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  1. here are a few guys that wrestled 112 or 113 in the Dapper Dan/Pittsburg wrestling classic and went on to D1 success. (I don't know if that means they actually wrestled that weight their whole senior year or maybe dropped for the event?) Lizak, Conaway, Hazewinkle, Ott. Wasn't Robles 112 as a senior? Going back Jim Martin was 105 as a senior, and placed 4th and 2nd at 118, then champ and 3rd at 126.
  2. Sadly VA has not been exactly crushing it in terms of recent D1 AAs. I do wonder if he even went after Turley (Rutgers) or Birchmeier (Navy) from this years class.
  3. KTG119


    yeah I'd like to see Goodfella throw in a monkey wrench in it, or maybe an all ACC final between O'Connor and Finesilver, or maybe captain of the 2019 all name team Brock Mauller gets in there, but I tend to agree it will be Ashnault or Kolodzik or Jordan with the title.
  4. wonder which would have sucked worse....being on the bad side of Zain's bow and arrow or (in his prime) Gable's arm bars?
  5. 'Handsome' Matt Wiman was a decent UFC fighter a few years back. Not sure if he had a wrestling background or not.
  6. pretty cool little write up on Vision Quest author Terry Davis on intermat http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/21359 essay linked in article: http://www.mankatofreepress.com/mankatomagazine/features/it-s-not-what-i-did-for-wrestling/article_b36bbbb4-23e9-11e9-9acf-3755a2a5e915.html
  7. some previous discussion/more info
  8. KTG119

    D1 vs D3

    also his Cal St Bakersfield teammate John Azevedo was 4th in the world in '82. as for other D2 etc wrestlers doing well in freestyle, wasn't one of the Peterson brothers from a lower division school?
  9. Mark Trizzino not Scott. or it could have been Tim Riley? Mills wrestled 126 early in season (big 118)
  10. so it's Romero who is best back up then
  11. merging? https://www.missouriwrestling.com/community/index.php?/topic/18374-ewl-and-mac-merging/
  12. they got really good in the international styles
  13. I can see Moore keeping it close with holding good position and not taking risks. It's possible under that scenario he ekes out a win but I doubt it. I don't think I've seen Bo overpowered, guys that beat him are ones that can scramble and match him athletically. Not sure Moore is that guy. I will say this about Moore. I think he was unfairly 'over rated' after his close loss to Cox early in his career. I now think he's unfairly 'under rated' given the two losses to Conel at NCAAs last year. If he had won NCAA last year as expected, folks might be looking at this match through a slightly different lens. but I still think it's a bad match-up for him.
  14. yeah that W over Epperly was a huge indicator
  15. remember when hvy was a weight Cael was criticized for?
  16. Lewboo posted a story a long time back, think it went like this. Trizzino was wrestling against Gene Mills and got the 1st takedown to go up 2-0 on Mean Gene. They went out of bounds and Trizzino looked at the Iowa bench and gave the thumbs up sign. Mills quickly turned the tables and either pinned him or beat him badly on points. Randy Lewis was the next Hawkeye to wrestle in the dual. As Trizzino walked off the mat Randy gave him a thumbs up. does that count?
  17. KTG119

    Kyle Conel

    Twitter says in portal, and that main goal is getting healthy.
  18. Venz pinning Cash? Cash been pinned much?
  19. Mueller moves to 12-0 with 12 bonus wins. TF v NCSt. Fausz wrestled 133 in the dual.
  20. Well we’re obviously not doing something right but guys like Shane Hammen who could squat houses can’t C&J anywhere near guys from other nations who squat considerably less. Anyway this will will be my last comment in what I helped turn into a semi hijacked thread. I’ve enjoyed it but not place for it, back to wrestling :)
  21. That’s like saying strength is the only component in the shot put. Oly lifting and the shot both actually require a lot of technique along with brute strength. And yet we do pretty darn well in shot. Plenty of ridiculously strong power lifters try Oly lifting and don’t match their success or give up on it rather quickly.
  22. I'm not agreeing with the regression thing at all but 125 last year was pretty deep. you had returning finalists in Cruz and Lizak, 4th placer Picc returning, former AA Moisey, former champ and 3x AA Nato dropping back down, Lee coming in of course, etc.
  23. agree. I think better chance of Hall getting him with a mixer for the pin than a major. most likely another reg dec win for Hall.
  24. totally agree on Ashnault being unlikely to get another year.
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