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  1. Michigan not being in has nothing to do with travel. It was something else administrative that's what was said on yesterday's First Word
  2. Willie show is on his channel on Rokfin it's called Matscouts. I think his twitter has a link. It's free while they're live.
  3. On Instagram actually.
  4. Shunk could be 125 If Suriano is coming in at the semester with Steen RS
  5. Stanford has no new kids this year zero. So they've to basically try to recruit 2 classes in 1
  6. Agree was ok but told us nothing that we didn't already know. Was just a Suriano hype video from trials. They used each other
  7. Not really was while covid was going on and RTC wasnt at ASU. Micic was out training when Nick went. Also the Perry interviews were at the Olympics and Suriano question was asked in that interview. They didn't go to AZ and get footage
  8. Was a way for Flo to get some clicks that's all was pointless. Let me tell you how it went. Bob and Pyles were texting and Bob said you should do a film on Nick and Pyles said sure. Then they use a bunch of old footage take Perry interviews from Olympics and put that in. Was all for clicks
  9. He would've had to stop training for 10 days which would mean he's not in top shape . I can understand not going
  10. I heard when Dryden hit the portal he was wanting to go 125.
  11. Which means Schwartz will cut to 133 again. Not sure what they will do at 149 now. Baylor Fernandes should be at 157 he's not a 165
  12. Tough schedule no doubt. No sure they win more then a handful though
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