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  1. If Metcalfe won the Hodge with a loss does that mean no one was undefeated that year? It would seem to me hard for someone to win it with a loss if others were undefeated Champs in the same year.
  2. Has anyone ever won the Hodge with a loss? I sort of figured going undefeated was a given, no?
  3. I am too cheap to pay for FLO so so I do not get their premium content. Does anyone want to share what the two "big news items" were that Cael talked about in his post-match presser?
  4. I am glad I was wrong about Cass and I was glad to see him wrestle Gable last weekend. Not sure he could do much better at keeping it close but props for him not "ducking" Gable.
  5. Actually I was referring to Real Woods - I saw that he sat out the SDSU meet - and I heard that he was seen in a sling. Then - against NDSU I saw that their 149 pounder (not good with his name) had an injury default as well. Given that I have Real Woods in TWO Fantasy Leagues I was more interested in "info" on his status for the PAC 12's.
  6. Any word on the health of Real Woods, Stanford's #3 ranked wrestler at 141? How about Zahid, who was left home last weekend?
  7. It would be fun to see Gable v. Cass but I do not think it will happen - given how Iowa ducks big matches I would be VERY surprised if Cass sees any action until Ok St - when he has a fish -
  8. For the record Gable beat Hilger from UW on 1/10/20 and then did not wrestle the following weekend against Michigan.
  9. Well - given that Gable ducked Parris when Michigan wrestled Minnesota, I am pretty sure they will only wrestle twice this year. Having said that - the biggest problem Parris will have is that his domination on the mat will be lessened by Gable's ability to keep this match from being decided from there - Gable is a take down specialist - similar to how Kyle Snyder was - and if Parris is not able to take Gable down and defend against Gable's quickness it will be a long 7 minutes for Parris. I would not have thought Parris could pull off the fireman's carry on Cass but if he can get Gable down with that, he will have a big edge. Should be fun and should be in the Big 10 finals and NCAA finals for all to see!
  10. It is pretty silly to say you wish the better wrestler had not pinned the lesser wrestler so you could see the lesser wrestler make the match closer. Clearly, you are saying this as a fan disappointed Cass got stomped - and not someone who wants to see the best these two have to offer. To paraphrase a movie line: "Cass has been weighed, he has been measured and he has been found wanting".
  11. You got it! So it shall be written, so it shall be done!
  12. If we are going to change weights why not go to the Olympic weights - maybe with the extra ones? It also might make sense to give wrestlers more time between weigh ins and matches - similar to freestyle. 57 kg - 125 pounds 61 kg - 134 pounds 65 kg - 143 pounds 70 kg - 154 pounds 74 kg - 163 pounds 79 kg - 174 pounds 86 kg - 190 pounds 92 kg - 203 pounds 97 kg - 214 pounds 125 kg - 276 pounds
  13. So did I imagine hearing them say that or are they just blowing smoke?
  14. Did anyone else hear Tim Johnson and Jim Gibbons opine that Cassar may be back by the Big 10's? Is there any truth to that or is it just speculation? I have also heard some say he is retired for good and others think he may come back and wrestle again next year.
  15. I would say the best wrestler for PSU now is Vicenzo and I am not sure why he has not gotten more "Hodge Buzz". I think Lee and Hall are close - if Lee beats Pletcher then i would put him ahead of Hall.
  16. I do not think PSU can keep it close - and I am NOT an Iowa fan. IMHO It is extremely doubtful PSU can win any of these weights 125 - 133 - 149 - 157 - 285 It is just as doubtful Iowa can win at 141 or 174 That leaves 3 toss up weights 165 - 184 - 197 If Iowa wins 1 out of those 3 - PSU is a breakfast food (toast)
  17. It would seem to me that it would be extra special to have 3 graduates of the same HS win NCAA Division I championships in the same year when they are not related. If it happens for AV this year it would be impressive and from what I have heard, it sounds like it would be a first?
  18. Anyone know what is going on with Jake Holschlag? I think he wrestled and lost to a relative nobody since his early season injury and has not been seen since. He could really help that line up!
  19. I would have thought if they were going to burn a redshirt they would have used Abas at 149 - especially if van der Merwe is on IR. But then again - who really knows?
  20. Don't both UNI and ISU have more Iowa starters?
  21. It seems like no matter how bad a team looks, there is always a team they can beat. I think Hofstra is 3-4 - which is not the worst there is by a long shot.
  22. Is there any chance Busiello can wrestle for PSU this year?
  23. I could not care less what Wrestle Stat thinks - my question was rhetorical in nature, but if you do not understand the concept of the rhetorical question - then look it up!
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