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  1. Theoretically, since Thorn majored McKenna, and Lee majored Thorn, Lee should beat McKenna handily. But I guess that is why they still wrestle the matches . . .
  2. But you gotta admit - the Neville Brothers may not be as good at wrestling as the Stevensons, but the are MUCH better singers!
  3. You all need to take a deep breath. From what Ryan said, if NaTo is healthy after this week, he is planning on starting against the Gophers next week. If memory serves, they have a pretty decent 125 pounder so NaTo is not exactly ducking everybody. I think Ryan would be more rippable for putting NaTo out against Suriano without a warm up match -
  4. Howe is a good one - even his Senior year he got little respect. I was thinking of Nelson his senior year - he got about as much respect at Heil gets - and no one thought it was an upset when he lost to Gwiz. The other guy was Maples - he went up a weight and seemed to lose his Mojo - ended up 7th I think after going undefeated or almost the year he won.
  5. I doubt Heil would win, but I would be willing to bet Zain did not get a major decision. Heil is that tough IMHO.
  6. A couple of Minnesota kids come to mind - although they had success at D-2 and D-3 after pretty much washing out at D-1 schools: Marcus LeVasseur & Dustin McCauley
  7. I read somewhere - or maybe I made this up - that ASU was going to move everyone up - and I also heard there was no way T-Shirt would see 149 again. If that were true - it could look like this: 149 Maruca 157 T-Shirt 165 Shields 174 A Valencia 184 Zahid Valencia 197 ??? 285 Hall With Millhof at 125 and Ali Naser at 133 - that is a pretty formidable line up IMHO.
  8. This is about the most subjective thing I have seen in a while - but it is fun - so have at it! The only way this made sense to me was to limit a guy to one weight class. Given that, here goes: 125 - Anthony Robles - ASU 133 - Jordan Oliver - Ok St 141 - Logan Stieber - Oh St 149 - Zain Retherford - PSU 157 - Kyle Dake - Cornell 165 - David Taylor - PSU 174 - Ed Ruth - PSU 184 - Cael Sanderson - ISU 197 - J'Den Cox - Mizz 285 - Kyle Snyder - Oh St The 3 guys I left out who were the hardest to leave out were Askren at 174, Varner at 197 and Konrad at 285.
  9. Here is a good one that always interested me - mostly since I knew the L-C wrestling coach and I followed Matt and his brother's career in HS. Matt Pell was a 3 x Wisconsin HS champ from Luxemburg-Casco HS 1999-2000 at 119 lbs 2001-2002 at 140 lbs 2002-2003 at 145 lbs He was 7th in the NCAA's for Mizzou at 184 lbs in 2005. He dropped 2 weight classes and came in 3rd in 2007 at 165. Pretty sure the reason for the jump to 184 was a little problem with making the team at 165 (AA Tyronne Woodley) or 174 due to the presence of another pretty decent former Wisconsin good wrestler by the name of Ben Askren. Pell even beat Roger Kish in the blood round in 2005, so he was no fluke!
  10. I would say my top 5 are: 1 Minnesota (I live in the Twin Cities) 2 Cornell (grew up in Upstate NY) Go Section V! 3 Rutgers (went there for a graduate degree) 4 Bloomsburg (went to Russ Houk's Camp way back when) 5 Appalachian State (daughter went there)
  11. Yeah - that is how the Gophers ended up with a guy named Tim Brewster as its head football coach before Jerry Kill was hired. Brewster could charm the pants off a cheerleader - but could not coach his way out of the proverbial paper bag! Now Brewster has the perfect job for him - he is the Recruiting Coordinator for FSU's football program.
  12. I see both sides. If I am an AD of a big D-1 program I am not sure I want to hire someone who has never been a head coach, if I can get someone who was.
  13. It seems some assistants stick with being assistants at big programs, like Pritzlaff, Perry, Hahn, Jaggers and even Eggum before JR left, while others go sooner for the lower-level head coaching jobs, like Roger Kish at NDSU, Rivera at CSUB, and Spates at SEIU. Is one of these a better path to the Big D-1 coaching gigs than the other?
  14. McCrystal is not a senior? Thought he was . . .
  15. I think I read where Yianni gave up a shot at a 5th NYS Championship so he could have the surgery in January and be ready for the spring freestyle season. He sounds like the real deal - but he is not the only blue chipper from his Hilton HS this year - Louie DePrez is a multiple NYS champ who is committed to Binghampton - and there is another kid from Rochester named Frankie Gissendaner (Penfield HS) who is also highly ranked. Not sure where he is going next year, though. Can you tell that is my home town?
  16. I missed it but from what I read, that BoJo v. Realbuto semi-final was a doozy.
  17. Heavyweight next year should be very tough but it ultimately will still be a battle for second if Snyder returns, as I guess he is likely to do. 1 - Snyder 2 - Coon 3 - Hall 4 - Nevills 5 - Kasper ( I think he is back, right?) 6 - Dhesi That is all I can think of but that is a pretty good start to a tough bunch of returnees IMO.
  18. I heard from someone on another site who has good sources - at least way better than me - that there is no way T-shirt goes 149 next year and he has been building himself for the move to 157 during his off year. For what is worth . . .
  19. According to Intermat Miklus wrestled twice - on 11/13/16 (lost to Dechow) and 11/20/16 when he got hurt against Zach Z from VT. It seems others who have been hurt so early in a season have been given a medical redshirt sometimes - is that a possibility for him? Those rules always seem to be obscure and somewhat arbitrary - but then again, that is the NCAA I guess. Anyone know how that works?
  20. I really think it is 95% the ugly uniforms!
  21. Query: Will Miklus be a Junior in 2017-18 or a Senior? I did not think he wrestled more than 1 or 2 matches this year, right?
  22. Is Kennedy-Bellmore still a High School? Do they still have a good wrestling program? I remember back when Hunt was in HS they were the best.
  23. Why would anyone take Metcalf as a Head Coach if they could get Jordan Burroughs? IF anyone is "the next Cael" who was supposedly "the next Dan Gable", I think it is Burroughs. I think he should be the next Gopher coach!
  24. At one time right after he was dismissed at Ok State, I thought someone had opined that he could end up at Campbell due to the fact that Cary Kolat is the coach there and they were both Pennsylvania protégés. I wonder if that is a possibility?
  25. Traffic? at Madison Square Garden in New York City? Riiight!
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