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  1. Gilman, Lee, DeSanto, Fix, Micic - total of ONE takedown in about 45 minutes of wrestling. I'm not optimistic that he'll suddenly buck the trend.
  2. That guy is just trolling. I hope.
  3. Wait - you think that six-shooter thing was a "fiasco"?
  4. Who are you referring to? NJ has only ever had four 4x champs.
  5. Getting pinned by Gadson doesn't count?
  6. He talks enough. He's offered to meet people in the parking lot, disrespected older, seasoned coaches. Again, all of this with no gold.
  7. For a guy with zero NCAA titles to his name, he sure talks a lot
  8. Really? I never knew. When was this changed?
  9. I'm wondering if I'm the only one befuddled by the inconsistency in ruling what a take down is, specifically in those situations where the shooter has the defender sitting on his ass with both ankles secured, but does not have his head popped out. The defending wrestler has his arms wrapped around his shoulders and neck. Yesterday, I saw a few matches where this was immediately called 2 as soon as the second ankle was secured. I can't help but recall the infamous non-call for Oliver against Steiber being in the exact same position. What's with the wildly inconsistent position here? Head popped or not?
  10. It's always fascinating to read white people telling others how they should react when fellow whites call people "niqqers". The focus and blame is immediately shifted to the those that are offended and never to the adults that willingly and happily speak and think this way.
  11. The naivete in here is pretty surprising. How can some of you look at a guy like Heflin and not just see that he's on the sauce? It's not that difficult to notice. Not every wrestler in the finals is on something, but a good amount are and it doesn't just start in college.
  12. Not only in the USA http://keepwrestlingintheolympics.com/ ?? I don't see where it references anything about singlets.
  13. Only in the US would this even be discussed. If a kid is not wrestling because of the singlets, he probably should avoid the sport anyway because he's just using that as an excuse. I started wrestling when I was 7 years old and never once did I or any one of my teammates make any gay references to singlets.
  14. Could they do it as successfully as Dake though. I think if you consistently put these guys up against championship level competition, Dake will be the least likely to lose. Instead of thinking about if they could win using other styles, the better thought experiment is to think how they would fare against other styles. I definitely think Stieber would lose to a 133 pound Taylor, and I'm almost positive Dake would cruise past a 165 pound Ramos. Ruth and Dake are very close but I can more easily seeing Ruth losing if he face a hodge candidate type wrestler. You say this despite Ruth and Steiber each having less losses than Dake in their careers
  15. NO. He was undefeated in NCAA competition. The funny part is that this was always common knowledge. As long as I've been on message boards and just talked wrestling with people, Cael Sanderson's name has always been synonymous with perfection because he had a perfect record. Suddenly now that Dake won 4, but had blemishes on his record, people need to dig into a RS year for Cael to bring his accomplishment down somehow? Pathetic.
  16. Pathetic how suddenly people look to count what happens in a redshirt season so much. How many wins did he have that year?
  17. more "accomplished" ?? LOL.. no one is more decorated as a college wrestler than Cael. Seriously, who are some of you trying to convince??
  18. Yes, let's not compare and contrast all-time greats. Because no one ever does that with players from other sports. No one has ever compared Babe Ruth to Hank Aaron, after all. I'm agreeing with you and saying that it's absurd that it even needs to be pointed out, brother.
  19. how is Perry not #1 on your list? That finals match last night was an atrocity.
  20. you would think people would put this together. Also, for all those who say he didn't beat guys who were that great, do you honestly think the results would've been any different had he faced a few more AA's? seriously...
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