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  1. I would agree that UVA, Duke, NW, Michigan and Stanford are ranked as high or higher than the Ivys in most areas. Not so much UNC but Berkley is in that top echelon as well. That's how you end up with a Top 20 that is pretty much the same every time a new poll comes out.
  2. The notion that just because Cornell is not the highest ranked Ivy League school it is not an excellent school is absurd. I can tell you right now - Cornell's Law School is better by a long shot than at least 3 other Ivey League schools - namely Dartmouth, Brown and Princeton. Cornell also has a way better medical school than Princeton, and it has the very best Labor Relations Program in the USA. I also think that the hotel & Management Program is the best. At the end of the day - even if Cornell only was ranked #8 among all the Ivy's- , the fact is that it is hardly ever out of the 20 overall in the USA in every category. Silly - really. There are Ivey League Schools and then the rest.
  3. Maybe there should be a tradition that when someone retires from an on line forum they leave their keyboard in the middle of the mat?
  4. IMHO - Whoever had the smarts to hire Kevin Jackson as an Assistant Coach deserves a lot of the credit for Michigan's resurgence. Or is it whomever?
  5. It was fun except for the fact I got stuck with all those lame Hawkeyes but that was my fault!
  6. I am not sure - good question. I thought he was at 174 and they talked about pulling his RS since ASU was weak there this year but they held off.
  7. O'Toole is good - but I doubt he could beat either Starocci or Lewis so he better stay off the sweets!
  8. I think young Valencia will make an impact next year for ASU as well.
  9. I thought Brooks was technically a sophomore this year, no? It is confusing . . .
  10. I always though it was a dumb rule but wasn't there a rule about the whole team having to wear the same singlets in each round? At the Big 10's Gable was the only one who wore gold, and since the finals and other consolation matches were the same time, I thought that rule applied. And today in Detroit Courtney wore a different singlet from the rest of the ASU guys.
  11. Its my own fault for taking Eiermann and Marinelli - typical underachieving seniors from Iowa City - I guess it could have been worse - I could have had Kemerer as well, eh?
  12. Vak Thanks for setting this up - and LU - nice move with the google doc! take care fellas!
  13. and with that - will bid you all good night - and good luck this weekend, fellas! It has been fun!
  14. Trevor Mastriogiovani - my spare/wild card
  15. it kept auto correcting his name -
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