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  1. 149 Zarif/Lombard 157 Lombard/ Barker. With the loss of Trampe they need him at 141. He look like a 141 to me. I don't see him having much success at 149
  2. 141 is where Bing will need him in the lineup. That shouldn't be a issue with him training at the D1 level
  3. Lol looks like that account was just made.
  4. Pat wasn't trolling or lying like most people think it's gonna happen
  5. Mike Grey is a great coach. Also he has very little ego working with other coaches. He will put the right people in the right places. Not worried about Cornell at all.
  6. Nolf wont go. But Koll will get a good guy around that weight and put him on staff. His goal is to retain all the Stanford wrestlers.
  7. Having 2 pools. Round Robin in pool play then a final
  8. Going yes for 2.5 no don't see that happening
  9. Stanford scholarship situation isn't great either. I think they've under 5.
  10. calot


    Wasn't promoted very well. Never saw a list of the athletes competing. NHSCA has a list in Flo of the good guys going. Not sure why Flo didn't put out a article with the studs attending. It was on Flo so you would think they had the information. The event was highly advertised to get people to attend but wasnt promoted well after that
  11. Hofstra you would think
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