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  1. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/2018/04/24/why-tennessee-state-womens-tennis-played-arkansas-six-times-sec/544909002/ Just saw this posted on the Iowa boards.Interesting
  2. The bracket Askren made all the first round seeds add up to 15.What it also does is give Dake the winner of the 4&5 in the semis which makes sense.Another issue with USAW bracket is they made it for 9 guys but the Ncaa champ and 2 from last chance will be in the bracket.Unless they take the 8vs11 and 9vs10 and pigtail them into the 7 and 8 slot.USAW bracket has Dake wrestling the winner of the 2&3 in the semis
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjNEhM8ElSrlEqr_vYVfk3A I have been watching here is link
  4. I think Michigan believes there system is better then the system USA Wrestling uses.
  5. I know and all we do in the USA is complain about the draws and all they do is keep winning
  6. Russia 2 Champs both by tech. Tomorrow they've 2 going for Gold and 1 for Bronze.They had 1 guy eliminated at 125kg.Plus have Idrisov and Sadulaev still to come .
  7. Not really 14 year olds aren't physically mature and 19 year olds are
  8. Yes could end up with 3 golds and no other medals.My opinion it was a down year for our woman.Team had high expectations and Japan having a down year by Japan standards
  9. Micic lost to Atli 5-4 in 1/4 and Atli won his semis which pulled Micic back in. Micic will need to win 1 match tomorrow to get into bronze match
  10. Not anymore both eliminated.Micic is still wrestling at 57kg
  11. Agree. Russia with brutal draws at 57 and 65 and they both make the finals impressive.
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