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  1. I couldn't see anything on Ramos part. The theatrics and shoving was par for the course.
  2. That's a bs cop out. Bruce Baumgartner didn't sit on his butt waiting for a call, he took shots and put people on their butts. Don't make excuses for poor wrestling and stalling.
  3. I hate mma anyway, it draws too many wrestlers away.
  4. Hard to say. We don't want injuries on the mat, however we also should let the natural progression of holds to occur.
  5. Cael Sanderson. Kyven Gadson. Almost anyone but Iowa. Iowa wrestlers are largely douchebags. Maybe they grow up after graduation, maybe they don't. I was always a Brands fan but they are both a couple of cartoon characters and with the exception of the Iowa apologists, everyone is laughing AT them and not WITH them. Great wrestlers, probably decent coaches, they get the crowd fired up, but they are both still dicks.
  6. Back to a pool system or a double elimination line draw that includes first round losses. Hold events over a full 3 days per weight with stagger starts to allow adequate rest between matches. Shot clock is stupid but tolerable but refs won't put the same wrestler twice on the clock. Sudden death OT as opposed to criteria. Passivity is ok and worked in the 90's. In essence I want 1992 rules with the exceptions of double dq. I will tolerate the push out but it is a bull**** rule. If I wanted to watch sumo, I will watch sumo.
  7. I don't hate them, I hate fila, and those asshats have a long way to go toward fixing the clown show they created.
  8. fila gets credit for absolutely squat. They f-ed up the rules so bad in the first place they are barely getting back to something watchable. A tech fall is only a 5 takedown or turn advantage. A takedown should only be worth 1. A push or step out should be nothing. A takedown going out of bounds should still count. Turns should either be exposure for 2 or hand to hand for 1. High amplitude needs to be 5 point or 5 plus 1 for lift. Catch the pattern? Those are the old old rules. Not the 2 out of 3 crap with sac grabs.
  9. It is all about staying healthy. I like JB and want to see him wrestle, however I want to see him win Worlds not get hurt at the Open.
  10. The Iranians drive me nuts! Their positioning is solid and in tripod position are hard to get back down. I wish they wouldnt interlock fingers so much but everyone is guilty to some degree.
  11. The world cup is good as a tune up and a chance for 2nd or 3rd string to get some matches, but not worth getting bent if we lose. If they say someone is hurt, I will take their word for it.
  12. Is Ruth hurt? Even beating Russia's 2nd and 3rd tier is tough to do. We will never be at their level technically, wrestling is part of their culture whereas our culture is NFL and video gamea.
  13. Braun, do the forum a favor and just shut the f up. You are not capable of an intelligent comment.
  14. I cant get it on my samsung galaxy 5
  15. US vs Iran would be a huge draw. Iranian fans are crazy, and they often cheer US stars as loudly as their own. They are are really appreciative of great wrestling.
  16. Belaglazov gets his own category Scott. Watching videos of him in competition is like watching a clinic.
  17. Gilman just wanted to know where the hell that freight train came from.
  18. Which makes me like Kyven Gadson, and J'den Cox even more. Win humble, lose humble.
  19. I like no interlocking fingers, staying chest to chest, and the rest is dumb. Can't try to fight a gut? What is that all about?
  20. Sanderson, he ran the entire table. /thread
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