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  1. Was it a typo or was Sunday's loss by Griffith to Valencia his first ever collegiate loss? I think Valencia is the guy no one wants to wrestle due to the fact he is such a wild card - maybe that is what makes him fun to watch? Unless you are Zeke Jones, that is. . .
  2. It seems to me unfair, but maybe a moot point to put Joseph ahead of Zahid, when they both won 2 NCAA titles, and neither got to compete in 2019-20. If you were to argue that 1-1-2 Nada is better than 3-1-1 nada that is legitimate but I doubt anyone would have put Joseph's chances of a 3rd NCAA win ahead of Zahid's - had they both been at Nationals. This is a fun moot argument, because it does not mean anything, cannot be proven, and is completely subjective. Having said that - IMHO - Zahid should be ranked ahead of Joseph.
  3. That was the last I heard of Frankie G - I am pretty sure since Niagara CC is a 2 year school he graduated - it looks like he is not enrolled at a college for wrestling anywhere since.
  4. I have been trying to find out what happened to another WNY wrestler - Frankie Gissendaner - does anyone know if he is still wrestling?
  5. Instead of kudos for celebrating and acknowledging some diversity in an otherwise white sport, the response is pretty revealing. Seems pretty clear that most of the negative responders on here likely live somewhere in between Philly or Pitt - and if you prefer, you can call it Alabama or Kentucky.
  6. Not getting NCAA swag is probably the least of their slights this year.
  7. So if that is the case, then it sounds like the NWCA just doubled the number of wrestlers it recognized as being All Americans from 8 per weight class in previous years, to 16 this year? I get that the criteria is different, since they previously recognized AA as the top 8 finishers in the Tourney, but now that there is no Tourney, they are recognizing 16 in each weight class? 8 on the "first team", 4 "second team" and 4 "Honorable Mention" AA's?
  8. You mean all these years we have been identifying the top 4, then top 6 and now Top 8 finishers at the D-1 NCAA Championships as All Americans and that is wrong? There are NO AA's in wrestling? I am very confused by that. Please explain.
  9. Am I missing something? I thought the top 8 were AA - now it is the top 16?
  10. I suck at getting pics to upload on here - apologies if it does not work but it is a cool mat!
  11. Irregardless of the wrestlers or the number of guys named Matt - Edinboro still has the very coolest looking wrestling mat ever!
  12. Matt Furey is pretty good - but Matt King from NY (Canandaigua Academy) definitely had the best wrestling name ever - IMHO.
  13. It looked like he beat a Valencia from Bosco - is it safe to assume he is a younger brother to Zahid & Anthony?
  14. Assuming Lee wins next year, you can compare him to the older 3X champs who were not allowed to wrestle as freshmen - Utaeke and Hodge, and others I cannot think of right now. But Assuming Lee runs the table, he did get pinned and had multiple losses the last two years - so I do not think he can hang with undefeated 3X champs - in fact, I would put Lee Kemp ahead of Lee - since he had 3 years straight undefeated NCAA championships - I think. Snyder also got pinned as a Freshman, and lost to Coon as a Senior. I am just saying . . .
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