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  1. The ncaa must be taking cues from fila.
  2. Mma and boxing are barbaric. The goal is to knock someone out. Being knocked unconscious is called a coma, it may be short in duration but it is still a coma. Ringing someone's bell or giving someone a concussion isn't something we should be cheering on. I am not taking some moral high road, I just don't agree with any so called sport where the object is to injure your opponent's brain.
  3. I have little patience for athletes with drug issues still being allowed to compete.
  4. The closest thing to a full wrestleback was the two pool system. I can't remember exactly how the 1996 pools were but Bruce Baumgartner was able to come back and wrestle for bronze against the guy that beat him earlier in the tournament.
  5. fila/uww is simply out of touch with the rest of the wrestling world. Maybe they will one day get it right.
  6. Anything other than a full wrestleback is a stupid system.
  7. He isn't going to make 7 figures in a pyramid scheme.
  8. If he did go greco more power to him. Only 6 Olympic weights and 8 world weights created a logjam. Can he go up?
  9. Not even an original troll attempt. You are slacking.
  10. Oh I have no doubt they take it seriously, they have made it a science. It would just be interesting to get more inside dirt.
  11. No accusations just generalization, I have no opinion on Tom Ryan as a coach, recruiter, or admin. My issue is that he and other coaches have held back wrestlers to preserve seeding which is stupid. I don't have to specifics in front of me and it isn't worth a huge debate.
  12. I brought the topic up on another thread with regard to Russian training but the question is legit for Iranians as well. How often if at all the elite train at full speed live goes?
  13. I am not Russian so I have no clue. I thought I read somewhere that they seldom have live goes but I could he dead wrong. My guess is they spend far more time on technique than anything.
  14. I am not a Ruth cheerleader or naysayer. He certainly looks capable of getting hardware at Worlds. He is quick enough. Needs a good draw of course.
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