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  1. Chris / Christopher like Rick / Richard Sanders is one who is listed twice on the list dividing the accomplishments. Yep, move ‘em up.
  2. Rick/Richard Sanders should be higher on this list
  3. that was a great match. the 141 semis were pretty darn good too.
  4. How old will Micic be when he competes at ‘21 NCAA tournament? edit-see Smitty basically posted same question. Yeah.
  5. Apedoe VMI-pretty sure he never placed in Va HS state tournament. good stuff.
  6. was there for this one. great tournament coming down to heavyweight deciding team title. of many great memories besides that, Blackford taking top in OT and riding out Heskett in quarters and Quisel's run through consolations to take 3rd stand out.
  7. I honestly don't know what the USA has done in past few world championships in weightlifting, used to casually follow it, but pretty sure the vast majority of the medals were way back, like pre 70s anyway? And any uptick in recent medals is most likely due to women being added.
  8. I assume some of their guys will hit opens if need be to help with NCAA tournament qualifying standards. Not a very high match count here.
  9. I've been down that rabbit hole on a local board where someone claimed a HS coach was an "Olympian" but he sure as hell wasn't the one slated to compete. In that case I think it was even more far fetched, think the coach had qualified for the trials but that was it.
  10. re top heavy....it's ok to not have a full ten scoring big points, you can be top heavy and win it, but yeah need it to be more like 6 hammers and not just 4.
  11. it looks like you don't think either Joseph or Marinelli will win 165. Who you got?
  12. Yep should drop / not schedule any team they could possibly shut out.
  13. Since we’re now mentioning non finals dominant upsets....and I hate to do it but....Cliff Moore dismantling on-his-way-to-the-Hodge Scott Moore in NCAA semis.
  14. Harris pinning Big Bruce yes dominant. Not an upset by seeds anyway. Harris was the 1 and Bruce 10.
  15. Just pointing out it changes the math. 34.5 is not what needed made up from those two. Closer to 40 I guess? Agree, good chance they could’ve done it
  16. Adding Nico’s hypothetical points means subtracting whatever they scored at 125 as well. Had an AA there.
  17. Late 70s 118 final unseeded Daniels pinned 1 seed Azevedo in 30 seconds.
  18. I’m still ok with my original answer. Pat Smith as first 4 timer and next in line of Smith bros and their freestyle accomplishments.... guessing some guys named Monday and Schultz had something to do with it. ain’t looking or linking right now but recall seeing video of Pat wrestling a young Satiev at some tourney.
  19. I don't know man, I think you're selling your guy a little short there. I think he compares pretty favorably to those guys. I mean any of these 'best ever...' things are just for debate purposes anyway, no way to prove who was better in many cases, but I don't think he's way out of his league with that group.
  20. the wiki thing is weird. the quote about Olympics 'Churella's collegiate success foreshadowed his qualification for the 1980 Summer Olympics, but the US' boycott of the event prevented the opportunity.[8]' , but the cited reference article mentions nothing about the Olympics, his qualifying, etc. his bio into national wrestling HOF mentions nothing about '80 the book wrestlers at the trials https://issuu.com/exitzero/docs/wrestlers_at_the_trials doesn't mention him in the '80 trials. His name comes up a few times in the '76 section.
  21. I thought the ‘80 team had Yagla at 149 and Kemp at 163.
  22. wondering same...can't recall where I saw it but something abut Fix saying he was taking classes but could still use Olympic shirt. like you said far from concrete....
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