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  1. Gilman, Lee, DeSanto, Fix, Micic - total of ONE takedown in about 45 minutes of wrestling. I'm not optimistic that he'll suddenly buck the trend.
  2. That guy is just trolling. I hope.
  3. Wait - you think that six-shooter thing was a "fiasco"?
  4. Who are you referring to? NJ has only ever had four 4x champs.
  5. Getting pinned by Gadson doesn't count?
  6. He talks enough. He's offered to meet people in the parking lot, disrespected older, seasoned coaches. Again, all of this with no gold.
  7. For a guy with zero NCAA titles to his name, he sure talks a lot
  8. Really? I never knew. When was this changed?
  9. I'm wondering if I'm the only one befuddled by the inconsistency in ruling what a take down is, specifically in those situations where the shooter has the defender sitting on his ass with both ankles secured, but does not have his head popped out. The defending wrestler has his arms wrapped around his shoulders and neck. Yesterday, I saw a few matches where this was immediately called 2 as soon as the second ankle was secured. I can't help but recall the infamous non-call for Oliver against Steiber being in the exact same position. What's with the wildly inconsistent position here? Head popped or not?
  10. It's always fascinating to read white people telling others how they should react when fellow whites call people "niqqers". The focus and blame is immediately shifted to the those that are offended and never to the adults that willingly and happily speak and think this way.
  11. The naivete in here is pretty surprising. How can some of you look at a guy like Heflin and not just see that he's on the sauce? It's not that difficult to notice. Not every wrestler in the finals is on something, but a good amount are and it doesn't just start in college.
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