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  1. Somewhat related. Do you think the Iowa staff has Cass focus on getting bigger this off season? Not a full return to 2021 Cass, but bigger than this year?
  2. I remember (misremember?) hearing a story from the early 2000s where athletes from a Nike sponsored school would have to paint over the other brands logo if they wore non-Nike shoes. I think this was Cornell. Perhaps a similar situation here?
  3. I think the Sandersons did this in 1999 and 2000.
  4. Curious as to thoughts on 285 seeding for the conference tournament: Steveson first is obvious, but after that? Kerk beats Parris, but loses to Cass Cass beats Kerk, but has other losses on the season. Gable, Cass, Kerk, Parris?
  5. I agree about removing the equestrian events. They are only slightly more inclusive than competitive yachting (ie if your not a millionaire, you aren’t going anywhere) and I feel I can say with most confidence (I’m a large animal veterinarian) that the horse does all of the work and gets none of the credit. A few cycles ago there was an equestrian competitor in the Olympics that was in their 70’s, not quite the age you think of a prime athlete being. One thing to add about the equestrian events. There is a ton of old money supporting them. They probably aren’t going anywhere. I can understand weightlifting being moved because of drugs, but I think that’s a shame. it’s a sport that 90% of the word can do with minimal equipment. Boxing’s removal surprises me too, with the worldwide appeal. Although I don’t disagree with the comments about Olympic boxing not being the best product.
  6. Not the current discussion on this thread, but to go back to the main page. I believe Kevin Jackson's degree that was listed when he was coach at ISU was from a school mostly known for online offerings. I don't disagree with the comments about online classes removing some of the more beneficial interactions in the classroom. They are convenient though.
  7. The BYU football situation is what got me thinking about this. The RTCs are technically separate entities in some respect. I think this could be good for wrestling for the programs that are affiliated with well-funded RTCs, but it has me wondering what it could do to the sport as a whole.
  8. One of the regional training centers chooses to sponsor/endorse a non-scholarship wrestler for NIL? This could be a way to help out with the 9.9 scholarship limit. My apologies if this is already happening and I am not aware.
  9. I was wondering if Askren’s current shape was perhaps one of the reasons they selected him for the fight. It appears that they are trying to build a brand around Paul. I was surprised at the outcome, with his experience I didn’t think he’d need much of a training camp.
  10. It’s been a while since I posted (Covid and a move from IA to TN). I just want to point out the difference between graduate and professional programs. While the majority of these programs are for “graduates” with BS/BA or higher degrees, professional programs (MBA, MD, DVM, etc) have the majority of students paying tuition. Graduate programs (MS, PhD) typically offset tuition with the student working by research or teaching assistantships. I’ve done both, and have preferred when I was paid to go to school. If current seniors can get either one of these type of programs paid for by wrestling another year, it could really set them up well for future success. I’m curious as to what options programs have to pay for the additional scholarship needs Covid may have brought.
  11. I can remember acting like I couldn’t hear what the ref was telling me when it was time to get into top position for a few more seconds of oxygen!
  12. Thanks for pointing that out. My apologies there. I was thinking he still had a year left.
  13. Is his brother transferring as well?
  14. Same here. It was good to get the money back. I’d rather it not come back that way though.
  15. Working. We have to keep our veterinary hospital running, while figuring out how to continue to train our 4th year students, who were all sent home last Friday. It will be a busy couple of months here
  16. The NCWA has a lot of club teams, but is not entirely club teams. I wrestled for tOSU’s club team after college when I was in vet school. We were a club team, but there were teams in our conference that were their school’s “varsity” team (for lack of a better word) and awarded aid and scholarships to their athletes. My impression is that NCWA was created to keep programs alive that had been cut due to title 9, as well as provide additional opportunities for wrestling and leadership. With that said while the caliber is not near NCAA wrestling there are athletes and institutions working hard to support the sport. The decision to not cancel the tournament makes me sad, but with how I remember it being structured there were probably a lot of teams and people en route mid last week.
  17. I think in college I would have preferred the oles to traditional nachos, especially after drinking on the weekends. My introduction to taco Johns was literally my first meal in Iowa after driving from California (where I lived the previous 3 years) so I wasn’t quite prepared for that take on mexican food!
  18. I’ve eaten at that Taco Bell 16 years ago, as well as the Taco Johns in Ames, Iowa more recently. I would agree to disagree.
  19. Could not agree more. Nothing to lose. Pending wrestle off?
  20. Obviously really late to this party. Has there been anything official about this potential lineup change? Or is it all still just rumor?
  21. This reminds me, last year I emailed athletic department folks from both ISU and PSU (I’m a PSU alum who works at ISU) to see if any Penn State wrestlers would be here (the last chance event was a lot more visibly scheduled last year). The responses were “interesting”. Im somewhat disappointed this was not publicized more. I would have gone to it this year had I known about it.
  22. I thought this at first for 285, but when I looked at it there were 3 wrestlers in the bracket, and 2 were from the same team. The first inj default was between 2 wrestlers from opposite teams and was longer than a 0:01 time, it may have been a real injury. Then because of the round robin nature of the tournament it could have been teammates not wrestling each other. I know that practice is debated, but it seems to happen frequently at opens.
  23. They had a last chance open on campus last year around the same time, but I don't see this on the schedule for this year: https://cyclones.com/sports/wrestling/schedule I believe last year this was on campus, not at a local high school.
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