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  1. Wrestling won't start until after Jan 1 a few schedules have been released indicating that.The MAC announced it already.Those are the plans for now but as you know things change
  2. Should be back up in another week or so.Software issue
  3. Max is a great story.Hes even a nicer young man.
  4. Lee Munster was a judo kid. Maximillian Schneider he's with Welch now at San Fran St started career at Poly
  5. I think we see something that says you can only compete in 4 championships even though you can compete in 5 seasons
  6. You get a extra year of eligibility and a extra year to use it.If a senior returns his scholarship won't count against the allotment but school has to pay for it.Dont see many schools paying.
  7. Wrestlestat has 2 guys chasing down rosters.They wait until rosters are put on Track and on team websites then change them accordingly.Website operators don't know where kids are gonna go until they end up on a roster.Theyve Felix listed 141 they will change that and remove Reyes
  8. I expect after the NCAA vote tomorrow this year season won't count towards eligibility.I imagine it helped him some training under Sergei but he won 2 Fargo titles and was 6 time Fargo AA.He was trained by Izzy his whole life so he had great coaching.
  9. Latona was huge but will make the cut to 125.Ragusin was big as well but I would expect him to be able to make 125 for 1 year with a shortened season.McHenry needs to grow a bunch but will get Olympic RS this year again and then can RS next year so in a few years he should be big enough
  10. Ragusin has the frame to grow into a 133 once he hits the college weight program.But he looks like the best option at 125 this year
  11. 2 time IL state champ and 4 time finalist.Was 6 time Fargo AA and was ranked #4 @ 126 senior year.Attended Montini and was trained by Israel (Izzy) Martinez
  12. Like your picks give me Vito at 57kg the rest I agree with
  13. Hopefully he can have same outcome as the Rumble
  14. Zane Richards will not be competing today.Travis Rice was out yesterday.Both out due to Covid contract tracing.I didn't post the names yesterday because I hadn't seen it made public anywhere but IL RTC put out a tweet about it yesterday afternoon
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