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  1. I have submitted my entries and I wanted to know if I can pay via Paypal or are you only taking checks? If Paypal is OK - can I have an e-mail address to send that to for my 3 entries? JC
  2. Here are my brackets - 125 Delgado beats Nico M 133 Logan S beats Ramos 141 Maple beats Hunter S 149 Oliver beats Ness 157 St John beats Welch 165 Dake beats Taylor 174 Heflin beats Storley (upset special) 184 Ruth beats Bennett 197 Kilgore beats Quentin W 285 Nelson beats Hanke I agree with the post about Kilgore - if I had to rank the most likely to win I would put my top 3 as Kilgore Ruth Logan Stieber I thought Ramos had a shot but he had no offense whatsoever against Stieber in Champaign and I dont see that changing in Des Moines. Should be fun!
  3. I am a Gopher Phan and have no love for Iowa but I gotta say I think the coaching job Brands has done at Iowa the last two years has been more impressive than any previous championship year he had at Iowa. Iowa on paper was not great last year and not much better this year - although they did improve. There were serious holes in that line up and they still beat PSU, and Minny as well as coming very close to winning the B1G tourney. Not sure this excuses the behavior - but as far as coaching goes - he has done quite a job IMO. JC
  4. I predict the Trojans over the Greeks (oops, forgot about that damn horse!)
  5. What does that mean? Is there going to be a Cauliflower Classic Pool or not? I am confused . . .
  6. I am a Gopher fan all the way but I gotta go with Ed Ruth - I think there is a good case to be made that the way he manhandled the 174 field last year should have gotten him the Hodge Award as well as MVP - and I think he will dominate for the next two years as well.
  7. I respectfully disagree. For the same reasons Zach Sanders could have wrestled McD and 50 times and lost 50 times to him, I just do not think Ramos will ever beat Steiber. Now, McDonnough v. Steiber - that would be FUN! I think Steiber would have trouble with McD and his length, similar to the trouble he had with Oliver in the early match when Oliver pretty much had his way with Steiber. Again - that is my opinion for what its worth.
  8. I get the undercurrent that suggests, even hints at the fact that Andrew Howe will be at 174 - my question is whether or not his injury in the Olympic Trials is going to be a problem for him - I thought I heard or read something about the possibility that he might need to redshirt this year for knee surgery? Any insight into that?
  9. Dr Robert Huizenga - is somewhat of a "doctor to the stars" in Hollywood having been the team physician for the Oakland Raiders, as well as testifying at the OJ trial. He has was some kind of technical advisor to one of those reality TV shows - "Biggest Loser", maybe? He was an AA at 177 from Michigan in the early 1970's and a proponent of the Wade Shalles funk style in HS in upstate NY. He definitely marched to a different drummer but was a heck of a wrestler.
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