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  1. Besides Robles his senior year, how many guys have really made their living off the cross wrist tilt? I'm fairly sure I'll learn or be reminded of some great examples, but my quick thought is a fair amount of Pa guys who killed with that move in HS 'under achieved' in college. and yeah I know a lot more goes into succeeding or not in college than losing your go to top move and I'm not saying Beard is going to be a bust.
  2. Ryan went 1-2 opening weekend. Losing to Rutgers (4-3 TB) and Pitt Johnstown (7-0 but to two time D2 champ), and getting a fft win vs LIU.
  3. Anderson lost in dual vs Rutgers to Angelo. 4-3 TB.
  4. Ricky Dellegatta who was very good but never made a world or Olympic team once pinned Sergei Beloglazov.
  5. funny looking at it though if you take only best three years, Gable is is in a tie with a bunch of guys for 4th on the list. Darn that Larry Owings.
  6. my picks for 1st time AA w/o thinking too hard are Phillippi, Sasso, and Carr. I wouldn't necessarily call those dark horse calls for that accomplishment though. maybe more of a dark horse AA pick is Wilcke, I think he places as a senior.
  7. Zadick over Batirov is another one
  8. Obviously reflecting 4 years but funny to see Danny Mack Gable not in the ISU top 4. or Nate Carr for that matter (Nate had 4 chances though) Great stuff though.
  9. agree over all the deadlift is the way to go. or power cleans if good form. but benching has it's place in the overall program.
  10. ask some of the older posters here what early '70s national champ at 134 Don Rohn benched. if using 303 as the world record I can with good confidence say there's a few 133/141 guys off season who can do that touch and go. now if you look at the actual real all time record of well over 400 at 132 then nah.
  11. ok that 134/142 guy might have weighed 150 or more when he maxed on bench. world record meaning competition bench is paused, butt flat, etc versus what might have been a touch and go slight arch from the 134/142 guy. And what world record listing are you looking at? they're are a ton of powerlifting feds out there and I bet you can find a raw record at 132 or whatever the current weight classes may be that if significantly higher than that.
  12. did Guerrero medal senior level? Bono? Not sure about Rosado either.
  13. fair enough, and good info. I hope the guy is healthy enough to prove it one way or the other this season, and regardless, what he overcame and his run that NCAA tourney are as you said not to be brushed off.
  14. Hokie that's an apples to oranges comparison. Conel's unseeded run to 3rd came off a 10 or so losses regular season, think he may not have even won the MAC tourney, vs Epperly getting 3rd after being an AA the year prior. and Epperly was then 4 seed in his blood round loss final season of competing. hardly a 'one good tournament guy'. time will tell if Conel goes down as one hit wonder or not.
  15. fwiw, found this article: https://www.pennlive.com/sports/2018/02/penn_state_wrestlers_able_to_s.html one noteworthy quote: "We have a great strength program, our guys are strong,'' Sanderson said during some limited down time last fall. "We're working our tails off in the weight room. Lifting is very important to us." article also does mention training being very individualized
  16. True frosh Pletcher had a pretty solid year at 141 when pressed into duty and being more a 133 than a 141. I reckon he’ll do ok if that’s the weight he goes this year.
  17. How many years in a row of 3+ AAs is it for Cornell now?
  18. given Metcalf is an assistant coach at ISU I have a hard time thinking of him as the face of Iowa wrestling.
  19. Can’t link it right this sec but ‘88 SI article on John Smith mentions lifting weights every other day as part of his training.
  20. I'm lazy right this sec, who is PSU's 3rd option at 197? I wonder if they might somewhat limit Conel's match count while still preserving Beard's RS option. Who gets some dual meet time under this scenario?
  21. Cal-St Bakersfield late 70s / early 80s was 'lightweight U' with Azevedo and Gonzales and the Cuestas bros. 5 1st places out of 8 finals appearances from that crew.
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