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  1. Thought he still needed a core class to become eligible?Thats what kept him from getting into Iowa St
  2. Gilman and Green are qualified for Trials already
  3. calot


    Starocci will be 174 with Brooks 184 and Beard 197
  4. I would say early season weight issues.Wrestled duals Sat lost to Denton Spencer then had to weigh in again Sunday.Was 152 senior year March 2015
  5. Every Minnesota wrestler besides Polanco was unattached at Bison
  6. Rokfin is similar to YouTube you put up content on Rokfin and are paid for your content in RAE tokens.Willie has his own company called MatScouts and his content will be put on Rokfin.
  7. Yes my thoughts as well.Final 3 were Mizzu, Nebraska and Penn St during high school.
  8. Looking like hes starting a company called Mat Scouts.Imagine it will be a scouting service that he offers to college programs.As well as putting content on Rokfin.
  9. Sounds like he wanted Pyles to get fired for saying why Willie quit.
  10. Nope no sense in it this year.But down the road they will RS
  11. Smart though to enter portal before he competes for transfer reasons
  12. He's has entered the transfer portal
  13. Busiello has been removed from the roster.No longer on the team
  14. Link on USAW events page to register.Nothing for public to view
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