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  1. You got me then I guess. Keep on mixing and matching freestyle and folk results from various years to make your case. a case by the that pretty much everyone is already on board with - yeah Gross should be favored vs Lamont.
  2. Yes Gross placed 2nd ahead of #1 seed NATO who placed 3rd. Both lost close to champ Clark.
  3. Scott Turner is one of my favorite former NC St grapplers. He beat Iowa St great Tim Krieger two different years at NCAAs (.once in finals). iirc Krieger only had 3 career losses and Turner accounted for 2.
  4. my God what would Gross have done to NATO in folk then?
  5. pretty sure he sat out a year between wrestling for Iowa and then Ok St
  6. jokes aside, hope it's not anything too serious (family, personal health etc)
  7. some heavy hitters he placed behind there as well.
  8. What were B1G and NCAA placings for Martinez? 115-5-1 is pretty freaking awesome. Greco medalist in '84 right?
  9. they usually have a pretty good variety of states represented in line-up and ultimately with the guys who place. Think one recent year they had 5 AAs from 5 different states. This year is a little different being 6 Va kids in line-up (as of now at least). But even with that, still a little variety - 2 Ohio, 1 NJ, and 1 from Maine.
  10. and don't forget future Bellator MMA champ Michael Chandler who placed 5th behind JB, Poeta, Leen, and Gillespie.
  11. NC State also won the championship in the basketball in the 70s. Knocked off one of those great UCLA teams along the way.
  12. did Desanto cert at 133? and if so any idea how long it would be before he could get down there per descent rules?
  13. Did Burroughs ever wrestle either of those guys in HS?
  14. That’s kinda part of the problem. Rider beating Minny pretty much a pick ‘em match?
  15. double DQ after about 15 seconds - they shot simultaneously, butted heads, fists started flying.... seriously I am not aware of them ever wrestling an official match and kinda doubt they ever did.
  16. this year's media guide includes all time dual records vs various opponents. Maryland is not listed.
  17. I'm pretty sure Lehigh and Ok St have wrestled more than twice
  18. I'd much rather have duals end in a tie than have this kind of confusion.
  19. so did Ok St actually have another 133 that could have wrestled? Did Coach Smith misinterpret criteria scoring?
  20. I won the intramural wrestling tournament both times I entered it in college and I will always be a two time intramural champion.
  21. thanks for the breakdown. sounds like a great match.
  22. wrestling/religion/atheism....takes me back to this post from the late MorrisJohnson: My favorite Rick Sanders story was told to me by my 1st college coach, Buck Deadrich. Apparently Rick was wrestling in the finals of the AAU nationals, which were being held in Stillwater (I think, perhaps Edmund,OK) back in the late 60's or early 70's. Buck said that back then, Oklahoma was "the last and tightest notch in the bible belt" and people who looked like Sanders - long hair, shaggy beard, peace button on his jacket, etc, were not fully "appreciated" in OK. Anyway, Rick's opponent in the finals was the great Gene Davis, who was both an OK St. alumn as well as a clean-cut member of the tough Athletes in Action-Campus Crusade for Christ wrestling club. Clearly Gene was coming in as the fan favorite. When it was time for their match, Davis walked out into the spot-light, and the PA annoucer said something to the effect of "Now wrestling in the 114 lb final, wrestling for the Lord- Mr. Gene Davis!" while the crowd cheered long and loud. As the noise died down a bit, but before the PA annoucer could say anything else, Sanders ran out onto the mat, droped to his knees and shouted "...AND WRESTLING FOR THE DEVIL..RICK SANDERS!!!" Buck said there was a slight, stunned pause, before the crowd rained booo's down on Sanders, who promptly pinned Davis in the 1st period! thread link
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