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  1. Thanks. Then as crazy dominant as Askren was, I would not have been shocked if he lost that one. In his own weight class that year anyone beating him would have been a huge upset.
  2. We talking finals only or full senior year? re full season, did Askren bump up to face Kish as a senior or junior?
  3. Gene Mills also had an impressive ‘almost’ his senior year. 4 pins and a 28-4 decision.
  4. Their respective losses this year are a bit similar as well.
  5. Pretty sure he had some non pin wins in there
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if there's at least one guy a year who goes 0-2 LBF.
  7. I think Mills and Schalles both had over 100.
  8. The Brands brothers were not part of the 9 straight title machine at Iowa. The next coach will be someone with that tie to Gable. I'm guessing Goldman or Davis.
  9. The Drexel kid beating Kolodzik
  10. Always enjoyed his posts and knowledge of the sport. RIP
  11. seeding will definitely be interesting at this weight. regardless of how it shakes out the 3/6 and 4/5 quarters should be fun.
  12. https://hokiesports.com/news/2019/2/22/wrestling-no-10-nc-state-tops-no-14-hokies-on-criteria-17-16.aspx good dual. NC State swept the lower weights and Tech took care of business from 165 through 285. Both these teams are top 10 threats at NCAAs, not sure about top 5.
  13. since change from 118 to 125 we've had one 3 timer Abas, and the following 2 timers: McDonough, Delgado, Dubuque. so about half the titles have been part of multi timer's reigns.
  14. I like Ok St’s chances for placing 2nd. That said, I think it’s much more likely they finish 5th than it is that they beat PSU for 1st.
  15. as noted earlier in this thread Dave Schultz seems the most obvious answer. Mean Gene Mills seemed like a decent enough guy off the mat too. Jon Trenge has been mentioned in a few recent threads and seems like he might fit here as well.
  16. Love to see Tech finish up there again but it's not going to be easy. Probably have to get it done in blood round to get in top 10/closer to top 5. Not sure I see too many Hokies getting to semis.
  17. See McHenry is going to be the USA rep at 113 in the Pittsburg Wrestling Classic (formerly known as Dapper Dan). I wonder if he is the 1st kid who has actually enrolled in college that participated in this event? also guess the bulking plan can wait just a little longer.
  18. When all is said and done wonder how they’ll stack up against McDonough/Ramos and Gilman/Clark.
  19. I think when your guy is 3-7 in this case, you do what you can to get him the W. Coach him up, fine tune other areas later. This was the likely highlight of his season, I don't see the point in this case of worrying too much about the next meeting or prepping him for national tourney.
  20. Think roster is less than 50% Maryland kids
  21. JP was very good but as my post indicated I was talking top of the bracket. Wasn’t trying to list every hammer. That particular year JP dnp
  22. Thought he was 120 senior year of HS.
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