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  1. Methinks you may have overlooked/forgot to include Myles Amine 174 Michigan 4-3-3. I am pretty sure he will be back next year.
  2. Isn't there a Stanford kid coming off red shirt at 157 this coming year as well?
  3. Well - it is both! It is pink and it is also Floyd! What more do you want?
  4. I gotta ask - is that one woman or 3? Which begs the next question - all at once or one at a time?
  5. If YIanni beats Zane handily, does that increase the likelihood that YIanni will take an Olympic red shirt next year? Seems if he is the best we have at that weight, it would be tough for him to pass up a solid shot at the 2020 Olympics.
  6. Your story reminds me of a warning our HS wrestling coach always gave his wrestlers. Remember, if you get into a fight on the playground - there is one counter to any wrestling move that is highly effective - a punch in the face!
  7. I think Gwiz is the most recent best example. AA for Binghampton then TR to NC State and won 2 NCAA titles, plus a 2nd, I believe. Not sure if Metcalf and the others who transferred from VT to Iowa with Brands count - did they ever wrestle for VT?
  8. Rarely if ever, will you find someone named Cletus Beaufort Clementine Tucker who hails from New England. I would take a wild guess you are from someplace way warmer than that.
  9. That is a difficult sentiment to find fault with.
  10. Correcto=amundo! Freedom HS between Green Bay and Appleton. Very small town and school - but some good wrestlers!
  11. Here is a bit of trivia about Gopher heavyweights to ponder. What Olympic medalist and AA went to the same High School as Cole Konrad? Bonus - can you name the HS without looking it up!
  12. What about Daton Fix? won't he be at 125 next year?
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