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  1. This horse is dead and now at the glue factory. As for the ncaa rules committee, they are an entrenched bureaucracy, I doubt they care what anyone thinks.
  2. Imagine how much derision Dave Schultz would have received if the internet was around when he was beating adults while still in high school.
  3. A dedicated Cejudo for ten thousand Alex!
  4. Sounds boring. Pico is good but I think his coronation as the next great thing is premature as well as his pro contract being premature. Metcalf has a style that is not very appealing.
  5. Give a play by play if this match
  6. They would lose folkstyle and clean house freestyle with a few rare exceptions. We are generations behind in freestyle technique.
  7. College football is more the enemy than Title IX ever will be.
  8. Mat wrestling is an essential part of our folkstyle. I like tue vintage rule where the coin toss determined whether you were top or bottom first and then third period if it got that far you switched. The flip side of having to earn a position of control is that you better be able to get out.
  9. Where are the rules posted. Is it folkstyle or freestyle.
  10. I hope Metcalf pounds Pico for no other reason than I can't stand stand the Pico hype.
  11. Sounds interesting, hope it goes well. I don't have a computer to watch it on.
  12. The harsh reality of wrestling is that we are a 3rd tier sport. Growth of college opportunities is going to have to come from NAIA and D II or III. We will never see 200 DI schools with wrestling again.
  13. Even grinders like Brands squared were decent technicians. A 6 minute match won't kill the sport.
  14. Taylor might have been more fun to watch but no other metric makes Taylor better than Dake. Both are impressive in their own right. Dake just happens to have the head to head and the 4 titles.
  15. I don't care for mma or boxing anyway, but it is too bad that mma poaches our best talent. I wish mma was just grappling with submissions without the striking or kicking. That said, good for him finding a way to make a living. If he doesn't want to wrestle internationally someone will replace him. We always seem to have some upstart to shake things up.
  16. Takes too much of the mat wrestling out. A sub par neutral wrestler still has an option to take top. Changing the mat sounds like ok start but may be cost prohibitive. Feet to back for 3 sounds good. I would like to see some sort of exposure rule. People are being put on their back but no control is established so the person forcing an exposure isn't awarded. As for push outs, everyone knows how I feel about them!
  17. Rakkasan, did you officiate the Div I tournament?
  18. Freestyle is too takedown centered right now. fila/uww made wrestling almost unwatchable. Remember when a 4 point throw had to be high amplitude? Now it is any takedown to the back.
  19. The newer rule of not being allowed to defend a gut wrench is almost as dumb as the former ball grab.
  20. Par terre is a lost art for sure. People need to be left down a minimum 30 seconds. This 5 seconds and stand crap is just that, crap.
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