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  1. The program will go on. Not sure how much they're willing to spend it was paying 62k
  2. calot


    Yes and size plus he had a deadly mixer.I heard ASU and mixer and thought of him instantly.
  3. calot


    He didn't.Imar was saying his worst beating ever was on a trip to ASU a assistant hit him with about 15 cement mixers.Stith was the first guy I thought of.
  4. calot


    My first thought was Brian Stith
  5. The schools I saw were still gonna have dorms and campus open after break just not have in person classes.Try to stop the spread in mass gatherings if someone was to be infected.Purdue is doing this I saw
  6. calot


    Kurt still is only 120 look for him to take another Olympic and then a RS next year.Myles at 197 could be the way they go.Wrestling 86kg (189) walking around at 200 is very possible
  7. Well a few left without even having other jobs.And they pay better then many MAC schools for assistants.Not sure how many people you know in the wrestling world ask around and you will soon think differently.
  8. No Buffalo.Eggum isn't known as being hard to work for.
  9. I'm out east and have lost track of the people I know who had it.Know a few who passed away.The population density has kept it going out east and it was spreading long before we even knew
  10. Just bumped heads Bono isn't easy to work for at all.Might be only a few guys worse to work for in D1.A program up North has had 14 assistants in 7 years
  11. Nope nothing has been announced by UWW or USAW.Only thing was ASU statement.I think people were assuming he failed in Italy due to the timing of things.I believe the test he failed was a test ASU gave him.
  12. Staying at ASU with Sunkist Kids to train 86kg
  13. Hahaha that would be funny.Tomasello to Illinois would help the lightweights and give Zane Richards a good guy to train with.Just not sure about Tomasello plans after 2021.
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