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  1. Awesome glad I could help.Tonight Pitt Wrestling Club RTC has a card at 6pmET.Also tomorrow night Illinois Matmen has a #1 vs #2 in IL high school dual 7pm ET
  2. No app.I have a chromecast.Can also use a hdmi cable.Hopefully in the future they will upgrade things
  3. Jeric took a job in DC in April.JB said what happened to Wince.The University has had a hiring freeze since April.So Teague only had a volunteer
  4. This a a thread about Purdue so back to Purdue.Ersland and staff have done a great job he's made them respectable fast in the best conference in the country.Thats very hard to do not sure he gets as much credit as he should.It obvious the guys a great coach
  5. I would agree with that.But also in a rematch not sure 141 165 197 HWT go the same way if wrestled again either.The dual could be wrestled 10 times with each team winning 5 is my opinion.Theyre very evenly matched
  6. IL wouldve have a great year if they're 4th or 5th in Big 10 and Purdue 6th or 7th
  7. LIU vs Sacred Heart 6pm ET link to free video on Sacred Heart schedule
  8. That's the most realistic tier I have seen in the thread.IL matchups bad against Neb
  9. Yes I'm talking when everyone is full strength.Mizzu is damn good.Brian Smith is the most underrated coach in college
  10. Mizzu would beat most teams in a dual.I think Iowa,Penn St and Michigan would all beat them.NC St vs Mizzu would be for the 4th best dual team this year
  11. IL kid he lost in the State semis to another NFL player Rams Center Brian Allen.Nick got 3rd while Allen lost in the finals.
  12. Feb 14 will be a 8 man bracketed tournament with the semi loser going for 3rd.Fix will return that day as well.Have a feeling we won't see everyones starters
  13. IL is improving Poeta has made a big difference.As far as Flo they like to talk about the schools with big fan bases with them come subscriptions.Rutgers sells 3,000 season tickets.
  14. No Seniors in the lineup today 3 juniors and 3 freshman 1 true
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