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    133 S. Parker

    I heard Schram was done as well but haven't confirmed it
  2. I have noticed a few staffs have made the changes and have realized that you accomplish the samething by stiff arming the guy in the chest or front of the shoulder.Guys use it as a timing mechanism or to get a reaction and you don't have to go to the face to accomplish that
  3. justafan

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    If McCoy goes which has been a rumor for years now .If Tervel is looking for a head job he would be a good choice as would Reader or Ramos.
  4. justafan

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    Ok so must not be able to compete yet but ends the rumors they're enrolled at Bergen
  5. justafan

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    Don't see them listed for Bergen on Track.They must not be wrestling today
  6. justafan

    Drug Testing

    Some people just arent worth the time.Ignore
  7. justafan

    Drug Testing

    Sounds like yours are for making this thread.Im not a fan of either team just hate when people make false accusations with 0 proof besides look at his arms.Grow up sad thing is your more then likely already an adult
  8. justafan

    Drug Testing

    He's been a ball of muscle since high school do you not watch much.Hes at a new school now it's ok you guys will still win no sense in making it personal it's just a sport
  9. justafan

    Drug Testing

    Dr.Novak you should've your license pulled for stupidity.
  10. justafan

    WrestlingByPirate D-1 Week in Preview, January 7-13

    Looks like a 8 team bracket placing to 8th
  11. Kent St has scheduled everyone out of conference they wrestle half the big 10 PennSt,Iowa,Wisc, Minnesota and Michigan St so no knock on them.I just don't understand why anyone would make a schedule just to be 10-7 in duals when the NCAA tournament is what matters and to get there you've to test yourself
  12. We can speculate as fans who we believe is on the hot seat performance wise.But to know who's on the hot seat you gotta know the way the athletic department and administration feel about winning.There may be a few programs that are winning but the coach may be on the hot seat for other reasons.So the only way anybody knows who's really on the hot seat is if theyre close with a AD or someone making those decisions
  13. Not sure how many MAC coaches are on the hot seat but according to those numbers a few should be.But my opinion is I doubt many are the truth is most MAC schools administrations aren't concerned with winning.The universities want a solid team gpa,roster retention, and staying out of the police blotter.Basically just don't go over budget and don't cause problems
  14. The MAC is really down this year here are the teams dual records against D1 opponents Mizzu 10-0 Buffalo 7-3 (7 wins against teams with combined 11-25 record) ODU 3-2 (3 wins against teams with 5-13 combined record) Central Michigan 2-3 (2 wins against teams with combined 3-10 record) Ohio 2-4 (2 wins against teams with combined 2-7 record) Kent St 3-6 ( 3 wins against teams with combined 5-12 record) NIU 1-6 (1 win against 1-4 Clarion) SIU-E 0-7 So the MAC teams have a combined 28-31 dual record If you take Mizzu out the remaining 7 teams combine for 18-31 dual record Those 18 wins came against teams with combined records of 27-71 So not only is the MAC down but it looks like they schedule weak non conference teams Will have to look at each team to see how many bids the league will earn this year but I expect it to be lower then normal