issues developed when they engaged in the behavior , I'm pretty sure there are guys who were still doing this after their wrestling days were over.
  22. yep recall the water pills too. and I get what you're saying, and not sure what the definition is either...'situational' bulimia vs being bulimic? either way....not a good thing
  23. plenty of wrestlers, and other athletes...well people....have been bulimic. I know kids who got through seasons with multiple binge/purge routines.
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