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  1. So if that is the case, then it sounds like the NWCA just doubled the number of wrestlers it recognized as being All Americans from 8 per weight class in previous years, to 16 this year?  I get that the criteria is different, since they previously recognized AA as the top 8 finishers in the Tourney, but now that there is no Tourney, they are recognizing 16 in each weight class?  8 on the  "first team", 4 "second team" and 4 "Honorable Mention" AA's?




  2. 21 hours ago, Pinnum said:

    NWCA All-Americans are whatever the NWCA says it is...  The NCAA doesn't award All-American honors. 

    You mean all these years we have been identifying the top 4, then top 6 and now Top 8 finishers at the D-1 NCAA Championships as All Americans and that is wrong?  There are NO AA's in wrestling?  I am very confused by that.  Please explain. 

  3. Assuming Lee wins next year, you can compare him to the older 3X champs who were not allowed to wrestle as freshmen - Utaeke and Hodge, and others I cannot think of right now.  But Assuming Lee runs the table, he did get pinned and had multiple losses the last two years - so I do not think he can hang with undefeated 3X champs - in fact, I would put Lee Kemp ahead of Lee - since he had 3 years straight undefeated NCAA championships - I think.  

    Snyder also got pinned as a Freshman, and lost to Coon as a Senior.  

    I am just saying . . . 

  4. Someone on another thread made the point that if the 2020 college football season is wiped out the revenue lost from that would be devastating to many college athletic budgets - and that could have a significant impact on those sports, like wrestling, that may be "on the bubble" to borrow a March Madness term. 

    I guess time will tell.

  5. I am not sure how many matches he had after burning his RS but he had a few before from Open Tourneys. 

    It is obvious to me in my response that "feeling sorry" for athletes is not the same as feeling terrible for the pain and suffering of our fellow humans over this terrible pandemic. in the context of sport - I do feel bad for some of these kids, but it does not overshadow the pain and suffering that is now global in scope.

    To suggest otherwise is wrong. 

  6. I feel sorry for someone like Pletcher, Moore or Mark Hall - way more than Gable, Lee, Deakin or others who will be back.  I also feel bad for Kolodzik because he made a decision right near the end of what would have been a RS season to shed the shirt and return to help his team - and he got bubkis for that effort!

    I also feel bad for Zahid and his brother, Anthony - and those seniors who had good shots at the podium but were denied.  Lydy comes to mind as well as Lujan and Steiert. 

  7. So once the dust has settled on the Conference Championships - here are the remaining undefeated wrestlers - not counting Zahid, of course:

    • Spencer Lee
    • Pat Glory
    • Matt Kolodzik
    • Ryan Deakin
    • Shane Griffith
    • Noah Adams
    • Kollin Moore
    • Gable Steveson

    Interesting - it is doubtful that 4 of them (Glory, Kolodzik, Griffith and Adams) even get a #1 seed. 

    What a long strange trip it's been!

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