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  1. Bo Nickal lost 3x in official collegiate competition (non redshirt year results); one of those 3 losses was to Nate Jackson.
  2. Agreed, outstanding book. I read it again fairly often as well. my copy is beat all to hell.
  3. dug around a little on the Iowa site, found this as well, similar but a little more info of his year there https://hawkeyesports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=3227
  4. from the oregon state bio I linked earlier IOWALettered one year at Iowa as a redshirt sophomore under head coach Tom Brands at 165 pounds ... Went 9-2 ... Won the 165 pound title at Flash Flanagan and Grand View Opens ... Five of his nine wins were bonus point matches.
  5. here's the Oregon St bio heading into his senior year https://osubeavers.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=1640
  6. Quick random list of guys I would not have wanted to wrestle with in practice: Tom Brands, Terry Brands, Cary Kolat, Mike Sheets, Dave Schultz. And Tab Thacker.
  7. Mitch Clark maybe same height wrestling at 177 under the old weigh-in rules. Mark Branch same era at 167 might have been in that height range too.
  8. 2010 made blood round 2011 took 5th, seeded 4th. those were while wrestling for Oregon St
  9. did you miss one of Dieringer's placements?
  10. Since we’re having fun with word choices, ‘his neighbor’s god’?
  11. His year at Blair was post grad? I thought he made the move after junior year of wrestling in Pa.
  12. ok I’m out of the loop, how much did he just win or has earned overall? Cause winning a million and being a millionaire ain’t necessarily the same thing. Or maybe depends on how you define millionaire.
  13. Lehigh Ed is ranked higher than PSU Ed was coming out of HS?
  14. 2000 also had that Slay guy. Boumans was a larger unknown but Slay was not on anybody's radar to make the team prior to US National event that year.
  15. two future world champs in finals at Fargo. wonder how often that has happened? I live in Northern Va so was well aware of Snyder's exploits in Maryland and beyond. I knew less about Cox and was shocked that there was another HS kid that could beat Snyder. Quickly got up to speed on how good JC was/is.
  16. Gerry and Stephen Abas wrestled for Fresno St Some NCAA champs at Cal St Bakersfield besides Neal include the Cuestas brothers, Jesse Reyes, Joe Gonzalez, and John Azevedo. Those late 70s/early 80s CSB teams were really good.
  17. think uww has that one listed incorrectly. for some reason I can't get it to link right this sec, but google Dellagatta wrestling and you'll find a video of he and Sergei wrestling in the '81 world cup. it appears that he is representing the USA. Sergei wins this one but in the description of the video, it says he lost to Ricky the week before.
  18. yes I had started typing some of that about the Japanese opponent at 136; he was young but ended up with a nice resume. agreed Smith would have been favored but think Dellegatta and Burley would have been tough tests for him as well. Dellegatta had some impressive wins (beat Sergei B I think) though not in world championships.
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