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  1. I was and am a big fan of both Gardner and Karelin. I hated the clinch rule too and would have loved to have seen an OT with no time limit of those two.
  2. Meh, Rulon won an Olympic Bronze and Gold as well as World Gold. Qualifies as great to me. Bye troll
  3. Slay probably would have retired anyway. He has his ministry and other things going on.
  4. Angle won, build a bridge and get the fark over it already.
  5. The impression I get from watching different matches of Dave and Mark Schultz is the Dave would take opponents apart like a scalpel wheras Mark was blunt force trauma. It really isn't quite that simple but Mark was more explosive in my own opinion. Dave was very strong in his own right, but his body just did not look the part. Losing Dave Schultz goes far beyond losing a great wrestler or coach, he was the best ambassador of the sport the US had. If he were alive today, I think he would have been able to provide much more insight and influence over the rule changes and deconstruction of our sport.
  6. Some people need to research their wrestling history a little more and do a lot less talking out of their asses. Smith teched Azizov in 1992 17-1 and Azizov beat Reinoso prior to the Smith/Reinoso match. Smith would have gone to the finals no matter what the result was unless he was pinned or shut out. If modern pairings were applied, the Smith/Reinoso match would not have occurred. As for Lee Kemp, he should never be overlooked, period. He was the closest thing to a perfect technician at his time. Baumgartner should also not be overlooked in conversations of great wrestlers. His quickness was more on the level of a middleweight and had technique not often seen in heavies such as turks and leglaces. We need to give credit where credit is due.
  7. Mark Schultz would post on here every now and then, I wonder what he thinks of the movie. I hope they consulted with him and stayed true to the story. Dark days for USAW that's for sure.
  8. The entire concept of completing the bracket in half a day is ludicrous. Swimmers and runners don't complete the entire program in a day so why should wrestling. Any rest period less than an hour between matches is beyond asinine. I like other aspects of the most recent rule changes, but we still have a long way to go and I am running low on patience and interest.
  9. Keep trolling away DF, it's our own fault for feeding into your garbage.
  10. Yeah Stan D's justification of the other way just didn't ring true, I am glad they changed for the sake of simplicity. It doesn't matter how you slice it, establishing control from the neutral position is a takedown, period.
  11. I wouldn't say they "cleaned house" more like swept some dust bunnies under a rug. They still suck ass.
  12. I don't see it as a win per se, it is more like a "whew that was close!". Wrestling didn't die in the process but certainly was wounded.
  13. Is it really better to be in the Olympics with only 6 weights per style or to not be in the Olympics and have 9 or 10 weights with a World's each year? The ioc is never going to give those weights back.
  14. I am not doing either. I am irritated that wrestling is a pawn in the ioc's political games. Is there any plan at all for fila to hold full weight class world championships or are they also going to be reduced to 6 weights?
  15. Why is anyone celebrating the ioc decision? Look at how much we have lost. It is similar to having a thief steal everything from your house but comes back to return your broken plates and 15 year old tv.
  16. I have no delusions that cleaning house would make all problems go away, but at this point the fila bureaucrats are so entrenched that something needs to be done to lessen the impact of the corruption. Sadly, the ioc is equally as corrupt if not more so. I am not holding my breath for any meaningful change.
  17. ...that fila must be disbanded and a new governing body formed with none of the old "leadership" allowed to join the new organization.
  18. So far I like what I see, whatever you do though, keep the changes small and try not to nit pick the nuances. Train your officials well so they can make well reasoned calls when the iffy situations arise. The keep it simple stupid method usually works best and if you can stay that way competitors, coaches and fans will be happy.
  19. Stan you posted multiple times. I think you misunderstood Jason's point. It took valuable seconds off of an already "short time" clock to change from 4-4 to 4-3. The coaches thought Gillman was winning 4-4 and then had is change to 4-3. By the time this confirmation came, there was not enough time to justify a possibly losing challenge or to mount a scoring effort. Had they confirmed the 4-3 immediately, the strategy would have been much different.
  20. Again I am going to have to call bull****. No coach, official, wrestler, announcer, or other "leader" until this last week has referred to that situation as a "pass behind". Any change of control when initiated in the neutral position has always been referred to as a takedown.
  21. It's all about context. Did this happen every day? Did he ever actually hit anyone? You can't just take snippets from a magazine article and place them in a vacuum when you don't know details and circumstances of situations. He was just being a trolling prick.
  22. Stan, you are out of touch, plain and simple. No wonder wrestling is dead.
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