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  1. I think you could also make the case that Cole Konrad had a better college career than Nelson.
  2. Just think how it would have been if Jaggers had gone to Minnesota? J coaching J!
  3. J Jaggers was a #6 seed the first year he won NCAA's. Not too shabby. That same year Jordan Leen was an 8 seed.
  4. Is it cheating if Gable did a cartwheel BEFORE the back flip?
  5. Didn't Andrew Howe have one of those bad injuries the year he lost to Caldwell in the Semis' and took 3rd?
  6. Wade Schalles - the master of funk.
  7. 125 NaTo 133 Pletcher 141 Lee 149 Zain 157 Kemmerer 165 IMar 174 Hall 184 Nickal 197 Moore 285 Coon
  8. Was his injury last year a knee or ankle - I forget.
  9. If you want a dark horse finalist - and maybe even champ - I think Nick Lee could surprise people at 141, if he can learn from his mistakes. That is what being a Frosh is all about, right?
  10. Who would have guessed that if Cornell had a #1 ranked guy this year it would not be someone named Yianni?
  11. Maybe, just maybe, it would be best to let Yianni win at LEAST 1 NCAA title before comparing him to one of very best most accomplished college wrestlers of all time?
  12. I am not sure it will happen, but if Coon runs the table, which would include beating the worlds best wrestler 3 times, and he does not win the Hodge - then that award becomes a joke. I do not care who had more meaningless Tech Falls, if the award is for the Best College Wrestler of this year, Coon must win it if he runs the table.
  13. One I would like to see is Yianni beating Heil in the finals at 141 after beating Eierman and Meredith One I think will happen is NaTo beating Cruz in the finals at 125 after beating Spencer Lee AND Suriano
  14. Wanna bet? No way if Zahid keep steamrolling through the PAC 12 he will not be #1 seed.
  15. I am just guessing but would they cancel a meet like that if the referee got hurt and could not continue?
  16. I agree with almost everything that has been posted here - but I do not think Rasheed could have beaten Moore the way Cassar did - pretty much because Cassar is stronger on his feet - IMHO.
  17. I am a big fan of Tony Nelson - wonder what he weighed in at when he was a 2x NCAA champ? I know he was a state champ at 215 so they bulked him up alot. I also bet Cole Konrad was pretty close to the top end of 285 when he was wrestling Mocco - he always seemed bigger than Mocco.
  18. I think the only real debate is between robes WITH hoods or robes without hoods. Without hoods, they use hoodies underneath like most of the Ohio State guys did - I vote for robes WITH hoods! But be careful we do not end up with a situation like in the movie Django Unchained - make sure the hoods have the eye holes cut out properly! That would be bad! https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=L%2b%2bIdnVH&id=F8636689D4E5BC633958AFD718F00821C1CB8921&thid=OIP.L--IdnVHFv1ol9knifj_qwEsCo&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fi.ytimg.com%2fvi%2fWbhSffbSfLc%2fmqdefault.jpg&exph=180&expw=320&q=django+unchained+robes+with+hoods+scene&simid=608026663757613645&selectedIndex=0
  19. I heard that Rasheed is really a 184 pounder, and that he could start most places at that weight. I wonder if that will play into Cael's thinking in choosing between the two?
  20. My HS coach got us robes and I was always bummed they did not come in until AFTER my senior year. My brother got to wear them and it was a cool look! Bring them back!
  21. I think it should compare two pairs who were classmates - as Ruth and Taylor were - thus the more accurate comparison would be Nolf-Nickal and not Nolf, Zain. Otherwise, you could pair Stieber and Snyder since they were on the same team at least 1 year (2015). Having said that - I think Ruth and Taylor were a stronger pair than Nolf-Nickal, but possibly not as strong as Stieber/Snyder or Zain/Nolf (assuming both NOlf and Zain win this year).
  22. Plus - since Brock Zacherl beat Nick Lee, each time Lee beats someone and moves up in the rankings it seems to move up Zacherl as well. Of course, Zacherl did not wrestle Friday - hope he is not hurt.
  23. I think the toughest thing to predict will be where the brackets end up putting the big names at this weight.
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