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  1. Venz pinning Cash? Cash been pinned much?
  2. Mueller moves to 12-0 with 12 bonus wins. TF v NCSt. Fausz wrestled 133 in the dual.
  3. Well we’re obviously not doing something right but guys like Shane Hammen who could squat houses can’t C&J anywhere near guys from other nations who squat considerably less. Anyway this will will be my last comment in what I helped turn into a semi hijacked thread. I’ve enjoyed it but not place for it, back to wrestling :)
  4. That’s like saying strength is the only component in the shot put. Oly lifting and the shot both actually require a lot of technique along with brute strength. And yet we do pretty darn well in shot. Plenty of ridiculously strong power lifters try Oly lifting and don’t match their success or give up on it rather quickly.
  5. I'm not agreeing with the regression thing at all but 125 last year was pretty deep. you had returning finalists in Cruz and Lizak, 4th placer Picc returning, former AA Moisey, former champ and 3x AA Nato dropping back down, Lee coming in of course, etc.
  6. agree. I think better chance of Hall getting him with a mixer for the pin than a major. most likely another reg dec win for Hall.
  7. totally agree on Ashnault being unlikely to get another year.
  8. there are a variety of reasons we don't do well in men's lifting and that one plays a factor. but performance enhancing drugs play a role in almost every sport and we do anywhere from ok to great in most Olympic events, even sports like wrestling where strength is a big component.
  9. Owings talked about being there to beat Gable and it seemed crazy but he did it. Can Berger pull it off v Nolf? Doubt it but you never know.
  10. I'm a big Lawler fan but could see Askren winning this one. Lawler has lost two of his last three and both losses were to grapplers. One of which was Askren's old teammate Woodley. Of course grappling and nothing to do with that as Woodley hits like a truck and took Lawler out early. But I do think Lawler has a lot of wars under his belt and could be on the downside of his career, hence good chance Askren wins.
  11. nope 3-0 in favor of Joseph I see Amine beating Hall before I see Massa beating Joseph.
  12. Jason Bryant is a huge fan of the term
  13. the men's side is even more bleak, last Olympic medal in 1984? (when basically all the good countries boycotted)
  14. Pretty sure Chris Campbell is vegan as well.
  15. I could back in the day but I also competed in gymnastics a bit. I was a pretty good HS wrestler and a pretty bad gymnast, yeah could do the cross and a few other muscle moves but sucked at basically everything else.
  16. one of the greatest male weight lifters ever, Naim Suleymanoglu, was only 4'10". He won Olympic Gold in 3 straight Games ('88, '92, '96). at a body weight of 132 he was able to clean and jerk over 400 lbs.
  17. and Olympic weightlifting takes a lot of flexibility and agility, so agreed, not really odd at all.
  18. How about 4 years, like when Gable's Iowa teams failed to win '87, '88, '89, and '90?
  19. UM wrestling twitter indicating McHenry is in Ann Arbor.
  20. overall record ain't great, but looks like you can count on some fireworks. lots of 10+ scoring....including in multiple matches he lost.
  21. Yes I’m thinking of Hand/McCoy but Iowa had dual win locked before last match. PSU crowd wanted to see heir best guy and it was a no go. Same dual where Ironside almost got pinned and then got a tech fall W like 30-15.
  22. Day 2 quarters could be an issue as well
  23. you talking SeaBass? I don't think that bio is right..... edit, never mind see this was about Johnny Sebastian, not Sebastian Rivera.
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