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    KTG119 got a reaction from ScarletKnight in Zach Sherman   
    hi Zach (jk)
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    KTG119 got a reaction from BadgerMon in Favorite weight class at a past NCAA tourney   
    126 1989 is one of my favorite brackets. Two eventual Oly Gold medalists Cross and Tom Brands. 4 guys in top 8 who would end up as NCAA champs at some point Cross (won it in '89), Brands (would move up and win it 3x), Jim Martin (champ in '88), and Kelber (champ in '91). Va boy John Epperly in there for an AA finish. Dog fight from the quarters on.  
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    KTG119 got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Sad News-Boise St. Larry Quisel   
    very sad to hear this news
    His impressive and long march through the consolation bracket in '99 is a very distinct wrestling memory of mine and his upset over TJ Williams the next year also noteworthy (TJ Williams went something like 98-1 in his Iowa career, his only loss to Quisel)
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    KTG119 got a reaction from BadgerMon in Wrestlers that went on to unexpected careers   
    fwiw, wiki has this info on Henson
    He then returned to the University of Missouri to finish his degree, graduating in 1995 with a degree in Park, Recreation and Tourism Management.
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    KTG119 got a reaction from TexRef in Wow..West Virginia is just Awful   
    slightly surprised we haven't seen a 'WVU should be in the top 10 every year' post yet. 
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    KTG119 got a reaction from krippler in Luke Pletcher   
    yep no short guy ever gets backs. 
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    KTG119 reacted to Antitroll2828 in Best Wrestlers in Penn State History   
    I was just joking but of all current penn state wrestlers I’d say he’s the only one with any chance 
    I don’t expect it to happen but a lot of high level wrestlers speak highly of him 
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    KTG119 reacted to Plasmodium in Wow..West Virginia is just Awful   
    WVU should be in the top ten every year.  With the proximity to Pittsburgh and Slab Fork?  Fuhgeddaboudit!!
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    KTG119 reacted to Plasmodium in Wow..West Virginia is just Awful   
    What did people expect?  The only thing he coached at Boro was headlocks!
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    KTG119 reacted to VakAttack in Kerkvliet to PSU   
    I am shocked.  SHOCKED, I say.
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    KTG119 reacted to funnyfletcher in CKLV   
    125: Mueller, Schroder, Mackall, Camacho, Schwarm, McKee
    133: Rivera, Tucker, Bridges, LaMont, Kinner, Sykora
    141: Demas, Pletcher, Wilson, McKee, Red, M. Moore, Parker
    149: Sasso, Degen, B. Moore, Thomsen, Zacherl, B. Lee, Alirez, Parriott, Purinton, 
    157: Hidlay, Deakin, Lewan, Carr, Coleman, Teemer
    165: McFadden, White, Shields, Fogarty, E. Smith, Conigliaro
    174: Steiert, Labriola, Skatzka, Valencia, Lydy, Womack, K. Romero
    184: Zahid, Lujan, Venz, DePrez, Hidlay, Darmstadt, Bolen, Colbray, Hoffman
    197: Moore, Sloan, Brunner, Davison, Schultz, Aiello, Lane, Orndorff
    285: Parris, Hall, Orndorff, Singletary
    Here's some of the ranked guys who should be there. 
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    KTG119 reacted to squeek in CKLV   
    For those interested, the pre-seeds


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    KTG119 reacted to Peso in How good would Desanto be in FS?   
    I missed the boat on Desanto.  He's one tough son of a gun.  When he first beat an injured Lee in the Pennsylvania State Finals, I thought there was more to it than his opponent being injured.  Even with that, I didn't see him getting to this level.  I'm probably the only Cowboy fan on the planet that likes this kid, but here I am, just admiring the hell out of how bad he goes after it.  I think everyone is crazy except Desanto and me, and lately I've been concerned about him.  :--)
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    KTG119 got a reaction from spladle08 in Memorable "Debuts/Statement Victories"   
    Letters and DS for sure. McDonough and Delgado come to mind as well. 
    Back to DS and TobusRex's commentary on boring style. I looked it up-
    Freshman year he was 42-1 4 pins, 14 majors, 10 techs so 28 of 42 were bonus wins, 2/3 of wins by bonus.
    Soph year he was 37-1 2 pins 2 majors 9 techs so 13 of 37 closer to one of every 3 wins by bonus. pretty significant drop off. and yeah agree some of it was guys figuring him out. Gillespie wrestled a very tactical (some might have called it stalling) match to beat him. 
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    KTG119 reacted to patmilkovich in 1972 NCAA Champions   
    I believe Barton qualified as a wildcard from DII. And Barton took out the 5,4,1,and 2 in that order...He won is first match 11-5, then 6-6, 4-3OT (2-3-3, 1min rest, then 1-1-1), then 8-5, then 5-3 in the semi's, then 8-6 in the finals.... I'm pretty sure they took the 1 & 2 and several wild cards in DII and all the DIII champs plus a few wilds...I could be wrong on the exact numbers....Also, Hvywt Chris Taylor, Iowa St., weighed 400+.  I wish they would reinstate the "unlimited" weight class again.  Having the 118 and UNL truly gave a lot of guys a chance to compete at the college level, reinforcing the concept that virtually any one, any size, could get a scholarship and compete collegiately in sport... like wrestling.  Back then there was no 9.9 limit on scholarships or how many could be in the room...And Doug Blubaugh was Grady's asst at MSU until 1973, then he left for Indiana.
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    KTG119 reacted to Gambatte in 1972 NCAA Champions   
    Weight class 142. I was 1-1 and done. Lost to 2x College Division Champ from Cal Poly, Glen Anderson. In those days you had to lose to a semi finalist to qualify for consolations.
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    KTG119 got a reaction from LCpl Schmuckatelli in Memorable "Debuts/Statement Victories"   
    You will now
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    KTG119 got a reaction from Alwayswrestling in Best Wrestlers in NC State History   
    Scott Turner is one of my favorite former NC St grapplers. He beat Iowa St great Tim Krieger two different years at NCAAs (.once in finals).  iirc Krieger only had 3 career losses and Turner accounted for 2.  
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    KTG119 reacted to silverback in 1972 NCAA Champions   
  20. Haha
    KTG119 reacted to Gambatte in 1972 NCAA Champions   
    Likewise, I enjoy these jerseywrestling posts and this one in particular. I qualified and competed in this tournament. Like Gary Barton I was unseeded but unlike him I wrestled to my seed.
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    KTG119 reacted to HokieHWT in 1972 NCAA Champions   
    Gary Barton demonstrated how to get out from a leg rider when I attended my first wrestling camp at Clarion in the late 90s. He had me put a leg in, he sat to his hip then drove his pointy elbow into the center of my inner thigh. He picked me because I was the biggest kid in camp. Still makes me cringe thinking about that type of pain.
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    KTG119 reacted to VAtoSC in Best Wrestlers in Iowa History   
    No offense to Mark Perry or Joe Scarpello but Joe Williams and Barry Davis have to on the list-both won three titles. TJ Williams and Mark Ironside (on every Iowa fans shortlist) are two of my favorite Iowa wrestlers ever and people seem to not bring them up as much (especially TJ).
    Spencer Lee will be there soon.
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    KTG119 got a reaction from VAtoSC in Best Wrestlers in Iowa History   
    TJ Williams one career loss at Iowa
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    KTG119 reacted to Fishbane in Memorable "Debuts/Statement Victories"   
    And wasn’t it also at the scuffle where Ed Ruth got his statement win as a freshman against Mack Lewness and Henrich?  I think they were ranked 1st and 2nd being the top two returning place winners and undefeated thus far that season. 
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    KTG119 got a reaction from drag it in Nelson Brands deserves a thread   
    wow it's almost like this kid is a....Brands
    'I typically go 50-50 with either of them for the first 20 minutes of wrestling. But they don't get tired. They will almost get your leg, and almost get your leg, and almost get your leg, and eventually they'll get your leg. Then they'll get it again. And again. And again.

    It is highly annoying.'
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