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  1. justafan

    2019 NCAA Wrestling Championship Tickets

    You won't have to worry about tickets for next year in Minneapolis.Place holds 70,000
  2. justafan

    Yawn...another 0-5 Greco day

    Another 0-5 in round 1 for Greco.How much longer do we continue to waste money on Greco?
  3. justafan

    Yawn...another 0-5 Greco day

    Porter guy lost so 0-5 on day 1 and everyone is eliminated. Tomorrow draws don't look very promising we will be lucky to win 2 matches in the 1st round
  4. justafan


    Warner will also miss Brucki. And more then likely Brunner he's at U23 this week and will only be home for a few days before the Iowa dual.If Warner had guys to start the year who were average wrestlers he would be going right away even Iowa fans know that's true not saying they will admit it though.
  5. justafan


    Warner has a tough first month schedule wise and he's young and is not very tough mentally he doesn't bounce back well after losses.Conel,Brucki,Brunner,Miklus and Weiler are 5 of his first 6 matches.Imagine we see him for Brunner and Weiler.And I think if he beats Brunner he will go against Miklus
  6. justafan

    Is Flo and BTN one and same this year?

    In the years past Richard Immel posted a article on the home page that listed every dual that was broadcast on TV and online.Hopefully this year someone on the staff does the same.
  7. justafan

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Yes it's his 3rd freestyle tournament according to Jason Bryant who was doing the matches live.
  8. justafan

    Richard Perry accident

    Accident was 1 in a billion it occurred while jousting.To name the other wrestler wouldn't be fair.
  9. justafan

    Little Rock names Head Coach.

    Erisman was a candidate from the start.The open mat obviously wasn't aware of the candidates and wrote a article based off what they thought.
  10. justafan

    Little Rock names Head Coach.

    Pat was involved in the process and will be involved in the program.He will more then likely be a volunteer
  11. justafan


    Oliver Central Michigan is going to NC st.I'm hearing Shomers is following Geer to Oklahoma St
  12. justafan


    125 Fix 133 Picc 141 Brock 149 Lewallen/Gfeller 157 Geo/Lewallen 165 Rodgers/Jojo 174 Rodgers/Jojo 184 Jacobe/Geer 197 Weigel Hwt White They can be top 3 with that team
  13. justafan

    SDSU Head Coach

    Maybe Nickerson goes after WVU and Bolyard MAC coach of the year
  14. justafan

    Missouri Changes

    They can stay
  15. justafan

    Change at WVU- No Bull

    To much support at UNC now he wont leave for WVU