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  1. Clarke lost 4-1 tonight to Diblasi GM and should have Verkleren Sunday
  2. Your welcome hope you enjoy the meals wherever you decide.Not a PA guy myself but have been to town on a few occasions.
  3. Carnegie Inn & Spa or The Dining Room at Nittany Lion Inn
  4. Sunday and Thursday he has Diblasi GM
  5. Kizhan Clarke American 33-3 losses to O'Connor OT,Turk and Glosser
  6. Spencer wont earn a RPI prior to Big 10 he will only have 14 matches
  7. Rivera will wrestle tomorrow at Maryland.He needs 1 match in last 30 days to be in coaches poll and will have the winning % to allocate a spot
  8. Teams are wrestling less duals is the reason
  9. Great story kid is tough that's for sure.Sounds like the staff works with him so he always knows his workouts in advance.It allows him to get the proper insulin required for that actual workout.Sounds like the staff educated themselves on diabetes.Says tons about the character of the staff.
  10. 2 weeks from now with conference allocations
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