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  1. The NCAA stamp is exactly where it needs to be. Leave it on the March tournament and call it good. As for the duals, have it much earlier and perhaps more schools will participate. I doubt the NCAA is going to put their endorsement on two titles, and taking it from the March tournament is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. It just does not make sense no matter how much you like the idea or spruce it up.
  2. Jason, I post under one name here and one name only. I like the National Duals just fine. I hate that it is on multiple weekends and I hate that it is at multiple sites. I do not live in a wrestling hotbed and can only see marquee teams twice a year. When the duals were in one place I had that opportunity. By having them at this point in the season teams are sitting out their best wrestlers. Regular season duals already carry enough meaning to them. They act as a build up to the NCAA's. Even in high school and at every level of college, the whole season is geared toward the end of season tournament. The other reality is that wrestling is not a growth sport. Even the best marketers in the world are not going to generate that many new casual fans in this country. That fan base belongs to basketball and NFL. We have plenty of room to grow, but we aren't going to grow. Wrestling is a niche sport with a very small niche.
  3. We don't need to know the scoring format, that is the beauty of it. Even the casual fans know that having 6 people in the semis and advancing 4 to the finals piles on the points. I realize you are in love with the team title going to the dual winner, but the idea sucks and it needs to stay with the current format.
  4. This is only good news if they bring it back to ten weights and get rid of the current rules. What they call "wrestling" now is an abomination.
  5. I don't mind having the NWCA Div I National Duals, just don't put the NCAA tag on it or call them the national champions. The NCAA title has always been decided at the NCAA Tournament and should stay that way. I have been to Colorado high school duals with better attendance than that.
  6. Who has the most losses at the NCAA's?
  7. I guarantee we will be talking about this year's All Star Classic a lot longer than we will about the election!
  8. In high school I should have never tried to wrestle like my friend and neighbor. We were the same weight for the most part but he was shorter at 5'7 and I reached 5'11 in 10th grade. I should have stuck with front headlocks to spin arounds, duck unders, and perhaps short carries or knee taps. Instead I wanted to learn all his throws and various "hero moves" to take people straight to the back. I learned to ride legs pretty well senior year but by then it was too late. Other things I should have stuck with was cradles, cradles and more cradles. My long ape arms were perfect for them!
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